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Binance Futures Library - library for MetaTrader 5

Hadil Mutaqin SE

votes: 14
2021.05.30 12:57
\MQL5\Experts\ \MQL5\Include\


- Buy or rent Binance Futures  Library from MQL5 market and move BinanceFuturesLib.ex5 from folder \MQL5\Scripts\Market to MQL5\Libraries

- Copy BinanceFutures.mqh header file to folder \MQL5\Include

- Copy BinanceFuturesEA-Sample.mq5 to folder \MQL5\Experts

Example how to call Binance Futures Library from EA

#include <BinanceFutures.mqh>

string Symbol      = "BTCUSDT";  // Symbol name
string HistoryData = "1W";       // History data: 1W = 1 week, 1M = 1 month, 3M = 3 months, 6M = 6 months, 1Y = 1 year, All = Maximum data
string ApiKey      = "";         // Binance api key
string SecretKey   = "";         // Binance secret key

BinanceFutures binance;

int OnInit()
   //double balanceUSDT = binance.balance("USDT");    //--Check Balance
   //int leverage = binance.getLeverage();            //--Check Leverage
   //binance.setLeverage(10);                         //--Set Leverage 10
   //string marginType = binance.getMarginType();     //--Check Margin Type
   //binance.setCrossedMarginType();                  //--Set Crossed Margin Type
   //binance.setIsolatedMarginType();                 //--Set Isolated Margin Type    
   //string positionMode = binance.getPositionMode(); //--Check Position Mode  
   //binance.setHedgePositionMode();                  //--Set Hedge Position Mode
   //binance.setOneWayPositionMode();                 //--Set OneWay Position Mode
   /* How to call order function
      //--Order Buy Market BTCUSDT quantity 0.01 BTC--//
          binance.orderBuyMarket("BTCUSDT"    // Symbol name
                                 ,0.01);      // Order quantity

      //--Order Sell Market BTCUSDT quantity 0.02 BTC--//
          binance.orderSellMarket("BTCUSDT"    // Symbol name
                                  ,0.02);      // Order quantity
      //--Order Buy Limit BTCUSDT quantity 0.01 BTC limit price at 15500 USDT--//
          binance.orderBuyLimit("BTCUSDT"    // Symbol name
                                ,0.01        // Order quantity
                                ,15500       // Limit price
                                ,"GTC");     // Time in force: GTC, IOC, FOK, default GTC  

      //--Order Sell Limit BTCUSDT quantity 0.02 BTC limit price at 25500 USDT--//
          binance.orderSellLimit("BTCUSDT"    // Symbol name
                                 ,0.02        // Order quantity
                                 ,25500       // Limit price
                                 ,"GTC");     // Time in force: GTC, IOC, FOK, default GTC  
   return 0;

void OnTimer()

void OnDeinit(const int reason)

void OnTick()
   int totalBuyLimit  = binance.totalBuyLimitOrders(Symbol());
   int totalSellLimit = binance.totalSellLimitOrders(Symbol());
   if(totalBuyLimit == 0) 
   if(totalSellLimit == 0) 

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