Ea Stoploss

Sang Nguyễn  
Hello, I'm new to coding EA. I want to ask if we can place stoploss below xx pips for a candle. Please help me with the code.
William Roeder  

Help you with what? You haven't stated a problem, you stated a want.
     How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. (2004)
          Prune pointless queries.

You have only four choices:

  1. Search for it (CodeBase or Market). Do you expect us to do your research for you?

  2. Beg at:

  3. MT4: Learn to code it.
    MT5: Begin learning to code it.

    If you don't learn MQL4/5, there is no common language for us to communicate. If we tell you what you need, you can't code it. If we give you the code, you don't know how to integrate it into your code.

  4. Or pay (Freelance) someone to code it. Top of every page is the link Freelance.
              Hiring to write script - General - MQL5 programming forum (2019)

We're not going to code it for you (although it could happen if you are lucky or the problem is interesting.) We are willing to help you when you post your attempt (using CODE button) and state the nature of your problem.
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Marzena Maria Szmit  

Short answer – yes, it’s possible. As was said above – you need to code it yourself or find someone who will code this for you. But just a quick tip: while you open a trade you need to get the price from last candle (CopyHigh/Low/Open/Close function and add to this price chosen number of pips to get the SL level you want) – it’s not so difficult really.