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How To REALLY Use Overbought And Oversold Indicators

This is the small educational video about how to use standard indicators for overbought/oversold levels trading.


On Methods to Detect Overbought/Oversold Zones - the article 

over bougt/over sold levels - educational forum thread
On Methods to Detect Overbought/Oversold Zones. Part I
On Methods to Detect Overbought/Oversold Zones. Part I
Overbought/oversold zones characterize a certain state of the market, differentiating through weaker changes in the prices of securities. This adverse change in the synamics is pronounced most at the final stage in the development of trends of any scales. Since the profit value in trading depends directly on the capability of covering as large trend amplitude as possible, the accuracy of detecting such zones is a key task in trading with any securities whatsoever.

The best Price Patterns and Trade Entries I found after 15 years

The best Price Patterns and Trade Entries

This video lesson is explaining the Market Symmetry, Complex Flag, Deceleration, Double Fakeout, Triple Tap, Trend Exhaustion, Continuation - Pivot,
Multi-timeframe Trading. So, it is explaining price action and support/resistance trading.


6 signs that the Trend is Ending

The educational video on the previous post is about the enter the market, and this one is about how to exit.

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

Which strategy is best to close the position?

Sergey Golubev, 2013.05.29 08:03

If you have a strategy so exit should be part of it. Strategy without exit is not a strategy.

What the people are using for exit?

  • Parabolic
  • overbough/oversold levels (stochastic, demark and so on)
  • support/resistance level (povit, fibo and so on)
  • opposite signal to enter
  • openning the other trade on same direction with increased lot size (martingale)
  • openning the other trade on same direction with decreased lot size but with increased take provit value (anti-martingale)

I think - closing on overbough/oversold (stochastic etc), support/resistance (povit/fibo) and simple trailing stop are most popular for the people who consider about "let the profit run"


Stanford CS229: Machine Learning Course, Lecture 1 - Andrew Ng (Autumn 2018)

Listen to the first lecture in Andrew Ng's machine learning course. This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning and statistical pattern recognition. Learn about both supervised and unsupervised learning as well as learning theory, reinforcement learning and control. Explore recent applications of machine learning and design and develop algorithms for machines.

Best YouTube Machine Learning Channels -
1. Sentdex

If you are someone who likes to understand everything from scratch then this is by the far the best YouTube channel to learn about Machine Learning.

Harrison Kinsley who is the owner of the YouTube channel Sentdex educates people about various technologies included Python Programming, Web-development, Machine Learning, etc.


Best YouTube Machine Learning Channels -
2. Data School

You can get a comprehensive understanding of machine learning regardless of your educational background. The videos cover several tools like pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn that will help you build your machine learning models.


Best YouTube Machine Learning Channels -
3. Artificial Intelligence – All in One

There are excellent courses available on the channel Artificial Intelligence – All in One which is taught by experts like Andrew Ng, Nitish Srivastava, Geoffery Hinton.
The courses on Artificial Intelligence – All in One covers topics like text mining, text retrieval, and search engines, Neural Networks, and Computer Vision.


Best YouTube Machine Learning Channels -

"Deep Learning is a superpower. With it, you can make a computer see, synthesize novel art, translate languages, render a medical diagnosis, or build pieces of a car that can drive itself. If that isn’t a superpower, I don’t know what is." – Andrew Ng


Best YouTube Machine Learning Channels -
5. Machine Learning with Phil 

Phil Tabor is a machine learning engineer who creates educational videos in the domain of machine learning and deep learning.
He has created a great playlist regarding Deep Reinforcement Learning tutorials where he is teaching the core concepts of reinforcement learning.


Best YouTube Machine Learning Channels -
6. Jeremy Howard

Jeremy Howard is a data scientist who has an educational background in philosophy but later out of the curiosity he harnessed himself with the knowledge of stats and programming to build the most effective and easy-to-use library for deep learning tasks.