simple TS from to write in QML


they are a Italian trader, I have discovered from little metatrader and this good forum,

I wanted to know if someone can to translate this simple Trading System than break out that I have written the EasyLanguace s with tradestation (and that use on the future E / $) but I don't now know how to create an AE in mql

if someone is so kind to help me...

the conditions of the TS are:

_ to take the max and min had served for the times 08:00 at 09:30 o'clock (hours European) and to create a channel.

_ BUY when the price overcomes the max + 1 pips (max of the period)

how stoploss to put the inferior level (min)

_ SHORT if I go down under the least one - 1 pips (min)

with stop the max of the period

_ to close the trade however at the 13:30

_ to make not more of a trade in the period 9:30 -13:30

thanks to whoever I help to create an AE

and you excuse mine bad English




Unknown trade system

Hello Traders

Does anybody know the name of this trade system? And where can I find it?

I would really appreciate some help.


Need help on attached chart

Hello every one!

Very much appreciated if some one here who can help to provide indicators used in both main chart and window 1 as attached image.

Thanks in advance & Good Luck to all!


It looks like WSS "winning solutions system"

Bob Davids
Bob Davids  

All varient of breakout system with that 2 bar 20pips ontop of pivot and 20pips below pivot are based on SDX-TZBreakout system. You can find more combination at our own Dolly thread.



Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

MACD colored is on this thread https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/177922


progression coding?

Hi there,

I have a nice but complex progression i would like to add to an EA.

I don't know if it's possible to, so i will explain the progression.

Maybe some of you are familiar with the 'STAR'-progression?

Let's say your SL is $50 for 0.1 lots ($100 for 0.2 etc.) And your TP is the same.


1) 0.1 lots: win it: 0.2 lots (win this, you won twice in a row, start all over again, lose it continue to step 2)

lose: continue to the second step in the pre-progression

2) 0.1 lots: win it: 0.2 lots

lose: continue to step 3

3) 0.1 lots: win it: 0.2 lots

lose: continue to step 4

4) 0.2 lots: win it: 0.4 lots

lose: continue to step 1.1 of the 'real' progression


'real' progression

1.1) 0.5 lots: win it: go to step 1.2

lose it: go to step 2.1

1.2) 0.5 lots: win it: you completed the progression, won twice in a row, start over again.

2.1) 1 lot: win it: go to step 2.2

lose it: go to step 3.1

2.2) 1 lot: win it: start over again

lose it: go to step 3.1

3) 1.5 lots

4) 2.5 lots

5) 4 lots

Is it possible to make such a progression in MQL? If yes, could someone explain me? / Post a link to where it's explained?


Need an EA for this indicator

Hello there,

Please check the attached indicator. This is KI Signal, I don't know who wrote it but I know that its free to use So, I decided to try an EA for this indicator. Its looking very good at GJ 1m chart and I am looking and trying it from several days and all the time it gave 10 or more than 10 pips with GJ 1m. So, I hope it will be also interesting for all the scalper traders using GJ as primary pair.

So, please make an EA for it and share with all of us. Please note that make the EA in this manner that I can change pair, target, stoploss and any other required or important information. I hope you all understand what I mean for.

Will be waiting for an EA soon! Thanks to all for your time.

Best Regards,


kisignal.mq4 4 kb

Interesting, but still confused.

When you reach your first "N" level on the winning side are you opening a new order with the original lot size, or are you doubling it?

Then when you reach your second "N" level on the winning side, you add another order to both sides? What would these two lot sizes be?