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Exp_TSI_WPR: The Exp_TSI_WPR EA is based on the signals generated by the TSI_WPR oscillator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
YURAZ_CLOSEPRC_V1: One-click closing of all positions, or closing of all positions after getting the stated profit as a percentage of the deposit. Author: Yuriy Zaytsev
Exp_BlauSMStochastic: This trading system uses the BlauSMStochastic oscillator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
FineClock: Fine Clock. Displayed on all charts. Author: Vladimir Gomonov
MA: A very simple EA based on the crossover of two Moving Average. Author: Игорь Чугай
Value Chart Single: The Math is Same the original Value Chart, but this indicator display only value of close value chart and in a line indicator. Author: Janderson FFerreira
FiboPivot: Модифицированный индикатор Fibonacci Pivots. Теперь уровни отображаются на истории и подписаны значения. Author: Игорь Герасько
Hybrid Scalper: Hybrid Scalper is the Expert Advisor based on many indicators. Algorithm: Buy/Sell will be executed depending on Stochastic trend direction and RSI. Loss orders will be closed depending on RSI, profitable Orders will always survive (the SL/TP is modified). Author: Rodolphe Ahmad
Setting Chart: Sometimes we open many chart windows with default settings. Usually we want the charts look as we like, such as to hide grid, using scale, hide OHLC, enable ask price, etc. Author: Irwan Adnan
Stohastic to CSV for MatLab: This indicator exports the indicator values in CSV to use for MATLAB analysis with neural network, SVM, KNN, fuzzy. This indicator will save value Stohastic main line and Stohastic signal line for using in artifical intelegence. Author: reza rahmad
Extremums: This script makes horizontal lines, that shows max and min price values for a period of time. Author: Иван Морозов
_RSIvsValue_EA: The EA opens transactions when RSI is Upper or Below 50 Author: Marek
PipStriker-com: The indicator shows top and bottom ranges of price movement. Put the Indicator on any Timeframe, set color.Use on any currency pairs you trade.Buy Area-Yellow Line and Sell Area-Blue line are shown. Author: vivek visale
VR---Overturn: Adviser may trade in two modes: Martingale and antimartingeyl ... Author: Владимир
New article OpenCL: From Naive Towards More Insightful Programming is published: This article focuses on some optimization capabilities that open up when at least some consideration is given to the underlying hardware on which the OpenCL kernel is executed. The figures obtained are far from being...
ProfitTrailing: Realize virtual profit trailing. Author: Hongliang Liu
MMA_Breakout_strategy_Volume I - coded by WhooDoo22.: Strategy is founded on support and resistance AND the theory that the market moves in trends or consolidated horizontal movement containing smaller ranges. It uses default custom indicator moving average and partial order closing. -WhooDoo22...
Visible Pos: A script for visualization of trades on the chart. It is useful when you change the account/PC. Author: Валерий
Script and Template for Market Analysis: If you apply the script to a new chart it will search the Templates directory for the _SoHarD_dB_wyuEz_.tpl file that I made (it contains all parameters for the script) and apply those to all other charts you've opened already. The script will project 6...
Strategy Viewer: This is a script to view a myfxbooks CSV statements file in MT4. Author: icebob
Trend Testing: This indicator will show trend, based on EMA200 of the higher timeframe. Author: NeuroJob
Spread Data Logger: Collect and analyze real-time spread data. Author: alexander supertrade
New article Advantages of MQL5 Signals is published: Trading Signals service recently introduced in MetaTrader 5 allows traders to copy trading operations of any signals provider. Users can select any signal, subscribe to it and all deals will be copied at their accounts. Signals providers can set...
Automated Trading System "Сombo": The ATS is based on the classical trend-following strategy and a double-layer neural network taught in to enter the market against the trend. Author: Yury Reshetov
Capture MouseEvents on Chart: This set of functions enables one to capture mouse events on your trading chart. One can simmulate buttons to trigger actions in the EA. Author: Russell
VIDYA indicator: Variable Index Dynamic Average indicator Author: Walter
Order Manage EA : This is a percentage of the user set stop-loss or profit robot. Author: nino
Indicators: H3, H6, H8 and H12 Candle Sticks Indicator: This indicator is for those who would like to have H3, H6, H8 and H12 candle sticks on their H1 charts. An input variable is considered to compensate the time difference between your brokers' server clock and GMT0. You can change the color...
Time, Forex sessions and Trade Hours monitor: Indicator shows a different Forex sessions and the market hours of the exchanges. Author: Vadim Baklanov VBO
Two MACD with Signals: It shows two MACD with lines on the price chart. Author: asystem2000