I can show you the trick!

I can show you the trick!

8 August 2017, 21:01
Georgy Pankrashkin

There is an extraordinary specimen was found in the top!

He unexpectedly appeared in the top by growth a couple of weeks ago.

I was obvious for me that the history is a fake.

No one! Never! Can show so stable trading history!

But if somehow someone can - he will lies to you)

But anyway it was interesting for me to find out how long he will foolish people.

Not so long as you can see:








500 subscribers less than in a month! ~15000 USD. Not bad.

And one more stroke to this story:

As you can see there are TestTrans comments in the history.

I suppose, that means Test Transaction.

So, he use demo account or something this.

I think:

  1. History must be started only from the moment of addition of signal to the service (or special check for demo-accounts)

  2. There must equity based rating instead of balance.

Do you have suggestions how to avoid this?

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