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Indicators: Fractal Dimension Index

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Fractal Dimension Index:

The Fractal Dimension Index determines the amount of market volatility.

The easiest way to use this indicator is to understand that a value of 1.5 suggests the market is acting in a completely random fashion. Deviation from 1.5 indicates a possible profit. The possibility of profit increases when deviation increases. However, be careful - the indicator does not show trend direction! In the state of trend the indicator appears red. With high volatility it is blue. Color change from red to blue means the end of the trend, the market becomes chaotic and volatility increases. Typically, these moments are not long and are followed by a new trend.

Figure 1. The fractal_dimension indicator

Author: Nikolay Kositsin


Hi, the indicator isn't appearing on my metatrader (I included others indicators from you, like the random walk index, and it's working fine). 

When I open the fractal_dimension.mq5 on metaeditor and tried to compile, I received the following error:

'PRICE_CLOSE' - cannot convert enum fractal_dimension.mq5 Line95 Collum36

Find bellow the line 95:

input Applied_price_   e_type_data=PRICE_CLOSE; // Price constant


Could you help me?

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