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There can be one or more at any given time. For that to happen, it should be versatile and sophisticated enough and maybe even analyze the market history before it trades.

Trading is an outsmarting game, at a given moment there can be someone that outsmarts the others, that might change when the others get smarter as well.

If you know the chess rating world, and especially the chess programs rating world, then it happens in chess software as well. AI programs are competing each other, and get an ELO rating for each new version. The world champion 5 years ago is not necesserily the world champion today.
Today's best software has en ELO of about 3700, while Carlsen the human world champion has an ELO of 2850 when each year the software gets stronger in about 50 ELO points.

So in equivalence, there is something in trading that is the ELO of a software, which points to it's versatility of market conditions and it's ability to make profit - given the current other market participants which might evolve as well (which will require evolving of that software to stay in even ELO).

Amir Yacoby #:

Puede haber uno o más en un momento dado. Para que eso suceda, debe ser lo suficientemente versátil y sofisticado y tal vez incluso analizar el historial del mercado antes de operar.

El trading es un juego de ser más astuto, en un momento dado puede haber alguien que sea más astuto que los demás, eso puede cambiar cuando los demás también se vuelvan más inteligentes.

Si conoce el mundo de clasificación de ajedrez, y especialmente el mundo de clasificación de programas de ajedrez, entonces también sucede en el software de ajedrez. Los programas de IA compiten entre sí y obtienen una calificación ELO para cada nueva versión. El campeón del mundo hace 5 años no es necesariamente el campeón del mundo de hoy.
El mejor software de hoy tiene un ELO de alrededor de 3700, mientras que Carlsen, el campeón mundial humano, tiene un ELO de 2850 cuando cada año el software se fortalece en alrededor de 50 puntos ELO.

Entonces, en equivalencia, hay algo en el comercio que es el ELO de un software, que apunta a su versatilidad de las condiciones del mercado y su capacidad para obtener ganancias , dados los otros participantes del mercado actuales que también podrían evolucionar (lo que requerirá la evolución de ese software para permanecer incluso en ELO).

Excellent answer Amir!

Is there a Ranking of the best EA TRADERS with their corresponding ELOS?



that also depends whether you use a discretionary or a mechanical trading system being used, and what strategy, of course.

There are many solutions that offer to analyze your trading systems for you.

The million dollar question is "Where is the profitable Forex trading system?" The answer is that you have to develop your own "profitable Forex trading system" based upon your personality, financial circumstances, and what trading style would suit you. The basic principles of trading are the same for everyone. Proper risk management, not over trading, taking high probability trades, etc. What type of technical and fundamental analysis you use, what hours you trade, what pairs you trade, which broker, etc. will be based upon your own preferences.

The best thing do do, as far as I'm concerned, is to find a mentor to teach you which will save you time and effort.

The reason a mentor is important is to help you resolve the trading mistakes and errors you are currently making so you reach the turning point every trader has to pass through at some point in their trading journey. This turning point is where you have developed your own trading mindset and skill to a level where you are net profitable over time.

Finding a trading system that really works is a tedious job. It requires traders to understand their own preferences and requirements from trading the forex market. It can be really exhausting and frustrating at times while finding out the right system can give you your desired results.

It requires you to study your own personal traits and design a trading system. You can prefer considering the following factors while analysing your trading needs:

  1. Financial goals
  2. Risk appetite
  3. Time-frame you want to trade in
  4. Frequency of opening and closing positions

Consider these factors you can choose your trading strategy and improvise it using the required risk management.

I’d suggest you backtest the trading strategy on a demo account in different time-frames and in various trading environments to gain an edge on your trading strategy.

Sze Shing Fong:
Do you think there is any trading system suitable in all circumstance.

Nope. If you're lucky you have a system that can be re-optimized for current market conditions. Depending that could be 1 to 6 months without have to touch it. Other systems just break.


Only systems that works this days, is grid EA combined with hedge

The right question is that why would someone be trading under every circumstance? It seems like a wrong approach to begin with.