(28 AUGUST 2017)SILVER (in USD):Range bound.

(28 AUGUST 2017)SILVER (in USD):Range bound.

28 August 2017, 13:42
Jiming Huang


Range bound. 

(By Yann Quelenn)

• Silver's bullish pressures remain despite 

ongoing consolidation. Hourly resistance is given 

at 17.32 (18/08/2017 high) while support can be 

found at 16.58 (15/08/2017 high). The commodity 

lies in a short-term uptrend channel. Expected to 

show another leg higher. 

• In the long-term, the death cross indicates that 

further downsides are very likely. Resistance is 

located at 25.11 (28/08/2013 high). Strong 

support can be found at 11.75 (20/04/2009).

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