New MetaTrader 5 Platform build 2755: Popup Prices window and Debugger improvements


The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Friday, January the 15th, 2021. The new version features the following changes:

  1. Terminal: Revised Popup Prices window which allows viewing financial symbol prices on any screen size.

    The window now supports multi-column presentation, enabling the efficient utilization of screen space. To switch the display mode, use the window properties dialog.

    Support for multi-column display in the Popup Prices window

    Further improvements in this window are as follows:

    • Added column selection menu. The menu features the same symbol properties which are available in Market Watch.
    • Optimized operation with a large number of financial instruments. The window performance is now equally high for 10 and for 1000 instruments.
    • Added display of brief instrument information in a tooltip.
    • Fixed applying of color settings for displaying rising and falling prices.

  2. Terminal: Added display of deals on the tick chart of the synthetic Market Depth.

    Synthetic Market Depth is used for the symbols, for which Level 2 prices are not provided. In this case, levels are built automatically, at distances equal to a price change step, starting from the best Bid and Ask prices. Now, if the last deal price and volume data is provided for a symbol, the relevant data is displayed on the tick chart. The information is displayed as circles:

    • Red circles show Sell transactions.
    • Blue circles show Buy transactions.
    • Green circles appear when the direction of the transaction is undefined.

    The larger the circle, the greater the volume of the transaction.

    Synthetic Market Depth now shows information about the last deal price and volume

  3. Terminal: Fixed calculation of Greeks in the options board. An error could occur if the option's underlying asset had a zero last deal price.
  4. Terminal: We continue implementing the new "Subscriptions" service, which enables the provision of additional trading services. Recently, we have fixed the display of dependent subscriptions. Such subscriptions are used for bundled services.
  5. Terminal: Improved platform operation under Wine.
  6. MQL5: Added generation of ChartEvent events upon the release of the right and middle mouse buttons. This event can be utilized when creating graphical panels. To enable the events, disable the chart context menu via the CHART_CONTEXT_MENU property.
  7. MQL5: Fixed a bug causing a significant error in the Sleep function waiting time.
  8. MetaEditor: We have initiated the global update of the debugger. The window of observed expressions has been significantly improved. Now, it allows viewing the contents of arrays and objects as drop-down lists, as well as pointer values.

    View the contents of arrays and objects while debugging

    To view an array or object, double-click on it in the observation window.

  9. MetaEditor: Fixed freezing when opening some projects.
  10. Documentation has been updated.

The update will be available through the Live Update system.

Daniel Weckhuyzen  


Thanks for all improvements especially on the debugger. I've read that improvements are made for platforms running under wine (linux Mint in my case). I've tried to compile my software under wine and it's finally doing the compilation. I have only one remark: the compilation takes more than 5 minutes, which is in my oppinion extremely long. But anyway I'm happy that it finally does the job.



Sergey Golubev  

MT5 updated this morning and I restarted.

My charts are no longer showing entry points or SL/ TP on the chart.

There is no line to drag to move SL/ TP

I did a full PC restart but did not change.


close old chart and open new one, right mouse click on the chart - Properties and - 

Sergey Golubev  

Thank you Sergey.

Tried it. Reopening chart had SL and TP but it disappears as soon as I try to add indicators.

No sub menus open when I click on Trade History.

I may have to delete and download again?

If the settings of MT5 was changed for some reason ( had this case with my MT5) so you can do on the following (to restore the settings by default):

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

MT5 view settings

Alain Verleyen, 2017.10.21 18:25

I had similar problem and solve it this way :

  1. Terminal started. 
  2. File menu->Open Data Folder
  3. Double click on "Config" to open the folder.
  4. Close the MT5 terminal.
  5. Delete the file Terminal.ini
  6. Restart your Terminal, problem should be fixed (you could have to set your toolbars/windows as you like the first time).

Pips Pirate  

I did a simple exercise

Lines 41-43 change with every loop but not line 44 or 45. Maybe its me, but I used it for some time. Something is different from the last update 2755? 

I found the issue. If you have the same variable twice in MetaEditor it will only update the second instance you've added. I looked at the first one all the time. It does not warn you that its already in your list like before. 

Sergey Golubev:

If the settings of MT5 was changed for some reason ( had this case with my MT5) so you can do on the following (to restore the settings by default):

Thank you Sergey.

That seems to have fixed it.