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Discussion of article "Graphical Interfaces VII: The Tabs Control (Chapter 2)"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

New article Graphical Interfaces VII: The Tabs Control (Chapter 2) has been published:

The first chapter of seventh part introduced three classes of controls for creating tables: text label table (CLabelsTable), edit box table (CTable) and rendered table (CCanvasTable). In this article (chapter two) we are going to consider the Tabs control.

Tabs are used to control the display of predefined sets of graphical interface controls. Often, multi-functional applications require a large number of controls to be fit into a confined space allocated for the graphical interface. Tabs can be used to group the controls by categories and to display only the currently needed group. This makes the interface much more accessible and more intuitive for the end user. On the surface, the tabs look like a group of buttons with labels (name of the controls group). At the same time, only one of them can be selected (active).

Let us enumerate all components of this control.

  1. Background or the area to fit a group of controls
  2. Tabs

 Fig. 1. Components of the «Tabs» control.

Fig. 1. Components of the Tabs control.

Let us create four modes to position the tabs relative to the area, where other controls will be placed: top, bottom, left and right.

Author: Anatoli Kazharski

Martin Fischer
Martin Fischer  
Hi. A really nice article, but at the moment I've some questions:

I do not find an information, how I can add simple CLabel or CEdit controls to the form. (From objects.mqh)
They do not have a function like WindowPointer().
I can create these objects, but I can't attach them to the window.

CWndContainer::AddToElementsArray(m_subwin, _MyEditBox);
does not work in this case...

Is the CComboBox a static object. Is it possible to modify the list of elements in the

ComboBox-Listview after the creation of the ComboBox?

Thank you!

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