Chill and Dream

Chill and Dream

24 March 2022, 09:53
Ildar Iangirov

Hello Everybody!

Most trading systems in the foreign exchange market use too much risk to achieve profit.

Such systems usually include a Grid or Martingale strategy. The market is full of such systems.

The foreign exchange market basically consists mostly of automated systems and robots.

This is so, for the reason that the robot has no psychology and he never gets tired at work. Robots are very fast and accurate and you can always check your strategy on historical quotes.

Fortunately, we have such for MT5 and we use them to the fullest.

The Grid or Martingale strategy always assumes an inaccurate hit in the trend, these systems can always break your deposit and this will be fatal.

Gradually, they are highly likely to make a profit, since there is always noise in the market and the market often returns to its positions.

But as soon as there is a strong news or a major change in the economic sense, the market will react to it.

For example, let's take the latest events for Oil or Gold, the markets reacted to the increase in dollar inflation, just as the dollar index itself reacted to the emergence of a military conflict in Ukraine.

Also, for example, you can open a chart of the Japanese yen against the dollar or the pound, all these events made investors have a negative attitude towards the yen, confidence has fallen sharply and the index of this currency has fallen sharply.

All these events hit the pockets and deposits of users who use the Grid or Martingale very hard, because. the market is not coming back.

The only question is whether your deposit will withstand such a load and how serious risks you used earlier.

Many will say that in such situations it is better to use position locking. But it's the same as if you yourself manually closed such a position, it is always a failure.

Locking only increases your savings commissions and swaps and takes more and more money over time.

Therefore, We never tend to use Grids or Martingales (for me now they are the same thing)

That is why the Chill&Dream system never uses this kind of strategy.

The main goal is to obtain long-term and gradual profits. We are not in a hurry to become millionaires. This is a calm and night market where we can always relax and not worry about the deposit.

We always have a fixed SL and we follow the trend by changing only the TP level. All this allows you to effectively use the market conditions at night.

Also, we already have a built-in news filter, a huge spread filter, all this allows you to trade calmly, even in the current market conditions, when everything is so restless in the world.

To date, three currency pairs are available to us and these are three separate settings for each currency pair.

The risk parameter allows you to determine the maximum allowable drawdown. This is just additional protection, the market will never reach such values.

In fact, the drawdown is more than 3 times less than the risk level that we use.

Thus, the ratio of profit and loss is always very good, about 3 to 1. This is also evidenced by the high level of ProfitFactor when testing on real quotes and spreads.

In my experience, I always recommend using brokers with low spreads to have the most accurate positions.

Write to me personally to get good advice in choosing a broker.

Also, you do not need to use a low ping, because pending orders will already be on your broker's server.

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