1 Min Chart/1000 period BB histogram System, great potential

Hey all....I've been testing an idea for a while now and i've decided to bring it to the forum to see what you think. This system is very simple, very easy, and has lots of potential. It uses the mysterious Money Map Indicator, which is a good copy of Andy Sherman's Grid Fibbonacci Money Map product and Bollienger Bands histogram primairly. also uses RSI and DTZigZag.

The idea is simple, I came upon it one day when I was looking for a filter for the Brain Trend indicator. I went to the 1 min time frame, and brought up a bollienger band set to 1000. Then I did the same with the BB histogram to get a clearer picture. What I saw immediatly was that this simple formula was predicting the Brain Trend Stops every time. It really is amazing if you look at it. the price will hit the middle band (on which the polarity of the histogram is based) and then plunge through. Beatiful, isnt it? the start of a new trend.

This works wonders, except when it doesnt. There are times when it uses this MA (the middle band) as support (if your looking to sell) or resistance (if your looking to buy), thus putting you in, not at the start of a new trend, but at the end of a retraction of the current one. But if you look at it, youll have to agree that selling or buying at the middle band would usually have been a good investment. Its just those times when it misbehaves that get to me.

Take a look for yourself and see what I mean. If we can find a filter for this signal, it would be a very profitable system. I've looked at it from many angles and use the FOREX FREEWAY to get an idea of overall trend power. I feel like must be something more though. Right now its more profit than loss, but I would like to make it more of a science. I've been working on it for a few months now on my FXCM account and I can say that I like it much more than working on any other time frame. Just the blessed simplicity of it. For one thing you can look at the historical data and see exactly what happened. Because its recording and reporting only 1 minute at a time (working from a 1 min time frame) the indicators cant lie. I invite you to set up the indicators and let me know what you think. Tomorrow Ill detail my efforts on creating the filter and talk about what adding the DTzigzag did for predicting the end of the trend and predicting the signal. Im attatching some screen shots and the indicators. Let me know if i need me to go into the methodology behind Money Map. I can give a tutorial on how to use it.



Reading Account History from EA


found it.



EA for Baby Pips trading system ?

Does anyone know if there is an EA for the trading system descibed in the lessons on the BabyPips website? It is an EMA crossover with Stochastic and RSI confirmation. More details here:


EA trailing stop with a initial partial profit target

can someone create a EA for me?

these are the requirments..

StopLoss Pips (if set in 0 then i can place my stoploss manually)

partial take profit pips (take a certain part of my lots when it hits the pips)

close lots (close a certain amount of lot/s for the partial take profit)

Take Profit Pips (final take profit)

Trail Pips (starts when hits the break even pips)

break even pips (it will break even at a certain pip)

it is similar to e_trailing EA but with the partial TP


'Dynamic' Channel


I am trying to rewrite the shi_channel_talking.mq4 indicator which most of you will be familiar with. The original suffers from the redraw problem, repainting the past, making it look different from how it actually was at the time. Therefore, the goal is to create a 'dynamic channel' which draws the channel high/low at each tick based on only the information available at that time. The following is the code as produced thus far, however the lines drawn by the indicator appear to be erratic and not accurately portraying the channels.

If anyone can help fix this, I think the finished indicator could be extremely useful to traders.

Thank you.

My apologies if the code does not copy/paste neatly.



//| Dynamic Channel.mq4 |

//| |


#property indicator_chart_window

#property indicator_buffers 2

#property indicator_color1 Yellow

#property indicator_color2 Yellow

extern int TIME_FRAME = PERIOD_H4;

// Channel Lines

double TL1, TL2;

// Buffers

double ExtUpperBuffer[];

double ExtLowerBuffer[];




int init()



IndicatorShortName("Dynamic Channel");

// drawing settings



// buffers



// labels



// start points



// finished






int start()


int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();

// main loop

int i = Bars-counted_bars-1;




ExtLowerBuffer = TL2;

ExtUpperBuffer = TL1;



// Finished






void Channel(int TimeFrame, int p)


// Channel Variables

double Step=0, P1=0, P2=0, PP=0;

int CurrentBar=p+2;

int B1=-1, B2=-1, UpDown=0, i=0, AB=p+240;

datetime T1, T2;

int BFF;

switch (TimeFrame)


case PERIOD_M1: BFF=12; break; // minute chart

case PERIOD_M5: BFF=48; break; // five minute chart

case PERIOD_M15: BFF=24; break; // fifteen minute chart

case PERIOD_M30: BFF=24; break; // half hourly chart

case PERIOD_H1: BFF=12; break; // hourly chart

case PERIOD_H4: BFF=15; break; // 4 hourly chart

case PERIOD_D1: BFF=10; break; // daily chart

case PERIOD_W1: BFF=6; break; // weekly chart

default: return(-1); break; // error


while(((B1==-1) || (B2==-1)) && (CurrentBar<AB))


if((UpDown<1) && (CurrentBar==Lowest(NULL,TimeFrame,MODE_LOW,BFF*2+ 1,CurrentBar-BFF)))


if(UpDown==0) { UpDown=-1; B1=CurrentBar; P1=iLow(NULL,TimeFrame,B1); }

else { B2=CurrentBar; P2=iLow(NULL,TimeFrame,B2); }


if((UpDown>-1) && (CurrentBar==Highest(NULL,TimeFrame,MODE_HIGH,BFF* 2+1,CurrentBar-BFF)))


if(UpDown==0) { UpDown=1; B1=CurrentBar; P1=iHigh(NULL,TimeFrame,B1); }

else { B2=CurrentBar; P2=iHigh(NULL,TimeFrame,B2); }




if((B1==-1) || (B2==-1)) {return(-1);} // error


P1=P1-B1*Step; B1=p;






if(iLow(NULL,TimeFrame,i)<PP+Step*i) { PP=iLow(NULL,TimeFrame,i)-i*Step; }








if(iHigh(NULL,TimeFrame,i)>PP+Step*i) { PP=iHigh(NULL,TimeFrame,i)-i*Step;}






// Channel width

double ChannelWidth=MathAbs(PP - P1)/Point;

// Generic Time

int x1 = T2;

int x2 = T1;

// Upper Channel

double TL2_y1 = P2;

double TL2_y2 = P1;

// Lower Channel

double TL1_y1 = PP+Step*AB;

double TL1_y2 = PP;

// Calculate gradient

double m = (TL1_y2 - TL1_y1) / (x2 - x1);

// Calculate constant for the equation of the upper line

double c_TL1 = TL1_y2 - (m*x2);

// Calculate constant for the equation of the lower line

double c_TL2 = TL2_y2 - (m*x2);

// Calculate channel prices for current tick

TL2 = (m*iTime(NULL,TimeFrame,p)) + c_TL2;

TL1 = (m*iTime(NULL,TimeFrame,p)) + c_TL1;

// Ensure TL1 is upper channel

if(TL1 < TL2)


double temp = TL1;

TL1 = TL2;

TL2 = temp;




Metatrader data to Tradestation

How to convert Metatrader intraday data (for instance 1 min.) to Global Server (xpo-format)?


Script for duplicating trades on more accounts?

Is that possible (i think so but am too short yet in programing mq4) to automaticly copy trades with SL/TP and for example different lots for each account or a given % of balance? Also option allowing to change SL/TP would be nice

Best regards


MT4 Monitor Service

Is it possible to build an app. which remotely monitors MT4 installations?

Here are the features I'd like:


MT4 Monitor Service

Monitors MT4 installation to ensure up and operational 24/7


Runs as service or application either on different machine or same machine as running MT4

Pings MT4 unique installation (user defined) every xx minutes (user-defined)

Logs all activity and errors

Admin notification: sends email alert to specified email address upon receipt of error

Error types

no machine response

no application response

no EA applied to any charts

data feed down

connection to broker server down


please, can someone help me with this indicator

i need one of you code gurus to edit this indicator. i would like to have it be a envelope instead if a line. i hope i am clear. have it set up like the envelope indicator that comes default in metatrader. so that it gives the user the power to set the percentage up and down, and also left and right. i hope someone that understands metatrader language can help me.


lesson 1

To learn to program an EA I ask you if you help me to build this simple TS. He it goes Long when indicator (attach) the volatility.pivot is inferior to the closing of the bar or short if it is above.