Can you help modify this indicator?

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Nathan Johnston
Nathan Johnston  
Hi Guys, I have an indicator that allows me to change the chart symbol with the up/down arrow keys, as well as change the chart timeframe with the left/right arrow keys.

This allows scanning through many chart symbols and timeframes a very quick process, and it works very well.

However, I would like, when the up/down arrow keys are used to change the chart symbol, that the indicator ALSO changes the symbol of ALL other open charts to the new symbol. I do not want the left/right arrows to change the timeframe of other open charts, as these will be the same chart symbol on a different timeframe already.

The idea being to press the up/down arrow key to change the symbol, and it will update all open charts with the new symbol, thereby allowing me to scan the action on multiple open timeframes at the same time, before moving on to the next symbol...

I would be very grateful if someone could help with this.

Thank you very much!
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  


Usually people who can't code don't receive free help on this forum, though it could happen if you are lucky, be patient.

Programmers (any programmers) are coding for free:

  • if it is interesting for them personally, or
  • if it is interesting for many members of this forum.

other options :

  • If you show your attempts and describe well your problem, you will most probably receive an answer from the community.
  • If you don't want to learn to code, nothing bad, you can either look at the Codebase if something free already exists, or in the Market for paid products (sometimes free also).
  • Finally, you also have the option to hire a programmer in the Freelance section.

Good luck.

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