how to contact customer service? thank You - page 16

I have been talking with Parallels and they said ...

Please note that we have had several users stating that with the latest build of MetaTrader 5 they get the same error "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000017)". You may review this forum page for additional information:

We have conducted internal testing, and indeed it appears that most recent MetaTrader installers, released in April, currently encounter a 0xc0000017 when trying to run the installer.

Considering that the MT5 installers released in March can successfully install on newly created virtual machines, the issue is likely caused by the changes in the installer itself.

As you have stated that the installers are specific from the third parties, we believe that they have provided you with the latest build which has this same installer issue. We suggest contacting them to see if they can provide you with the previous build so that you can install it on your virtual machine (after the installation, you can update the application to the latest build from within the application). Alternatively, you can install MT5 from the below link, please note that this is the generic installer from the official MetaTrader website, then refer to the third party providers to provide you with a patch or steps on how to configure the application to be the same as theirs.

Link to MT5 previous build:

Note: Installer was downloaded from the official website, build 3661 March 25th.

The software should be able to be updated to the latest version after the installation: Open MetaTrader 5 -> in the top bar, click "Help" -> "Check Desktop Updates" -> "Latest Release version".

This work around worked for downloading MT5 directly ... is there a similar work around for downloading MT5 from FTMO?

Can anyone help ... or give me a way to contact MT5?