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Expert_RSI_Stochastic_MA: The Expert Advisor uses three indicators: MA(150), RSI(3) with levels 80 and 20, Stochastic(6, 3, 3) with levels 70 and 30. Author: Vladimir Karputov
DeMark Trendline Trader: DeMark Trendline Trader indicator. Author: John Smith
Repulse Multi Timeframe: The Repulse Multi Timeframe indicator measures and displays the bullish or bearish pressure associated with each price candlestick in the form of a curve. This version is a standalone multi timeframe version (Repulse indicator is needed for its work). Timeframes...
Repulse: The Repulse indicator measures and displays the bullish or bearish pressure associated with each price candlestick in the form of a curve. There is only one parameter: the repulse period. Indicator is internally using all 4 prices in calculations and that is the reason why the price...
Log Sigmoidal Normalized T3: One of the usual "games" of a trader is to try to determine when an extreme is reached for some filter or average. This is one of the possible ways to asses that. In this indicator T3 is sigmoidal (Softmax) normalized - made as oscillator that ranges in 0 to 1...
RegularExpressions in MQL4 for working with regular expressions: Regular expressions provide a formal language for quick and flexible processing of texts. Each regular expression is a pattern (mask), for which the regular expression engine tries to find matches in the source text. A pattern consists...
FractalsPeriod: An indicator lets you specify the number of bars separately before and after the current High / Low (fractal) can. Author: Alexander P.
Exp_Sinewave2_X2: A trend-following trading system Exp_Sinewave2_X2 is based on the signals of two indicators Sinewave2 Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Sine Wave Cloud HTF: Indicator Sine Wave with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters, in form of a colored cloud. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Exp_SilverTrend_Duplex: Two identical trading systems (for long and short positions) based on the signals of indicator SilverTrend, which can be configured in different ways within one Expert Advisor. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Tarzan: A simple RSI with a channel and signal arrows Author: Scriptor
Smoothed_Smart_Money_Pressure_Oscillator: Smoothed Smart Money Pressure Oscillator Author: Scriptor
SilverTrend_NRTR: Semaphore signal indicator SilverTrend with the NRTR line of possible stop order locations. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Smart_Money_Pressure_Oscillator: Smart Money Pressure Oscillator Author: Scriptor
SSD_With_Histogram: A slow stochastic with a histogram. Author: Scriptor
WEVOMO: Weight Volume Move-Adjusted Moving Average. Author: Scriptor
Wiseman_HTF: Indicator Wiseman with the timeframe selection option in its input parameters. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
RVRResistance: An indicator of the volume / bar price range ratio with a signal line and with the option of identifying the maximum/minimum price change resistance. Author: Scriptor
Range_Volume_Ratio_S: Indicator of candlestick size / tick volume ratios and signal line. Author: Scriptor
Range_Histogram: A candlestick size indicator. Author: Scriptor
Rainbow_Volume: A colored tick-volume indicator. Author: Scriptor
Wiseman: Wiseman is an indicator basically aimed at showing the candlestick, on which the trend has changed its direction. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Kalman_Filter: Indicator Kalman Filter. It allows efficiently smoothing the noise, extracting the main trend from it. Author: Scriptor
HL_StdDev: The oscillator shows standard deviation calculated on the difference between the High and the Low. Author: Scriptor
EMA_Trend: Two channels by the High and Low of MA. Author: Scriptor
ADX_Difference: Indicator of the difference between ADX and ADX as of N periods ago. Author: Scriptor
ADMIR: Oscillator ADMIR (Average Directional Movement Index Rating) shows the ratio of the ADX lines of two indicators Average Directional Movement Index with the calculation periods differing by the specified value. Author: Scriptor
CandleStop_Cloud_HTF: Indicator CandleStop_Cloud with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
CandleStop_Cloud: An indicator to pull trailing stops with the channel color background filling and showing the latest values as price labels. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
CandlesticksBW_x10: Indicator CandlesticksBWx10 shows the color of the CandlesticksBW indicator candlesticks from ten different timeframes from the bar defined in the indicator input parameters. Author: Nikolay Kositsin