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Multi Timeframe Indicators - page 1205

Lim Ling
Lim Ling  

anyone has the new renko indicator(no gap)?

Andrew Sumner
Andrew Sumner  

Question for Mladen or any other kind soul who may wish to help.

I have a bit of a problem with my attached MTF/Multi Pair indicator.  To replicate the problem, place the indicator onto a chart (M1 timeframe would be best, you don't have to wait as long), leave it for a few bars, then open up the Indicator's properties dialog.  Don't change anything, just hit OK.  The indicator will redraw its lines in markedly different ways to what it was previously.  I'd much prefer if there was no "repainting" at all.

This has driven me nuts trying to find the cause of the problem without success - any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

this indicator has daily pivot and daily sup/res with alerts. could someone add weekly and monthly pivots with sup/res and alerts?

That such people,

Someone can help me with this indicator, I would like to be able to edit it, but I will not do it, since I am not a programmer,

And it is so that you can mark the Profile Timeframe in H4, H1, 30m, 15m, 5m, and not only stay in the daily, weekly and monthly,

Clear that if it is not possible, just maybe get up to H4, H1,

I would greatly appreciate it.

please can you make this indicator Macd_with_crossing_v1.0m MTF? Draw Vertical Lines when candle closes. Will be highly Appreciated
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  


  • Usually people who can't code don't receive free help on this forum, though it could happen if you are lucky, be patient.
  • If you show your attempts and describe well your problem, you will most probably receive an answer from the community.
  • If you don't want to learn to code, nothing bad, you can either look at the Codebase if something free already exists, or in the Market for paid products (sometimes free also).
  • Finally, you also have the option to hire a programmer in the Freelance section.
Good luck.
Mahtab Ahmad
Mahtab Ahmad  

Try this one.


This is the same indicator which I had posted dude. I wanted a Multi Symbol indicator.

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