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TicksInMySQL: TicksInMySQL Expert Advisor. Author: Collector
New article Expert Advisor based on the "New Trading Dimensions" by Bill Williams is published: In this article I will discuss the development of Expert Advisor, based on the book "New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities" by Bill Williams. The strategy...
Easiest RSI: Opens position when RSI returns from extreme level. Author: George
New article Getting Rid of Self-Made DLLs is published: If MQL5 language functional is not enough for fulfilling tasks, an MQL5 programmer has to use additional tools. He\she has to pass to another programming language and create an intermediate DLL. MQL5 has the possibility to present various data...
Average Daily Range: TheGreedyPig Average Daily Range Indicator calculates 5, 10, 20 days and shows them on the chart. I found this on a Forum, updated, modified the Indicator I found. Author: TheGreedy Pig
a_day: Shows the Max and Min levels of the previos day and todays open price. Change the "up" and "dn" parameters to see the day candle. Author: Alexey Konygin
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Mad Trader: GBPJPY 5M Only. Good luck. Author: Trevor Schuil
New article Working with GSM Modem from an MQL5 Expert Advisor has been published: There is currently a fair number of means for a comfortable remote monitoring of a trading account: mobile terminals, push notifications, working with ICQ. But it all requires Internet connection. This article...
wlxBWACsig: The indicator shows entry points according to AC indicator. The system is described in the book "New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities". Author: John Smith
Jays Candle Display: Jays candle display is a multi candle displaying indicator. It displays the swing and body of candles on different timeframes from one minute up to one day. Author: jay
Close All Charts: The script closes all charts for the specified symbol. Author: Tadeusz Kiesner
Hedge Script: Creates a synthetic Hedge for any open position that you select. Use it only if are you completely understand synthetic derivatives or triangular arbitrage. Author: Kevin
Open chart: With 3 settable parameters (currency pair, timeframe, and template) opens a new chart on your screen at the initalization period of the script. Author: Tamás Gálosi
Exp_SuperWoodiesCCI: The trading system based on the signals of the SuperWoodiesCCI indicator Fig. 1. The instances of history of deals on the chart. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
DonForex DonchianFibo: Classic Donchian-channel with Fibonacci retracement levels. Author: DonFx
Force Index (FRC): Force Index technical indicator was developed by Alexander Elder. This index measures the Bulls Power at each increase, and the Bears Power at each decrease. It connects the basic elements of market information: price trend, its drops, and volumes of transactions. This index...
eaTemplate: This template code contains basic features and functions required for the developing the Expert Advisor:Calculation of point for the 3-5 digit pairs;Setup takeprofit and stoploss;Identification number for tEA's orders - Magic number;Ability to set a fixed trade volume;The function of...
Indicator %BB: %BB is indicator comes from Bollinger Bands. Author: Walter
b Clock Plus: This is an updated version of b Clock. Author: EMOSIA
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earlyTopProrate: This EA is based on daily highs and lows and the relationship to each other. Author: Hans
OBTR On Balance True Range Indicator: The On Balance True Range Indicator is essentially based on the On Balance Volume indicator but uses the Average True Range Period 1 instead of Volume. Author: marc weedbrook
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CyberiaTrader: CyberiaTrader Expert Advisor. Author: Editor
Buy / sell indicator with alerts.: This is the updated version of the indicator i uploaded previously at Author: pankaj bhaban
Constant Range Detector: Detects and displays the fixed value of Constant Range Bars/Candles. Author: file45
Multi Time Frame Bars Visualization v1.1: A tool for scalping the markets. Author: nc32007a
New article MQL5 Cookbook: Handling Custom Chart Events has been published: This article is a logical continuation of the article MQL5 Cookbook: Handling Typical Chart Events. It covers methods of work with custom chart events. Here the reader can find examples of developing and handling of custom...
ASK+BID+SPREAD-INDI: Place anywhere on chart - Customize text size, color & font - Option to hide Ask, Bid or Spread if not required. Author: file45
SL+TP-CP DIST INDI - v2 : Calculates pip difference between Current price and SL & TP price. Places Text labels at SL & TP lines: Order Type, Ticket number, SL & TP price, Pip calculation and Pip label. Author: file45
SL+TP-OE PIP CALC INDY – v2 (Indicator) : Updates: 1. Order Type Discrimination 2. SL+TP and OE line price. 3. Enhanced user defined labels. Calculates pip distance between Order Execution price and SL & TP price Author: file45
SL-TP price to Order Execution price Pip Calculator: Calculates pips between Order Execution price and and Stoploss or/and Takeprofit price. Author: file45