separete statment

Does nay one knows if i am trading many pairs of currencies how can i get a separete statment for each of them (statment for EUR/USD, another one for GBP/USD, ... and so on)



Help programming


Could someone help me to write this little program for MT4?

I would like that the difference of the 10EMA (close) 5MN

and 26EMA (close) 5MN appear on the top of the chart window.

Thank you in advance


RLeslie200, Need help for modification

I found this very interesting tool, this tool can give us recommendation when we trading, but it is for stock trading.

is there anyone can help me to modified this tool so we can use this tool in forex trading, and change the stock to pairs, example GBP/USD

Please help me..

sorry for my bad english..


Hedging systems

Has anyone used any closely correlated Hedging/Arbitrage systems with say buying the currencies GDP/USD and CHF/USD and then using a grid system to buy and sell either side of the movements. I think Freedom rocks uses a system like this.


Acceleration Bands Indicator

The only place I have seen the acceleration bands indicator mentioned is throughout Price Headley's book, Big Trends in Trading.

He uses them in a way similar to bollinger bands on a breakout trade- maybe after the squeeze- after the bands narrow- then a trend erupts and you stay in the trade until the trend stalls back into the uppert or lower bollinger band.

The way I want to trade with them is to wait for a period of low volatility or in anticapation of a trending market.

Stat the trade once price "acclerates" out of the band- then stop the trade out when price retreats back into the bands.

Looking at many images of these acceleration bands it seems that they display trends bettere then waiting for price to break a band on bollinger bands.

Acceleration is a very good price indicator of a developing trend etc..

The only code he has for them is in Tradestations EasyLanguage code:

UpperBand = Average((high x (1+2 X ((((high - low)/((high + low)/2 x 1000) x .oo1))) , 20)

MidPoint = Average (close , 20)

LowerBand = Average ((low x (1-2 x ((((high - low)/((high +low)/2)) x 1000 x .001))) , 20)

Headley also describes the acceleration bands as "taking the net directional movement each day (high-low) and dividing it over the average price of the stock (high+low divided by 2) to get a percentage of directional movement. When stock is non trending, these bands will contract, while the bands will tend to expand when stock is trending."

The upper and lower bands are plotted equal distant from a 20 sma

He use 2 cosecutive closes above the upper band as a buy signal(reverse sell)

More volatile a stock is the wider the bands

He also uses the acceleration bands with another indicator he uses called:

Momentum Divergence Indicator it appears to be a MACD divergence indicator set to a lookback bar period. If I could get someone to create the Momentum Divergence Indicator would be really great!!! but that is another topic!!

It would be ideal if a coder would make the period a variable as opposed to the given 20 period simple moving average. They are designed for daily stock charts but I think they would be ideal for intraday trends, but the user might have to adjust the period settings for different periods.

I hope that this EasyLanguage description would not be a big problem for some accomplished metatrader coder. After looking at hundreds of indicators in about 50 different books- the acceleration bands are one of the few indicators that I feel could be adapted to a profitable trading setup in the forex spot market. But you never know until you actual test them out.

Sorry about the long post! I hope I peaked a coders intrest!

Thanks in advance- M Rippy


RMO Expert Advisor


I've heard that RMO expret advisor is being very popular on Metastock v10 release.

Does someone know this indicators/experts?

See this expert advisor presentation here :



Euro_bull EA from Zonker

Anybody wants to test his file out, but not sure if his free open source work. I try it and it doesn't work at all but just 1 signal overall for 2 months...He is currently the leader of the expert Advisor contest....I hope he win the contest. There is one problem if the Euro turn down his EA might get kill, it only take buys...I am impress with his result $10,000 into $43,000 so live mode... his transaction is so kool...I hope it last...

4252906 2006.09.29 11:13 balance Deposit 10 000.00

4254501 2006.10.02 00:00 buy 5.00 eurusd 1.2685 1.2585 0.0000 2006.10.06 15:59 1.2585 -5 000.00

4272535 2006.10.06 16:00 buy 2.00 eurusd 1.2589 1.2488 0.0000 2006.10.13 16:39 1.2488 -2 020.00

4290355 2006.10.13 16:39 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.2491 1.2391 0.0000 2006.10.26 09:08 1.2657 1 660.00

4315206 2006.10.26 09:08 buy 2.00 eurusd 1.2661 1.2561 0.0000 2006.10.31 16:27 1.2768 2 140.00

4324945 2006.10.31 16:27 buy 3.00 eurusd 1.2771 1.2671 0.0000 2006.11.22 14:33 1.2923 4 560.00

4362755 2006.11.22 14:33 buy 5.00 eurusd 1.2928 1.2826 0.0000 2006.11.24 09:33 1.3052 6 200.00

4367248 2006.11.24 09:33 buy 5.00 eurusd 1.3060 1.2955 0.0000 2006.11.28 14:33 1.3168 5 400.00

4367281 2006.11.24 09:33 buy 3.00 eurusd 1.3076 1.2960 0.0000 2006.11.28 14:33 1.3167 2 730.00

4373966 2006.11.28 14:34 buy 5.00 eurusd 1.3171 1.3071 0.0000 2006.11.30 16:59 1.3255 4 200.00

4373971 2006.11.28 14:34 buy 5.00 eurusd 1.3173 1.3071 0.0000 2006.11.30 16:59 1.3254 4 050.00

4373973 2006.11.28 14:34 buy 2.00 eurusd 1.3173 1.3072 0.0000 2006.11.30 16:59 1.3254 1 620.00

Profit/Loss: 23 495.20 Deposit: 10 000.00 33 495.20

eurobull.mq4 5 kb

Live Forex trading room

Anybody can recommend a free live Forex trading room on-line to improve

trading skills?


a simple and effective system need to be made into indicator!!!

hi, some days ago i got a good and effective manual trading system. is there somebody can made it into indicator that just tell buy and sell? thank you

Here are the mechanics :

use 10 minute chart

indicators =>

EMA(3), EMA(7)



Go LONG : EMA(3)>EMA(7) and ATR(10)>0.0008 and RSI>50

Go SHORT : EMA(3)0.0008 and RSI<50

Exit LONG :

- when trailed out


- when RSI<30


- when stop/loss is hit

Exit SHORT :

- when trailed out


- when RSI>70


- when stop/loss is hit

Important : all decisions should be made on the CLOSE rates

An extra safety is to ad SMA(200) which serves as support/resistance

Ignore long signals when EMA's are below SMA and vice versa for short signals

However, above results are achieved without the SMA.

My mechanical system filters out most of the whipsaws and takes maximum profit.

Simple but effective.

$$$$ENJOY$$$$ ! 8) 8) 8) 8)

PS : this will NOT work on other time frames, if you do want to use another time frame, you should modify the periods from the indicators also.


Time Frames


You say use a 10M chart, the nearest time frame on Metatrader is 5m and 15m, what settings do you suggest using with these time frames?