What's new in MetaTrader 4 and MQL4 - big changes on the way

Renat Fatkhullin  

We are currently doing a huge amount of work to upgrade the MetaTrader 4 client terminal.

Here are the changes to come:

  1. Complete replacement of MQL4 and MetaEditor 4 with common MQL5 and MetaEditor components

    Instead of working on MQL4 -> MQL5 compatibility, we decided to do the opposite. We transferred all MQL5 functions and features to MQL5, preserving all MQL4 features. This means that all the powerful features of MQL5, including OOP and compiler in native code, will be available in MQL4.

    To do this, we have developed a single compiler that automatically supports both MQL4 and MQL5. MetaEditor also becomes unified for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. With it you can compile both MQL4 and MQL5 from any version.

  2. The MQL5 Storage becomes available in the MQL4 IDE

    Thus, it will become easy to work with the version control of sources, participate in team development and synchronize files.

  3. The security of the MQL4 code increases by an order of magnitude

    The new EX4/EX5 files have a very serious and completely revised protection as compared to the old EX4.

  4. The App Market will be available in MetaTrader 4

    The move to a new compiler that supports the resources and inherent security for a specific user's computer will allow you to create and sell complete applications. You don't need to worry about protection of EX4/EX5 files sold through the marketplace - there is no bytecode, just pure native code signed with our private key.

    This solution will bring all the existing variety of solutions sold and protect sellers.

  5. MetaTrader 4 will add new graphical objects

    This will allow you to create complex custom controls as in MetaTrader 5.

  6. In MQL5.community, the App Market for MetaTrader 4 will open in mid-August

    Developers can already start to prepare their applications and register as sellers. We will start releasing the first betas of the terminal in a couple of weeks.

  7. There are many more serious ideas, but we will postpone them for now

Vasiliy Sokolov  
Does this decision mean that MetaTrader5 has lost the competition to its predecessor and its advantages will now be eliminated once and for all?
Rather, it means that it is easier to maintain two projects with as close functionality as possible than two completely different ones.
Vasiliy Sokolov  

Let me put the question another way:

After all these innovations, what would be the point of using MetaTrader5 at all, and what would it provide, apart from more complicated aggregate position handling?

Does this decision mean that MetaTrader5 has lost the competition to its predecessor and its advantages will now be eliminated once and for all?
Rather, MT4 has proven to be a resilient bastard :) in a good way
Sergey Pavlov  

Cool twist! Will there be OpenCL in MT4?

I wonder if this means that the languages will be as fast as MQL4 and MQL5?