Scalping longer time frames

has anyone tried to modify a scapling technique or EA for a longer time frame?


A different Daily High/Low system

Hello All,

Firstly, I will be the first to admit that I am a newbie by any sense of definition. I have been "trading" for the last 2 years, trying out systems on forums, my own "logically" developed strategies etc. Am slowly getting there.

I have been manually trading the following strategy for a while now, but due to change in work hours, am not able to enter the orders at the appropriate time. I am also hoping that someone can make an EA so we can back test this with different stop loss levels, and see any other paterns that emerge.

I have only been doing this on gbp/jpy, and gbp/usd(but can't remember the results on it). I chose these pairs because they have quite high daily ranges. This strategy came about from reading so many threads about breakout strategies of daily, session high/lows, placing trades x number of pips away from levels etc. This led me to get hold of an indicator that placed the daily high/low on the charts, and after a small visual backtest, I came to the following conclusion: - if the market is moving towards the pervious day's high or low, as it gets closer to that level, there is a thrust of activity, pushing it to that level, and maybe beyond, sometimes fake outs etc. Big players will do this because a lot of stops are usually kept at these sort of levels, hence their temptation to take them out.


At 00:00 GMT, place a limit buy and limit sell 5 pips from previous day high and low, with tp 5 pips (I know I am going to get blasted by some for this). Sl was not a fixed amout. In 2 mths of manualy trading (demo) I did not have sl hit once. Most of the time, it went past tp levels, but I was happy with my 5-10 pips per day.

The reason I am hoping someone can develop an EA, is two fold. One, I would like to be able to test it with different sl levels, to determine which one is best for the pair. Secondly, it will allow me to make the trades since I am at work at 00:00GMT (I live in gmt+10).

Looking forward to some feedback and help.




Opening a trade at a specified time.

I'll admit it. I am lousey at trying to figure this MT4 programing out..

Looking for some help.

Very simple idea.

I want to be to do is have an EA that I can place on 5 diferent pairs at the same time.

It will make 1 trade on each pair Daily Chart, at a specified time, with a S/L.

On day 2 will have the SL move up X pips at the same specified time of day.

Keep repeating this until the SL is hit.



Path and Overlapping Path Structures...

I am actually hoping that someone has already developed an indicator based on this formula. The following 2 links illistrate the idea.



The basic idea is trend identification by scaling through multi times frames, but looking for a specific pattern structure. I suck bigtime at programming, so I have no idea how to design/write something like this. Do we have an indicator that fits this bill or can MQ4 even produce such an indicator..? As far as I know, we can't convert time to points in MT4 or MT3, so time frames would have to be used..?

It would help to display multipule time frames on the same chart. Maybe use a different linear bar for each time frame in a subchart..? Donno..? Anyhoo, thanks in advance for your help and ideas...


nobody has ideas...?

Jodie Hank
Jodie Hank  

Idea Need Helps

Hi Dear Friends,

I just want to share my idea. I'm quiet new in this matter, could you please let me know the most simple way in making EA based on Alligator Indicator. My idea is, for example: lips 5 (blue), teeth 34 (yellow), and jaws 89 (red), all 0 shift, linear weighted method, and based on close.

1. When blue going down and crossing yellow, then OrderSell and it will be closed when blue crossing up red. But simultanously,

2. When blue going up and crossing yellow, it will OrderBuy and be closed when blue crossing down red.

It should be able to be adjusted according to chart time frame, all currency pair, there must be to have StopLoss and/or TakeProfit setting, but it could be ignored especially for some currency pair.

I really hope that this idea can accomodate your ideas as well.

Thanks for your help and attention to my idea.

Yuri Predborski
Yuri Predborski  

Dynamic stoploss

Here is the idea: if you get profit, you increase stoploss to a higher value (double SL for example). If you don't get profit, SL remains the same. You do that using trailing stop.

Did anyone try anything like that?


Use of Fractals?

Does anyone know of an EA that makes use of Fractals in any way?

I want to test such EAs.

Thank for your help.


Super Filtered Indicators

I am looking for a programmer or someone that can apply a super filter to the standard Keltner Channels. Will need the source code included with the smoothed channels.


4 Hour Strategy

Is anyone using the 4 hour MACD strategy i've seen in FF few weeks ago?

Maybe someone can create an expert for it, tp at the different moving averages.