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Asymmetric Trend Pressure: The Asymmetric Trend Pressure indicator shows the trend direction and strength line. It can additionally show the bullish and bearish components of the trend. Author: Scriptor
Advance Trend Pressure: The Advance Trend Pressure oscillator shows the trend direction and strength line. It can additionally show the bullish and bearish components of the trend. Author: Scriptor
MA with Band: The indicator displays a Moving Average with bullish and bearish areas. Author: Scriptor
Custom Moving Average Input Color: A modification of the "Custom Moving Average" indicator: now the line color can be passed in input parameters. Author: Vladimir Karputov
AccurateTimer: Increased accuracy of the standard timer. Author: fxsaber
ZScore: The ZScore indicator shows relative price deviation from its average value. Author: Scriptor
RSI on the Price Chart: Standard RSI on the price chart. Author: Scriptor
VAMA based Alligator: An Alligator based on the VAMA indicator. Author: Scriptor
VAMA: A simple Moving Average of volumes. Author: Scriptor
Diff_TF_MA - Moving Averages for two timeframes: The indicator shows Simple Moving Averages from two timeframes. Author: Scriptor
Keltner Channel in the cloud form: The indicator draws the Keltner channel in the form of a cloud. Author: Scriptor
Fractals at Close prices EA: An Expert Advisor based on the "Fractals at Close prices" indicator. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Modified Keltner Channel: The Keltner channel with customizable calculation parameters. Author: Scriptor
VR Alert МТ5 Lite: The VR Alert NT5 indicator warns the trader about the price reaching a specified level. Author: Vladimir Pastushak
Fractals at Close prices: A modification of standard fractals: only Close prices are used for calculations. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Expert Advisor based on Price_Extreme_Indicator: The Expert Advisor is based on the channel indicator Price_Extreme_Indicator. Author: Scriptor
Multi-Symbol Momentum: The indicator shows the price increment of eight symbols in one window. Author: Scriptor
Dynamic channel of one trading day: The indicator draws a channel of a trading day in the form of a cloud. Author: Scriptor
Channel at a percentage value of level breakout: The indicator draws a channel based on the value of the breakout of channel levels. Author: Scriptor
Donchian Channel: The indicator draws the Donchian channel. Author: Scriptor
The volume based ATR indicator: The indicator calculates the ATR value based on the minimum price differences of the current and previous day, taking into account the volume of the current day. Author: Scriptor
A set of eight Moving Averages: The indicator allows displaying on a chart eight Moving Averages with the same averaging methods and calculation prices, but with different periods. Author: Scriptor
Channel based on extreme prices: The indicator draws a channel at candlestick extreme prices. Author: Scriptor
Custom Daily Candlesticks: The indicator draws daily candlesticks with extended parameters. It only works on the D1 chart timeframe. Author: Scriptor
Simple oscillator showing the difference between two Moving Averages: The indicator shows the difference between two Moving Averages in the form of a colored histogram drawn in a separate window. Author: Scriptor
Marking of candlesticks larger than the specified size: The indicator marks on a price chart candlesticks, which are larger than the specified size. If the candlestick size exceeds the value specified in the indicator parameters, the indicator can show an alert message. Author: Scriptor
Advanced Fractals: Unlike the standard Fractals, this indicator allows searching and displaying on a chart fractals with the user defined dimensions. Author: Scriptor
LacusTstopandBE: An assistant EA for manual trading. Sets Stop loss, Take profit, moves positions to breakeven and applies trailing. Author: Vladimir Karputov
SAR index based on MA: The SAR indicator calculated based on the iMA (Moving Average, MA) indicator values. Author: Vladimir Karputov
ZigZagEvgeTrofi ver. 1: A trading system based on the ZigZag indicator. Author: Vladimir Karputov