Seven Tips to Buy from MQL5 Markets

Seven Tips to Buy from MQL5 Markets

16 August 2019, 18:36
Muhammad Elbermawi

Seven Tips to Buy from MQL5 Markets

Hello MQL5 community,

I have been a member in MQL5 since 2014 and a seller since 2015. I bought and sold a lot of products from the market as most of you does, and I want to share some tips with new members here. You might agree with some of what I will say here or you might disagree. But I don't write this to take your attention. I just want to help others with some tips that I wish I knew about five years ago. So, let us begin.

1) An Interesting Logo Does Not Mean a Good Product

One of the first tips given by mql5 to sellers is to design a good Logo for their product, even if they have to hire a designer to do it. So, sellers think that it is an important step and they struggle to do it. But does a good logo mean a good product?

OF Course NO.

2) Know Whom You Buy From

Some sellers on MQL5 try to mirror the logo of other sellers. Some others try even to mirror their products. That is normal with all the competing their and MQL5 cannot prevent it, because there are thousands of products on the market.

Mirroring other products and logos reflect envy and competing soul between those sellers. So, in the next time you want to buy from the market take care what you buy and from whom.

3) Don't Click the "Buy" Button Before Messaging with the Seller.

This one of the most important advice that I should give you. When you buy try to connect the seller to make sure that he listens to you if you need any support.

4) Ask Ex Buyers About Their Review in a Private Message.

MQL5 will not give you the ability to comment on a product except when you buy it. So, it will be wise to ask ex buyers who already left a review in a private message about the product. Try to take several reviews about the product before judging it, because a lot of buyers' blame sellers about loses.

5) Don't Evaluate a Product with Its Price.

A lot of new traders think that a good product must be expensive, and that is far away from truth. MQL5 make a minimum charge of 30 $ for any product sold on its market and a rent period that is no more than one year. But if you visit the market now you will find some products priced in thousands of dollars. So, does this mean that they are high quality products and that is low priced products are garbage.

Of Course NO

Sellers evaluate their products depending on many different reasons. Some of them over evaluate their products thinking that this is a good selling strategy, which ends up with a lot of struggle between them and their customers. So, make sure that you buy the product with the right value.

6) Test Before Buy or Rent

While this tip might look obvious I have noticed that a lot of people do not know how to use the MT4 System Tester. So, if you don't understand how does the system tester really work then I encourage you to search YouTube and read whatever you can about this important subject. Especially if you want to buy an expert advisor.

Also, some products might contain a function that do not work on the system tester, like multi symbols or time-frames products. If so, then ask the seller for a free copy that can be used in testing.

7) Buy Is Better Than Rent

If you really want a product and, you took care for all the previous tips, then it will be wise to buy it instead of renting it. I know that renting a product is always cheaper than buying it and that leaves the buyer with more money that he can use to explore more products. But think of it from a different way.

If buying a product that you really need is an exchanging process between you and the seller in which you give money and he gives you the rights to use his product, then it is all about time factor. What I want to say is that buying from MQL5 market means renting for a lifetime, because you only own the rights to use the product and you don't really own it.

So, in the next time try to buy not to rent.

I hope those tips will be helpful for you and I wish I knew them five years earlier. If you need anything don't hesitate to message me and I will answer as soon as I am online.

Good Luck for everyone
Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT

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