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Sze Shing Fong  
AliForexTalks #:

There is no one single trading System so far that works in all circumstances.

yup, most of indicator just providing slightly higher than 5050 in accuracy

and also entry and money management rules. 

Dao Liang Ding  
It is very, very important for a strategy to have universality, without which it cannot adapt to most trends.

One specific performance of a strategy on a particular trend in a particular variety does not mean much. What is important is the correctness of the trading logic behind the strategy, which can cope with most uncertain trends, jumping up and down, ups and downs in the various trends experienced. With enough disordered retractions and one-sided conversions, the benefits can cover the costs of trial and error.

If the trading system can only produce returns in a few varieties, that means it may be able to play its advantage in specific trends, once faced with more complex market, it will completely out of control, many small losses accumulated is also a large number. The final capital curve must be downward.
To be honest, it seems to me the opposite is the right way to work. For if traders use several strategies, the chances of making a profit in the market are much greater.
Sebastien Nicolas Paul Boulenc  
John Winsome Munar #:
None. That's why optimization exists.

The fact that an optimization is required prior to make a "system" profitable on the market it is attached, doesn't prevent it from being one system. Imagine simply that the optimization process is part of the system, which is already the case for some.

Moreover an optimization in its conventional form is not required for highly adaptable/flexible "systems".

Dao Liang Ding  
John Winsome Munar #:
None. That's why optimization exists.

If optimization becomes a norm, then it will never end

Tobias Johannes Zimmer  
If you think about the fact that most trading strategies revolve around conditions then it is quite unlikely that one single trading strategy works in every circumstances...?
Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra  
Sze Shing Fong:
Do you think there is any trading system suitable in all circumstance.
Simply, No 
Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra  
maximo #:

There are 'Universal Tactics of successful Trend Trading'.
The Turtles used the same donchian channels on multiple assets.
While bollinger bands can also be used on many markets.
Conners has a  RSI(2) and 200ma system for indices.
Multimarket systems generally use higher timeframes.

No one can expect the markets ever.
However, your opinion is great.