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I just received an email from Metaquotes trying to help.

1. Download the latest build (204) dated April, 16. Note that you will have to download the official build 204 manually when it is released.

2. Remove all the 'mqlcache.dat' files.

3. Backup ex4-files that do not have source mq4-files (for example, EAs or custom indicators purchased).

4. Remove all the ex4-files.

5. Start the updated terminal and wait until all programs are recompiled. It may take several minutes.

6. Close the client terminal.

7. Restore the backuped ex4-files.

8. Start the terminal and work.

Best regards, Stanislav Starikov

You can download build 204 from Metaquotes web.

I just received an email from Metaquotes trying to help. You can download build 204 from Metaquotes web.


Do we have to do this also when the update will be done automatically?


CPU utilization and visualization in MT4

Well I'm starting to have some cpu slowdown as a result of all the different charts and indicators im starting to accumulate on my screen, so my question is about cpu utilization and the "visualization" tab for indicators.

If I have many different indicators on screen, but I only have them set to be "visualized" on say the daily charts, so that when I switch to a different timeframe I am looking only at a bare chart, the question is, are all those indicators still being calculated even when I am not seeing them, or are they still being calculated but just "hidden" from view?

I always thought that if an indicator is set to be visualized on a specific timeframe, that it would only calculated when you switch to that timeframe, but I would like to know for sure.



MT4 taking up 50% processor power

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this.

when I run MT4 at home in WinXP my whole system comes to it's knees. The problem is a process called terminal.exe which, I believe is the MT4 process. It takes up 50% of my computer's processor power.

Has anyone else seen this?

Does anyone know how to fix the problem?

I've un-installed and re-installed MT4. But still I have the same problem.

I should say that I do not have the same problem on my office computer running WinXP Pro.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.


This can be caused by an indicator that uses a lot of processing power. The more charts you have open the more power it will use - more RAM and more CPU usage. A system with 2GB RAM that is dualcore should be able to run several instances of MT4. I have 5 MT4 platforms open right now with about 50 charts in total between them all CPU usage is not as high as yours. About a year ago I was running 10 + instances of MT4 while testing some systems and my system was stable, factor in your PC spec and how much it can take.

Be careful not to have too many open charts in any one MT4 platform because when you close it and open it again it may need too much processing power to open all the charts and just crash. I had that happen to me one time and had to reinstall MT4.

Other than that I do not have any solutions to offer.


the problem is the bytecode and the way mt4 compile the code

that why their staff tell you to clean up your-ass before restart mt4

today cpu can do all the mt4 task in small resources

just i said the reason is the bytecode

just remain you

in germany new mighty [main battle tank] mbt leopard2 used i286 as their brain, yes 286 not 486 nor pentinum.

the soviet-navy [where mt4 old motherland]

Their Kiev class carriers [Project 1143 Krechyet [Gyrfalcon]] they got 8-MEGABYTE-RAM-SUPER-COMPUTER run in the ship AS SUPER-COMPUTER



why cpu busy?

Dear friends:

I found my PC was almost stalled, i can not do anything even i move my mouse, my cpu was very busy when a very big news annouced.

what is the reason. i use the mt4 platform. how to avoid this


The answer to all your problems is to treat your trading as a business.

Go out and buy an intel i7 base unit with 12gb ram, 1tb hard drive and 1gb vga dedicated card with dual monitor output. Then pick up one or two Acer 32inch screens as they have 1980 by 1280 resolution and very good on the eyes specially if you plan to stare at a monitor for three hours a day.

All that plus your stake money will set you back 5k dollars

How many businesses do you know that start with so little.

No expensive retail rental, rates, staff wages & medical, paying out for sickness, theft or returned items or long term shelf life wastage, all of which would set any business well over a 100k plus per year minimum.



CPU Usage

I have not long ago invested in a PC with i7 processor etc. I thought I would never run out of resources again. I have 4 screens and watch 23 different instruments for daytrading opportunities. I have lower & higher timeframe charts. This means in all I need 46 charts. In addition I use 2 MTF indicators which I am sure use up more memory than others. However, My PC is not coping very well especially at busy times such around the US open.

Will this work better if I run the charts in 2 or 3 separate instances of MT4?

Comments would be gratefully received. Thanks

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone in this forum as together with MT4 it has transformed my charts and trading. I hardly use Tradestation anymore except for the gap trade on the YM on the US open. I don't believe you could set up a gap chart in MT4 on the YM......


Indi eating CPU

Hello guys, I've got a question, don't where to post it elsewhere. I've got an indicator that's eating my CPU, my computer is really slow. As I have a lot of charts and different templates opened, I don't know which one it is. Is there a way to know that ? an indi to attach to tell me the usage of CPU of my indis ? or anything else ? I don't want to take away all indis one by one. Thanks.