EA Spaun

EA Spaun

28 May 2018, 00:34
Sergey Lisnyak


  • Lot - trade lot, set according to the size of the Deposit and the leverage, for example up to 800 USD not more than 0.01 lot;
  • GMToffset (-111=AUTO) -time zone shift. The value -111 will set the time zone to automatic, use this if you are sure that the computer is set to the correct time and time zone;
  • Name pair - the exact names of currency pairs, including postfix and suffixes;


  • Close pos. from mass-index signal - closing orders from the total index, on / off;
  • Size mass-index for close - the size of the index to close;
  • Close pos. from counter-mass signal - closing orders under the counter-signals from other pairs;
  • Take profit - take profit size;
  • Magic Number - magic number;
  • Average - averaging
  • Maximum drawdown at the moment % - maximum drawdown in percent
  • Maximum drawdown in day % - maximum drawdown in percent per day;
  • Hour reset DD - reset hour after drawdown;
  • Close profit if orders from this pair are more 10  - closing profit if the number of orders is more than 10;
  • Profit Close $ - the closure of profit when you reach that amount;
  • Max drawdown in curency - maximum drawdown in currency;
  • No loss mode - win-win mode. In this mode, the EA does not close trades at a loss even if the opposite signal is received, that is, the EA will not close losing trades and wait for profit. This feature is disabled by default;
  • Auto lot - automatic lot from balance;


  • Closetime evr day at Min -1=off - closing orders every day at this moment (for night strategies);
  • Closetime evr day at Hour -1=off - closing orders every day at this hour;
  • Do not trade on the opening and closing market - prohibition of opening orders at market opening and closing (on / off);
  • In Mon - Hour - Monday before... hours (=<);
  • In Fri - Hor - Friday later than... hours (>=);
  • Hour filter > X - trading is allowed if hours > than X hours;
  • Hour filter < X - trading is allowed if hours < than x hours;
  • Hour filter > Y - also, trading is allowed if time > than Y hours;
  • Hour filter < Y - also, trading is allowed if the time is < than Y hours;


  • Order step - order step;
  • Filter shift signal - shift-filter orders by bars of the period on which the EA is installed;
  • Dinamic step orders - dynamic order step;


  • Limit-Volatility MA filter - MA volatility filter;
  • Period Limit-Volatility MA - MA filter period;
  • Max spread - maximum spread to open an order;
  • Period BP - period BP indicator;
  • Size inz filter - filter indicator BP;
  • Show the arrows ? - show the arrows ?;


  • Breakeven for start (1=off) - how much price must pass items to have been exhibited breakeven (does not take effect when a trailing stop);
  • Level Breakeven - breakeven size;
  • Trailing Stop (-1=OFF) - trailing stop, transfer stop loss through... points (does not work when breakeven is enabled);
  • Trailing Step -the step of moving the stop loss;


  • Number of buy - maximum number of buy orders;
  • Number of sell - maximum number of sell orders;


  • Opening an order - to inform about the opening of a new order;
  • Notification sound - sound alert;


  • Indent after News (minuts) - Indent after News... minutes;
  • Indent before News (minuts) - Indent before News.. minutes;
  • Enable medium news - to enable the filter medium news;
  • Enable hard news  - to enable the filter of strong news;

  • Сolor of the text - text color;
  • Show text info - show information on screen;
  • Stop loss for ONE orders - initial Stop Loss;
  • Take profit for ONE order  - initial Take profit;
EAS - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29588
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