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THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your kind and prompt assistance,its highly appreciated.


Demark trend blue

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

The article:

Thomas DeMark's contribution to technical analysis -

It has been argued that technical analysis is both science and art. The reason behind this duality lies in individual points of view of various traders and analysts. For example, the exact same trend line can be drawn completely differently. Such uncertainty is frowned upon in commodities trading where accuracy is the key. Any trader who ever attempted to generate a trend line and discovered that there are few ways to do it, has encountered this problem. Such disorder doesn't contribute to the creation of accurate trading systems that could analyze markets with trend lines. There are some other problems caused by this multiplicity: discrepancy when searching for a local extremum, divergence and convergence based on a trend line that wasn't properly constructed etc.

But not all have accepted such overly flexible approach to technical analysis. For example, Thomas DeMark managed to find an analytical approach to this issue and suggested ways of solving it. In his book called "The New Science of Technical Analysis" he described his methods of a more accurate analysis of a current price situation. In this article, I will tell you about his two findings — TD points and TD lines. By all means, this is not the only subject of the Thomas DeMark's book: he also covers market periodicity, the Elliott Wave Principe and many more.

This article also presents and explains the process of writing three indicators and two Expert Advisors created on the basis of Thomas DeMark's ideas. I believe this article will appeal to many traders, in particular to Forex newbies.


Thanks for all the info on the DeMark Indicators.

I have been testing the Ind_TD_DeMark_3_1_LA_Mod_03B_AIME.mq4 indicator and it is really good. I modified it a little to show pips instead of points and to show and constantly update how many pips are left before the target is reached both in the comments and in the text objects printed on the chart.

I consider myself still a newbie when it comes to programming so I'm hoping that someone can modify this indicator by adding indicator buffers that store the current and past bar values to show:

1) TrendLine broken up or down Alerts: whether or not a trendline was broken and which ones.

2) The threshold TrendLineBreakUp and TrendLineBreakDown prices at which a trendline break is confirmed. That is the prices of the UTD_Line and the LTD_Line.

3) The ProjectionLine prices for the Upper and Lower Take Profit Targets.

With these values stored in buffers for all historical bars of the chart, it shouldn't be too difficult to loop through the bars with iCustom calls to see how profitable the trendline break signals performed.

Also, the drawing of all the line objects seem to be integrated with the values of those lines, therefore, if the indicator is adjusted to calculate the values for previous bars in the chart it will draw lines for those previous bars as well and waste lots memory resources. How to separate the calculation of the values from the drawing of the objects so the lines will only be drawn for the current bar?

Maybe in the future someone may like to add the 3 conditions that qualify a valid trendline break as explained in the "DeMark Indicators" book by Jason Perl.

Here is my slightly modified version Ind_TD_DeMark_3_1_LA_Mod_03B_AIME_Mod1.mq4

And here is a screenshot - 

Colin Jiang
Colin Jiang  

If U could get all rules clearly (enter, exit, sl,tp) in one post I can try to make an EA of that idea - and we can test it.

I like DeMarkline trading idea too. I am thinking that using DeMarkline as an Entry Point when it breaks out and using break even and trailing to collect the winning instead of taking profit. Can you do that and we can test on it.

Entry: Both T/F H4 and H1 breaking out

Exit: Break even with different levels + multi level trailing Stop following the trend until closing with stop

Stop loss: T/F H4 breaking out on the other side - entry to the other side when both H4 and H1 breaking out to the other side, vice versa

Take profit: optional including nil T/P;

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  


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Keith Watford
Keith Watford  
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