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Still no signals tab?!?! Help!

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gipfelvision 2015.08.31 16:14 
I changed my broker because I wanted to subscribe to signals on here. I found the broker (TradeKing) on one of the signals I would like to subscribe to (so it should work), so I figured it would appear on Metatrader 4. It didn't. There is no signals tab. I read here on the forum to ask the broker to add it, so I did. They said that even they don't have a signals tab on MT4 and to contact metaquotes. What is going on here? On the download page of MT4, it shows screenshots of the program with "Signals" tab on the bottom, but it is nowhere to be found. Please help! :(
Jerzy Zagorski
Jerzy Zagorski 2015.08.31 16:23  
Which broker you have ? What is this signal? 
gipfelvision 2015.08.31 16:52  
Sergey, I have seen your ask your broker photo many times on the signals topics. I did, that's why I wrote this. I have downloaded mt4 directly from metaquotes, as well as via TradeKing. This signals tab is so far a myth. Demo account or real, I have never seen it. I asked TradeKing, but they had no idea what I was talking about because they don't even have it on their mt4 apparently. I saw TradeKing as the broker in one of the signals I was checking out (I can't recall the exact one at this moment) so I thought it would work with signals since he is using them as a broker. I was also using as my first broker, but asked an they sai that they don;t offer signals, so I changed to TradeKing. Technically I am an American citizen, but living in Germany and have had a lot of problems finding vendors that will open an account for an that's why I chose TradeKing because they gladly accepted me.    ?
gipfelvision 2015.08.31 17:16  
Better yet, my biggest question is does anyone know of any broker that can offer a forex account to an American citizen that I can utilize subscribing to mt4 signals on here? I have spent the last few days nonstop to find one. I know advertising is forbidden...but I have yet to see any mention of a broker that offers their services to Americans that I can subscribe to any signals on mql5. :(
Mirko Cerulli
Mirko Cerulli 2015.08.31 17:30  
I assume that you have already a list of brokers accepting U.S. Citizens/Traders.

Check the "slippage tab" into most followed SP IOT verify if broker is present or not.

Nothing guaranteed, but at least you'll get a first filter. 

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