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TAT (Trend Analyzer Tool): MACD+SAR - Trend Analyzer Tool. Author: Scriptor
PMF: The Pivot Money Flow indicator displays the direction and the reversal of money flows. Author: Scriptor
Overbought_Oversold: Dynamic overbought/oversold levels. Author: Scriptor
Keep On Trading (KOT): An assistant indicator. It shows time for holding a position open. Author: Scriptor
DayOfWeekLabels: The indicator shows days of the week on the price chart. Author: Scriptor
Custom_Pattern: An indicator of custom patterns. Author: Scriptor
ChannelInd: The indicator displays on the chart the previous trading day's channel. Author: Scriptor
ATRR: ATR Ratio shows a ratio of two ATRs. Author: Scriptor
SimpleZZ: A simple ZigZag with an adjustable step. Author: Scriptor
SerialMA: Dynamic Moving Average. Author: Scriptor
RSdynamic_line: An indicator of dynamic support/resistance levels. Author: Scriptor
NHNL_Divergence: The indicator of divergences of High/Low indices. Author: Scriptor
SignalMAAboveBelow 2: A module of trading signals based on the Moving Average indicator signal module. Author: Vladimir Karputov
NHNL: The New High New Low Index indicator. Author: Scriptor
MultipleFractals: An indicator of multiple fractals. Author: Scriptor
CCI_Divergence: The indicator searches for divergences and displays them on the chart of the custom CCI indicator. Author: Scriptor
BB-Percentage-Decimal: Bollinger Bands in the form of an oscillator. Author: Scriptor
MACD EA: The Expert Advisor uses three iMA (Moving Average, MA) indicators and one iMACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD) Author: Vladimir Karputov
Elders Safe Zone: An indicator based on Elder's "Safe Zone". Author: Vladimir Karputov
N-_Candles_v6: The Expert Advisor searches for N identical candlesticks in a row. It buys on bullish candlesticks and sells on bearish ones. The account type is taken into account, i.e. whether it is netting or hedging. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Pipsover 2: The Expert Advisor works based on the iChaikin (Chaikin Oscillator) and iMA (Moving Average, MA) indicators. Author: Vladimir Karputov
MACDSimpleReshetov: An Expert Advisor trading MACD signals. For those who prefer trading CFDs and futures symbols. Author: Vladimir Karputov
UmnickTrader: An MQL5 implementation of the adaptive UmnickTrade Expert Advisor. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Kaufman AMA with filter: Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) technical indicator is used for constructing a Moving Average with low sensitivity to price series noises and is characterized by the minimal lag for trend detection. This indicator was developed and described by Perry Kaufman in his...
Schaff TCD RSX: As a logical step to filter out more the possible false signals, this variation of Schaff TCD RSI is using RSX (which is a smoother RSI than the "regular" RSI) to produce a smoother result. The extremes (0 and 100) are reached faster for this variation of the indicator - when...
Schaff TCD RSI: Doug Schaff created a few indicators that were meant to assess trends. In one of his indicators he uses what he calls "Shaff CD" (which is actually MACD signal line instead of using MACD). The resulting indicator has the benefit of putting the Schaff Trend CD on a scale of...
Schaff Trend RSX: Schaff Trend RSI is a useful indicator, but if we follow the slope of the RSI as a signal, it might give us a bit too much signals. The solution seems obvious: since RSX is "a smoother RSI" without a lag, in this version RSX is calculated instead of RSI. That makes the...
Glitch Index: Source of this on is February 2004, Active Trader magazine. System concept This system was inspired by the more successful stock systems that have appeared in the Trading System Lab. These strategies share a common timing technique - they attempt to take advantage of minor...
MACD High/Low: MACD (invented by Gerald Appel back in 1970) is one of the widely used indicators. Usually it is used in combination of a zero line and a signal line.That is a good approach but the zero line part has it's issues. One of the main issues is that the zero line after big changes...
EMA_WMA: EMA_WMA - Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 5. Intersection of two iMA (MA). Author: Vladimir Karputov