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Divo EA


DIVO EA é uma ferramenta multi-moeda, flexível, totalmente automatizada e multifacetada para identificar vulnerabilidades no mercado

  • Nós NUNCA usamos Grid ou Martingale!

Depois de comprar EA, certifique-se de escrever para mim em mensagens privadas, vou adicioná-lo a um   Grupo Privado , envia arquivos definidos e instruções detalhadas adicionais.

Estou pronto para ajudar cada comprador a instalar e configurar o consultor.

Se você nunca usou EAs antes, vou mostrar e ensinar como usá-lo.

Um sistema de negociação de longo prazo comprovado que usa períodos de silêncio do mercado.


  • As configurações DEFAULT são otimizadas para   GBPUSD M15
  • Os principais pares de moedas:   GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP, USDCHF
  • Configurações adicionais   AUDCAD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, USDCAD
  • Avançado   Virtualização   Modo. Você pode completamente   OCULTAR   seu Trailing, TP, SL do seu corretor!
  • Nós usamos   Ordens de limite pendentes , o que aumenta significativamente a chance de derrapagens lucrativas
  • Ordens pendentes já estão colocadas no servidor da corretora, o que reduz significativamente o atraso
  • Cada negociação tem um StopLoss Fixo Protetor
  • Todos os negócios têm proteção contra derrapagens, de grandes spreads
  • Usamos proteção de Big News
  • O sistema possui um modo embutido de autodiagnóstico e Adaptação ao Corretor

Este é um sistema aberto, você sempre tem acesso total aos parâmetros e pode otimizar suas configurações exclusivas.

O Sistema NÃO Usa o Princípio da Caixa Fechada quando as configurações Estratégicas Fundamentais NÃO estão disponíveis para você!

Além disso, os resultados da Otimização do Sistema são fornecidos com o sistema, onde você pode escolher qualquer configuração por si mesmo.

O Sistema utiliza um processo híbrido de três estágios de rastreamento de posições lucrativas, possui um Filtro de Notícias, um Filtro de Grandes Spreads etc.

Esta não é uma caixa preta, portanto, todas as configurações são armazenadas separadamente e não dentro do sistema!


  • Conta de cobertura! NÍVEL DE PARADA=0 , NÍVEL DE CONGELAMENTO=0
  • O EA exige boas condições de corretor: Spread baixo e derrapagem durante o rollover. Eu recomendo usar um corretor RAW/ECN realmente bom. Escreva-me pessoalmente para aconselhamento.
  • O consultor deve trabalhar no VPS 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana, escreva-me pessoalmente para aconselhamento
  • Depósito mínimo de $ 100 para cada par de moedas
  • Alavancagem 1:100 e mais

Comentários 20
parsa1355 2023.04.18 15:40 

Mr. Anton is a good person. He is always responsive and gives guidance.good luck Mr Anton

Jos Werkhoven
Jos Werkhoven 2023.01.19 12:07 

Great Bot!. But at least as important: the author is very friendly and helpfull. Anton: your the best!

kkarpinski 2022.09.20 13:29 

Great support from Anton, he is always answering for a given questions. I will send another update after 1 month to see if is profitable $$$$

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Crash 1000 Hero is a passive bot dedicated to the CRASH 1000 of Synthetic Indices (Deriv) works with the Stochastic strategy + 2 mobile EMAS one of 21 periods and another of 5 periods helping to get a better entry and you can better hunt the trend candle! used only on CRASH 1000 pair In 1 minute period the bot does its job passively, as it makes inputs fairly and not aggressively The only thing that has to be modified in the parameters is the SL and TP in addition to the VOLUME VolumeSize 1 or i
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The Official Automated Version of the Reliable Indicator PipFinite Breakout EDGE EA Breakout EDGE takes the signal of PipFinite Breakout EDGE indicator and manages the trade for you. Because of numerous financial instruments to consider, many traders want the signals to be fully automated. The EA will make sure all your trades are executed from entry to exit. Saving you time and effort while maximizing your profits. The Edge of Automation Effortless price action trading is now possible
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Luna AI Pro MT5
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Promoção de lançamento: Apenas 1 exemplares disponíveis por 199$ Próximo preço: 299$ Preço final: 2.000$ Haverá apenas um número limitado de cópias vendidas deste EA Libere o poder da inteligência artificial e leve sua negociação a níveis sem precedentes com o   Luna AI Pro EA   , o robô de negociação "reverso médio" mais avançado do mercado. Projetado para atender traders experientes e iniciantes, este sistema avançado orientado por IA está equipado com uma ampla gama de recursos para otimiz
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Climbing Scalper mt5
Liudmyla Bochkarova
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Climbing Scalper EA is a night scalper that trades during the calmest periods of the market. During this period the markets usually fluctuate and the advisor will trade within these ranges. Each trade will have an initial stop loss and take profit, but the EA also uses advanced stop loss management algorithms that will assess the strength of the trades. 8 copy left at 399, next price 499 Buy this EA, post a feedback and get  Golden Future  for free The advisor works on all pairs with a stable s
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Bober Real MT5
Arnold Bobrinskii
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Bober Real MT5 is a fully automatic Forex trading Expert Advisor. This robot was made in 2014 year and did a lot of profitbale trades during this period. So far over 7000% growth on my personal account. There was many updates but 2019 update is the best one. The robot can run on any instrument, but the results are better with EURGBP, GBPUSD, on the M5 timeframe. Robot doesn't show good results in tester or live account if you run incorrect sets. Set files for Live accounts availible only for c
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Investopedia FIVE
Joseph Anthony Aya-ay Yutig
O Investopedia FIVE EA é baseado neste artigo: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex/08/five-minute-momo.asp CONDIÇÕES DE NEGOCIAÇÃO - Procure negociação de pares de moedas abaixo da EMA do período X e MACD em território negativo. - Aguarde que o preço ultrapasse a EMA do período X e, em seguida, certifique-se de que o MACD esteja no processo de passagem de negativo para positivo ou tenha cruzado em território positivo dentro de cinco barras. - Faça compras em X pips acima da EM
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Loss Recovery Trader MT5
Michalis Phylactou
5 (2)
Attempts to recover losing trades. If a trade moves in the wrong direction, the Zone Recovery algorithm begins. An alternating series of Buy and Sell trades at two specific levels take place, with two Exit Points above and beyond these levels. Once either of the two exit points is reached, all trades close with a combined profit or break even. MT4 version here  To use  1) Place the EA on a chart and select how the first trade will open (Manual/Via EA strategy/Use EA panel/External EA) 2) Confi
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Bear vs Bull EA MT5
Bear vs Bull EA Is a automated adviser for daily operation of the FOREX currency market in a volatile and calm market. Suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It works with any brokers, including American brokers, requiring FIFO to close primarily previously opened transactions. *In order to enable the panel, it is necessary to set the parameter DRAW_INFORMATION = true in the settings; Recommendations Before using on real money, test the adviser with minimal risk on a cent tra
30 USD
Noelle Chua Mei Ping
This algorithm thrives on extreme conditions of volatility.  It will evaluate the condition prior to market close, enter a position and exit when market swings to extreme levels in your favour.  The algorithm does not deploy any technical indicators, just simple mathematical calculations.  This works very well on non directional markets especially FOREX in the short term which are very choppy.  You can test out on other asset classes as well.  20 year backtest done to validate the rule.
300 USD
Matrix Arrow EA MT5
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (4)
Matrix Arrow EA MT5  é um consultor especializado exclusivo que pode negociar os sinais de  MT5 do indicador de seta Matrix  com um painel de negociação no gráfico, manualmente ou 100% automaticamente. O  Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5  determinará a tendência atual em seus estágios iniciais, reunindo informações e dados de até 10 indicadores padrão, que são: Índice de movimento direcional médio (ADX) Índice de canal de commodities (CCI) Velas clássicas de Heiken Ashi Média Móvel Divergência de con
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PairsTrading MT5
Evgenii Kuznetsov
5 (1)
The EA identifies divergences in two correlated currency pairs and trades in the direction where they converge back. Working timeframe: M30 Input parameters MagicNumber - identification number for the EA. OrdersComment - comment to order, automatic if an empty value is set. Lots - lot size. DepoPer001Lot - automatic lot calculation (specify the balance per 0.01 lot) (if 0, the value from 'Lots' parameter is used). TimeFrame - working timeframe. Symbol #2 - correlated currency. Symbol #2 revers
100 USD
Universal MT5 MACD
Vladimir Gribachev
Robô de negociação no indicador MACD Esta é uma versão simplificada do robô de negociação, usa apenas uma estratégia de entrada (a versão avançada possui mais de 10 estratégias) Benefícios do especialista: Escalpelamento, Martingale, negociação em rede. Você pode configurar a negociação com apenas um pedido ou uma grade de pedidos. Uma grade de ordens altamente personalizável com uma etapa dinâmica, fixa ou multiplicadora e lote de negociação permitirá que você adapte o Expert Advisor a
50 USD
Exp TickSniper PRO FULL
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.15 (48)
Exp-TickSniper - scalper de alta velocidade com seleção automática de parâmetros para cada par de moedas automaticamente. Você sonha com um consultor que calcule automaticamente os parâmetros de negociação? Otimizado e ajustado automaticamente? A versão completa do sistema para o MetaTrader 4:    Scalper  TickSniper  para MetaTrader 4 \ TickSniper - Full Description   + DEMO + PDF O EA foi desenvolvido com base na experiência adquirida em quase 10 anos de programação. Para começar a negociar c
200 USD
Open lock MT5
Sergey Likho
5 (4)
The Expert Advisor helps reduce the account drawdown. To do this, the losing deal is split into multiple small parts, each of these parts is closed separately. The EA can interact with other experts. For example, when a certain drawdown is reached, Open Lock can disable the other expert and start working with its orders. Open lock for MetaTrader 4 is available here The algorithm of the EA uses counter transactions and a large number of open positions, therefore, need to use it on a hedge account
299 USD
Oblivion mt5
Ramil Minniakhmetov
5 (3)
Oblivion mt5 é um robô comercial projetado para funcionar durante o dia. Sistema de negociação automática baseado em código de sistema complexo. Implementado no indicador do autor. É um consultor de tendências. A vantagem é a fácil adaptação para quase todos os pares e índices. Equipado com painel de acesso rápido para gestão de encomendas. O tipo de conta de cobertura é obrigatório. IMPORTANTE! Contacte-me imediatamente após a compra para obter instruções e um bônus! Monitoramento de opera
30 USD
Fundamental Robot MT5
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Fundamental Robot is an Expert Advisor based on Fundamental Signals Indicator. The Fundamental Signals Indicator has a powerful calculation engine that can predict market movement over 30000 points. The indicator is named fundamental because it can predict trends with large movements, no complicated inputs and low risk.  The EA works with low margin levels and thus has low risk. Using EA : The EA is very simple and without complicated input parameters. These are main parameters must b
200 USD
Impuls Pro
Sergey Batudayev
A estratégia do EA é baseada na negociação de Swing , com entradas após impulsos agudos calculados pelo indicador iPump. Conforme mencionado anteriormente, o EA tem a capacidade de abrir negociações manuais com suporte automático. - para uma tendência de baixa ↓ entramos em uma operação após um aumento corretivo no preço, o ativo entra na zona de sobrecompra, vendemos ao longo da tendência. - para uma tendência de alta ↑, entramos em uma operação após uma queda corretiva no preço, o ativo cai
199 USD
Vadym Zhukovskyi
5 (4)
ScalpAuT - a scalping Aurum (Gold) timing bot. Today we want to introduce the indispensable ScalpAuT assistant. This is an Expert Advisor that works on any financial pair according to the timings (time levels) of the VIST system. It took us a long time to decide whether to release an expert or not. Many people are looking for the Grail. They only dream of doing nothing, but earning millions of money. Dreaming is always good. But our advisor is definitely not for such people. Our Expert Advisor i
600 USD
The Index Trader
Cristian D'ambrosio
OGNI 3 ACQUISTI IL PREZZO AUMENTERA': 49$ - 99$ - 149$ - 199$ - 299$ - 399$ - 499$ - 599$ - 699$ - 799$ - 899$ - 999$ VERSIONE MT4  |  GUIDA INSTALLAZIONE  |  LIVE SIGNAL The Index Trader è un EA studiato e programmato per il trading di Indici Azionari. Attualmente funziona solo sul DAX. Questo EA è particolarmente adatto a chi non vuole rischiare troppo con strategie pericolose. Consiglio di inserire il bot sui grafici DAX in M5. NON utilizza Martingala, Grid o strategie rischiose, Questo EA
299 USD
NexTrade Crash
Jacoues Lukas Olivier
Introducing NexTrade, the ultimate automated trading solution designed specifically for the Crash 500, Crash 1000 markets. This cutting-edge trading robot combines advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis to deliver exceptional performance and profitability. NexTrade leverages its sophisticated market analysis capabilities to constantly monitor price movements, volume trends, and technical indicators in the Crash 500 and Crash 1000 indices. This enables the robot to identify lucrative tra
100 USD
Stormer RSI 2
Ricardo Rodrigues Lucca
A estratégia do robô é baseada na ensinada pelo Stormer. Segue a explicação da mesma: Quando o RSI fica abaixo de 25, compramos nos últimos 15 minutos do pregão a mercado e o stop de ganho fica na maior máxima dos dois últimos dias. Sendo o mesmo movimentado até ser atingido ou ir para baixo da entrada (quando encerramos a posição a mercado, independente de termos atingido o número máximo de dias). Como utilizo? Configura o Lote e configure a hora e minuto que o EA deve operar. O mesmo só
99 USD
Jiran SD
4 (1)
Jiran Supply and Demand EA is built with the latest innovation Supply and Demand algorithm. Application of Neural Network to study the characteristics of the pairs being played. Merging sophisticated algorithms with neural network produces quality position entries. EA will open and close the trade on Supply and Demand Zone Just Using Default Setting and running on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY pairs, Timeframes : 5 min / 15 min "It works best on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY Pairs, That pairs are my Favourit
666 USD
Magic EA MT5
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Magic EA is an Expert Advisor based on Scalping, Elliot Waves and with filters such as RSI, Stochastic and 3 other strategies managed and decided with the robot smartly. Large number of inputs and settings are tested and optimized and embedded in the program thus inputs are limited and very simple. Using EA doesn't need any professional information or Forex Trading Knowledge. EA can trade on all symbols and all time frames, using special and unique strategies developed by the author. The EA
200 USD
Andrey Khatimlianskii
4.71 (7)
Ilan para MetaTrader 5 Devido ao uso dos negócios virtuais, a negociação em ambos os sentidos (compra e venda) simultaneamente se tornou possível. Isso permite aos usuários adaptar uma estratégia popular para uma rede contabilizável de posições aplicadas pelo MetaTrader 5.   Configuração do Expert Advisor A configuração do Expert Advisor é simples. No entanto, todas as definições importantes da estratégia estão disponíveis para ajustes. Ferramentas disponíveis: MagicNumber único para identific
199 USD
Mighty Makers EA MT5
Sergey Simakov
3.8 (15)
Introducing Mighty Makers - Your Path to Informed Investing. Investment decisions can often feel overwhelming for investors. However, with Mighty Makers, you can seize control and make well-informed choices. Our cutting-edge system is designed to provide you with up-to-the-minute information by analyzing vast amounts of real-time market data. Through advanced algorithms, we identify patterns and trends, delivering personalized recommendations that align with your unique investment preferences. O
1 299 USD
UpdatedRSI EA
4 (12)
The Expert Advisor recommended for trade on EUS/USD M5. It is based on free indicator "UpdatedRSI". The robot calculates the market entry/exit points based on signals from indicator "UpdatedRSI". The trading volume for opening a position depends on results of previous trades. It is possible to limit the amount of risk (the AutoMM parameter). It uses an efficient trailing, which automatically adjusts the take profit and stop loss parameters to minimize losses. It is also possible to set the maxi
Irina Manikeeva
ThanosAlgotrade is an automatic trading advisor for obtaining stable profits over a long period of time. Does not require manual intervention. Designed to work in the MT5 terminal on "hedge" type accounts , the Adviser needs to be installed on the EURUSD currency pair chart on the M1 time frame and enable auto trading. Monitoring of the adviser's work can be viewed here
100 USD
Os compradores deste produto também adquirem
Quantum Emperor MT5
Bogdan Ion Puscasu
5 (41)
Apresentando       Quantum Emperor EA   , o inovador consultor especialista em MQL5 que está transformando a maneira como você negocia o prestigioso par GBPUSD! Desenvolvido por uma equipe de traders experientes com experiência comercial de mais de 13 anos. ***Compre Quantum Emperor EA e você poderá Quantum Trade EA ou Quantum Gold Emperor gratuitamente!*** Peça em particular para mais detalhes Sinal ao vivo 1:       CLIQUE Versão MT4:   Clique Aqui Canal de EAs quânticos:       Clique aqui
999.99 USD
Quantum Wizard MT5
Bogdan Ion Puscasu
Quantum Wizard é um Expert Advisor avançado para negociação dos índices Dow Jones e Nasdaq no período M5, com precisão e desempenho nunca vistos antes. Agora você pode finalmente diversificar seu portfólio com a negociação de índices. Todas as negociações são protegidas por um Stop Loss rígido e usam um stop triling para sair de negociações lucrativas. Opera durante o horário do mercado de ações de Nova York. O Quantum Wizard é bastante ativo e pode negociar várias vezes por dia
1 499.99 USD
XG Gold Robot MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.73 (30)
The XG Gold Robot MT5 is specially designed for Gold. We decided to include this EA in our offering after extensive testing . XG Gold Robot and works perfectly with the XAUUSD, GOLD, XAUEUR pairs. XG Gold Robot has been created for all traders who like to Trade in Gold and includes additional a function that displays weekly Gold levels with the minimum and maximum displayed in the panel as well as on the chart, which will help you in manual trading. It’s a strategy based on Price Action, Cycle S
799 USD
Big Forex Players MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
5 (4)
We proudly present our cutting-edge robot, the Big Forex Players EA designed to maximize your trading potential, minimize emotional trading, and make smarter decisions powered by cutting-edge technology. The whole system in this EA took us many months to build, and then we spent a lot of time testing it. Only after all that work did we decide to add it to our list of products. We will not create additional EAs, instead, we are going to dedicate our time to the expansion of this EA, guided by cus
1 299 USD
Petros Shatakhtsyan
5 (3)
SAFE Robot Pro is a fully automatic robot that has the level of a professional trader. This is a completely new approach to trading. During real trading, he does not look towards history and acts according to circumstances. The robot uses a unique method to determine the levels of Take Profit (TP, Green horizontal line) and Stop Loss (SL, Red horizontal line). Each time after opening an order, they appear at different levels and eventually begin to approach the current price. This is the first
1 920 USD
Darwin Swing MT5
Guillaume Duportal
4.9 (30)
Darwin SWING Launch price 999 USD , future price 1490 USD DESCRIPTIONS: -- To understand how it works, come read the blog (This EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading...If you like the way I look at it, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it! (Forex is not a race): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -- To see the past performance here are the links of the signals Live and demo signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller EXPLANATION: After t
999 USD
hey。 Try this gold high frequency trading strategy Time: 5 minute Fixed stop loss: 100 + point Fixed profit: 20 + points Suitable for all markets A minimum deposit of $300 is recommended One order at a time, no additional positions, not Martin, high-frequency trading Based on only specific algorithm model. The success rate is about 99% Only ECN accounts. 600-100 orders a month. market:xauusd
7 000 USD
Bonnitta EA MT5
Ugochukwu Mobi
3.5 (18)
Bonnitta EA é baseado na estratégia de posição pendente (PPS) e um algoritmo de negociação secreta muito avançado. A estratégia da Bonnitta EA é uma combinação de um indicador personalizado secreto, linhas de tendência, níveis de suporte e resistência (ação de preço) e o algoritmo de negociação secreta mais importante mencionado acima. NÃO COMPRE UM EA SEM QUALQUER TESTE COM DINHEIRO REAL DE MAIS DE 3 MESES, DEMOREI MAIS DE 100 SEMANAS (MAIS DE 2 ANOS) PARA TESTAR BONNITTA EA COM DINHEIRO REA
5 000 USD
Darwin Evolution MT5
Guillaume Duportal
4.61 (56)
Evolução Darwin. -30% Promoção !! 1490 USD para 990 USD Tempo Limitado (Oferta válido até a chegada da próxima atualização, não perca tempo) !!! Você não pode fazer o backtest deste EA, ele abrirá pedidos sem qualquer lógica! Descrições: - Para entender a operação, venha ler o blog (este EA reflete minha filosofia de negociação forex ... se você gosta do meu caminho para ver as coisas, então você vai gostar do meu EA. Aproveite o tempo para fazer isso !! (Forex não é uma corrida):
999 USD
SST Kill Shot
Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Stock Sniper Trading proudly presents SST Kill Shot, our kill zone strategy which is our own unique adaptation of the famous 'Silver Bullet' strategy where we target the fair value gaps / imbalances that form during the first hour of a trading session. High volatility as a result of above normal volume transactions and market orders that take place during the first hour of the trading session will create gaps in the market (which tend to act like a magnet for price to pull back into and grab the
1 000 USD
Perceptrader AI MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.33 (3)
EA has a live track record with 48 month of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Perceptrader AI is a cutting-edge grid trading system that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, utilizing Deep Learning algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to analyze large amounts of market data at high speed and detect high-potential trading opportunities to exploit. Supported currency pairs: NZDUSD, USDCAD, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, GBPCHF Timefra
2 000 USD
Razor MT5
Anton Kondratev
5 (2)
O RAZOR é um Sistema Multimoeda, Aberto e Totalmente Automatizado. Configurações padrão para AUDCAD M15 para um gráfico A estratégia é baseada no rastreamento dos movimentos de mercado fortes de retorno das moedas AUD + CAD + NZD. Inicialmente, o Algoritmo utiliza o mecanismo High Precision Scalper. Em seguida, o mecanismo Grid é ativado para aumentar a renda durante um pequeno rebaixamento. As configurações padrão permitem que você negocie em três pares de moedas principais e execute no gráf
915 USD
The Forex Exchanger MT5
Fabio Cavalloni
5 (4)
All explainations about the strategy:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747470 Live signals:  Single instance of the EA:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1416185 Multistrategy:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1489462 Here I will explain only the EA inputs part. This EA will be consistently updated with new and unpredictable things that can bring its performance to a better level every day! Buying this EA you will not only got a powerful automatic trading system, but also all knowledge and e
1 399 USD
BBSO Tachyon Mt5
Olivier Nomblot
4.5 (24)
Aways relevant and timeless, BBSO is improving as it learns through its unique self-optimization. It has been no 1 THREE TIMES IN THE WORD. It is for smart money. W A real breakthrough. Using the legendary BBSO range trading module, the no 1 ROBOT, AND THE AMAZING SPEED OF MetaTrader 5, this scalper generates a lot of quick trades in and out using the most vital point of BBSO, the ENTRY. No special CPU needs or fast internet connections or set files or strategies or complicated parameters. Adapt
1 111 USD
Neuron Net GOLD
4.42 (12)
Neuron Net GOLD is an integration of the Python programming language, deep learning machine and mql5 code to be able to predict XAUUSD price movements so as to produce entries and exits based on artificial intelligence. Signal  : Click Here   Why Neuron Net GOLD ? + Neuron Net GOLD has been through the research and development stage for almost 1 year, and has passed the testing phase on demo accounts and real accounts. + Neuron Net GOLD does not use martingale + Neuron Net GOLD is not sprea
1 050 USD
Arthur Hatchiguian
3.82 (28)
Sun é um escalper agressivo de múltiplos ciclos projetado para EURUSD M1 . Cada ciclo é independente. Ele usa uma seqüência de ordens e tem seu próprio TP e SL. Ele usa um sistema de martingale. Este EA está usando fortes recorrências do passado para tomar posição e alcançar uma alta taxa de sucesso. É muito importante ler o post do blog antes de começar. O depósito mínimo é de US$ 100 para uma alavancagem de 1:500. Um sistema de autolote está incluído.  Eu recomendo usar uma conta ECN 1:500
999 USD
Aura Black Edition MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
4 (18)
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of mult
1 750 USD
Note: This is a limited introductory offer : Only 1 of 5 copies of this EA will be sold at the current price. Next price: $999 The price of this EA will be increased steadily, to limit the number of users trading with this system. Live Signal:  Will publish soon warning : I only sell this EA exclusively on MQL5. If anyone sells outside of that I'm sure it's a scam. You will not get support from me. In the context of forex trading, liquidity level refers to the degree of ease with which a curren
766 USD
Bober Ready
Arnold Bobrinskii
3 (1)
Você está procurando uma solução de negociação poderosa e fácil de usar? Não procure mais do que o robô de negociação Bober Ready baseado em estratégias prontas. Usando estratégias otimizadas e testadas, este robô de negociação foi projetado para analisar dados de mercado e tomar decisões de negociação inteligentes em tempo real. O robô Bober Ready é acessível a traders de todos os níveis. Seja você um profissional experiente ou apenas começando, esta ferramenta pode ajudá-lo a fazer negociaçõe
750 USD
Top Secret MT5
Vitalii Kosov
3.33 (9)
Top Secret Forex Expert Advisor   for Meta Trader it is an Neural Network powered trading system that provides transparent explanations for its decisions and behavior. The goal of this type of EA is to help traders better understand the trading signals and strategies generated by the system, which can increase user trust and confidence in the system's outputs.  Top Secret Expert Advisor is equipped with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and neural networks, which enable us to analyze
999 USD
Nexus EA Forex MT5
Enrique Enguix
5 (8)
Potencialize seu Sucesso com Nexus: Seu Consultor Especialista para o MetaTrader O Nexus oferece muito mais do que promessas vazias no competitivo mundo financeiro. Nossa abordagem é realista, ética e sustentável, marcando uma verdadeira revolução no trading. Mas aqui está o ponto importante: você não precisa ser um especialista para se beneficiar! O Nexus opera automaticamente, tomando decisões informadas por você. Deixe-nos mostrar como o Nexus se adapta de forma flexível às suas necessidade
789.21 USD
Waka Waka EA MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.42 (36)
EA has a live track record with 4.5 years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make p
2 200 USD
Aleksei Krasov
3.44 (36)
TradeGPT has 4 stages of trade management (search, entry, control, exit) and 3 stages of trade decision making (GPT system on 4 SMA, 12 patterns for buy and sell, adapted mathematical model of Fourier and Laplace transforms), combining all of this into one automatic full cycle trading system, which does not require constant external monitoring or complicated setup. The Expert Advisor applies trailing stop loss and take profit, tracking every tick of price change. Real account:  https://www.mql5.
1 049 USD
A unique Expert Advisor created with OpenAI Artificial Intelligence. The trading strategy has been tested since 2021. There has not been a single unprofitable month!!! As you can see on the account history, I deposited $10'000 in October 2021 and since then the account has made more than 980% income, which is perfect! I also withdrew funds in amount of $ 61'400 You can check it yourself: Investor Login:  37026190 Password: GoldDragon Server MT5:  RoboForex-Pro As you can see on the account hi
999 USD
Golden Tree
Arthur Hatchiguian
4.11 (18)
Golden Tree   é um agressivo       multiciclo       robô projetado para       XAUUSD (Ouro) M1   . Cada ciclo é       independente   , tem seu próprio       TP       e       SL   . Ele usa um       rede       e       martingale       sistema. Este EA depende de       fortes recorrências   desde 2010   (com base em dados da Tickstory)       tomar posição e alcançar       alto sucesso       avaliar. É muito importante ler o post do blog antes de começar. O   mínimo   depósito é   $ 100   para u
999 USD
Index Scalper PRO MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
4.63 (38)
The scalping trading system is designed in accordance with the principle of moving to the average value of the market price of the most liquid among traders indexes   : Dow Jones (US30), DAX (DE30,DE40),   USTEC  (US100, US Tech) . It took me more than 2 years to optimize this strategy. The first versions of the expert were not very good, because they showed a good result in the tester only on ordinary ticks. But I managed to make a scalper trading in tests and in real time the same way. Unlike
999 USD
Deriv Bot
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
Finally a robot that actually works any day and every day! NEXT PRICE $564 This expert adviser was designed specifically for  Volatility 75, BOOM1000   index ( VIX75 ), also shows  outstanding results  on other forex pairs and indexes with tight spreads. The key features of our AI-based Deriv Robot include an AI-based trading strategy, moving averages and lot management functions, support for VIX75, BOOM1000, and CRASH 1000 markets, and a set file and other support for optimal performance. To us
1 300 USD
The Mars is set and forget trading system. Advanced strategy employing multiple independent grid sequences of orders on trading against retail trading logics on the specific liquidity levels. EA is monitoring break of significant levels for inducements to suck retail traders to enter the market, exactly like it's thought in every stupid trading book. Then the EA trades against the retail trades with the targets where the liquidity of their stop losses is placed. If the entry on the liquidity lev
999 USD
Bonnitta Gold MT5
Ugochukwu Mobi
5 (1)
O Bonnitta Gold é baseado no Indicador de Negociação Bonnitta pessoal e em um algoritmo de negociação secreta muito avançado. A estratégia do Bonnitta Gold é uma combinação de um indicador personalizado secreto, linhas de tendência, níveis de suporte e resistência e o mais importante algoritmo de negociação secreta mencionado anteriormente. O OURO BONNITTA PRECISA DE ALAVANCA MAIS ALTA DE 400 E ACIMA - TESTEI COM 10.000 USD E ALAVANCA DE 1:500 VEJA O LINK DA CONTA REAL ABAIXO. VOCÊ PRECISA DE
2 750 USD
Microlab Exp
Andriy Sydoruk
Microlab Exp is a trending analytical bot. An expert system based on geometric virtual pattern algorithms specially designed for time series. For this version of the Expert Advisor to work, there is no need to download any indicators or additional products, the bot is an independent finished product. Microlab Exp is a tool for trading in the foreign exchange market. The minimum recommendation is $1000. While the recommended minimum deposit is between $1,000 and $10,000 for one currency pa
1 299 USD
Mais do autor
Anton Kondratev
5 (2)
Zenvo EA       é um sistema de negociação multimoeda aberto e totalmente automatizado. Not    Grid   , Not    Martingale   , Not     AI     , Not     Neural Network. Default Settings for One chart    AUDCAD H1     (Supports 1OHLC mode for weak PCs) Zenvo GUIDE Signals Optimization  Updates Os padrões atuais foram identificados com base no       Algoritmo   de otimização direta   (FOA)       até dezembro de 2022. Isso significa que a corrente       Vulnerabilidades       no mercado já estão      
345 USD
Zonda EA
Anton Kondratev
Zonda EA             é um       Sistema Totalmente Automático   com Parâmetros de Otimização Abertos e   Mecanismo de Recuperação em Tempo Real. Not        Grid       , Not        Martingale       , Not         AI         , Not         Neural Network. Default Settings for One chart        GBPUSD M15 GUIA Zonda O algoritmo usa       Padrões QE   , que foram aprimorados e otimizados desde 2005. Isto é um       Estratégia de Breakout Diário (DBS)       durante o início do pregão europeu. O siste
345 USD
Razor MT5
Anton Kondratev
5 (2)
O RAZOR é um Sistema Multimoeda, Aberto e Totalmente Automatizado. Configurações padrão para AUDCAD M15 para um gráfico A estratégia é baseada no rastreamento dos movimentos de mercado fortes de retorno das moedas AUD + CAD + NZD. Inicialmente, o Algoritmo utiliza o mecanismo High Precision Scalper. Em seguida, o mecanismo Grid é ativado para aumentar a renda durante um pequeno rebaixamento. As configurações padrão permitem que você negocie em três pares de moedas principais e execute no gráf
915 USD
Anton Kondratev
4 (9)
GOLD Way   é um sistema totalmente automatizado, aberto e multi-moeda para 5 pares XAUUSD,XAUEUR,XAUGBP,XAUCHF,XAUGBP. Not    Grid   , Not    Martingale   , Not     AI     , Not     Neural Network. Default Settings for One chart    XAUUSD H1     (Supports 1OHLC mode for weak PCs) Sinais Proteção Guia GOLD WAY Guia de otimização O sistema explora vulnerabilidades no mercado de ouro que se manifestam à noite. Cada negociação tem um SL fixo e rastreamento de lucro virtual. O sistema funciona no gr
715 USD
Divo MT4
Anton Kondratev
5 (2)
DIVO MT4 é uma ferramenta multi-moeda, flexível, totalmente automatizada e multifacetada para identificar vulnerabilidades no mercado Definições Perguntas frequentes Otimização Sobre as configurações Monitoramento real Como instalar Nós NUNCA usamos Grid ou Martingale! Depois de comprar EA, certifique-se de escrever para mim em mensagens privadas, vou adicioná-lo a um       Grupo Privado   , envia arquivos definidos e instruções detalhadas adicionais. Estou pronto para ajudar cada comprador a
715 USD
Zenvo MT4
Anton Kondratev
Zenvo MT4  é um sistema de negociação multimoeda aberto e totalmente automatizado. Not    Grid   , Not    Martingale   , Not     AI     , Not     Neural Network. Default Settings for One chart    AUDCAD H1     (Supports 1OHLC mode for weak PCs) Zenvo GUIDE Signals Optimization Os padrões atuais foram identificados com base no       Algoritmo   de otimização direta   (FOA)       até dezembro de 2022. Isso significa que a corrente       Vulnerabilidades       no mercado já estão       Manifestando
345 USD
Venzo EA
Anton Kondratev
4.5 (2)
Venzo EA       é um Sistema de Negociação Diária Aberto e Totalmente Automatizado. We       DO NOT use Grid       or       Martingale    .     Default     Settings for      EURUSD M15            Orientar Defesa Espetáculo ao vivo O Mecanismo Usa a Estratégia de Breakout do Principal Canal de Preços no Mercado para         EURUSD       e       USDJPY. O Algoritmo utiliza a divisão de uma ordem pendente em várias partes (até 10 partes), o que reduz significativamente a derrapagem. A estratégia pos
445 USD
Razor MT 4
Anton Kondratev
5 (1)
Razor MT4 é um sistema multimoeda, aberto e totalmente automatizado para MetaTrader 4 Configurações padrão para AUDNZD M15 para um gráfico A estratégia é baseada no rastreamento dos movimentos de mercado fortes de retorno das moedas AUD + CAD + NZD. Inicialmente, o Algoritmo utiliza o mecanismo High Precision Scalper. Em seguida, o mecanismo Grid é ativado para aumentar a renda durante um pequeno rebaixamento. As configurações padrão permitem que você negocie em três pares de moedas principais
915 USD
parsa1355 2023.04.18 15:40 

Mr. Anton is a good person. He is always responsive and gives guidance.good luck Mr Anton

Martin Rasmussen
Martin Rasmussen 2023.03.16 19:17 

O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2023.06.07 10:47
Good afternoon! In many ways it depends on the broker, because the quotes are different and the values of the indicators are also different. The system uses a huge number of currency pairs for trading. You can choose the most liquid and profitable ones based on real quotes or real trading. As a rule, the market is calm in the evening, but there may be instability and sudden strong movements that have nothing to do with the news and the news filter. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes problems on the market right now that are constantly popping up because of the whole geopolitical struggle in the world, dollar inflation and recession, the national debt, or simply because of Biden's falling rating.
Jos Werkhoven
Jos Werkhoven 2023.01.19 12:07 

Great Bot!. But at least as important: the author is very friendly and helpfull. Anton: your the best!

[Excluído] 2022.12.15 16:32 

O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

Gunnar Vingren De Carvalho
Gunnar Vingren De Carvalho 2022.12.03 13:55 

O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

Shady Shata
Shady Shata 2022.09.30 02:07 

https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/76661#!tab=comments&page=4&comment=42390681 I lost $2000 buying that junk

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.10.01 16:18
You have lost 2K on a Demo Account, where a huge risk is used, about 7 times higher than normal. These are not the settings that I recommend using, this is also demonstrated by your screenshots with a Demo account. We do not use a Grid and we do not use Martingale, every transaction has protection and StopLoss and it is correct and safe. When SL is reached, the maximum loss can be no more than 5% and for the first time in the last 11 months this value has been reached, yes, this is the first SL for DIVO and GBPUSD , this can happen, because right now we have a very unstable market and GBP is reaching a recession. Therefore, the protection worked and this is good, because we can restore it without much effort, we did not blow up and kill our account, everything is fine. We haven't updated DIVO for many months and you can see the results of real trading in reverse testing based on real quotes. I also immediately contacted you to help you, but you don't respond, so it's difficult for me to help you.
liu000202 2022.09.29 05:25 

$5000, 2% revenue per day 9.30Lose too much It's a loss on the whole. We've deleted it

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.11.09 12:45
We have already recovered these losse 2%, it's just that you accidentally got into such a strange market for GBP , everything is fine now
kkarpinski 2022.09.20 13:29 

Great support from Anton, he is always answering for a given questions. I will send another update after 1 month to see if is profitable $$$$

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.09.20 17:55
I am always in touch for my users and always happy to help with the optimization of my systems. DIVO is an open system with open parameters and easy access. The system is able to analyze and trade with 10 currency pairs at the same time, this is a huge code and conservative settings are already available right out of the box for all pairs. I love writing my blog and I'm sure it will be useful for many. DIVO will soon receive a new update and all settings and installations are undergoing forward testing and optimization, this is very important to prevent problems in the future. Even if you are a new user on MQL, I will be happy to help you from the very beginning and share my experience and knowledge. You can also contact me as quickly as possible via Telegram. Thank you so much for choosing us !
Brett Gray
Brett Gray 2022.08.17 18:14 

I have been using the DIVO for a month now on a demo account and it has performed very well. The default settings alone have been able to cover the cost of the EA within the month on a 50K account so I believe this to be a great investment opportunity. The developer has been responsive and courteous which is most appreciated. If I were to get another EA it would be from him.

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.08.17 18:45
Security always comes first for us, we use low risk and diversify it into 10 currency pairs. At the same time, each pair has its own unique risk and load on the deposit, which is very convenient. In the system, you always get a complete analysis for each currency pair and can assess the potential. The system automatically collects statistics and it is very convenient. We haven't released new updates or created new settings for 2 months already, because everything is working well. Currently, the market is behaving a little nervously due to geopolitical circumstances, the dollar index and the crisis in Europe. Fortunately, we are not tied only to USD, so it helps us to be multifaceted and adapt to the situation. Thank you so much for choosing us!
Duc Anh Tran
Duc Anh Tran 2022.07.20 17:01 

Thanks Anton for greatest EA ever.I'm happy to buy your EA for my passive income. Anton is greatest EA Provider with great support , responsible, profitable, and very prompt response. He also provide extra free helpful stuffs for his users. Thank you. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.07.21 20:23
I always help my users with any questions ! My experience and mind is your experience ! It is very important for me to ensure reliability and security for my users. We use a long-term approach, risk diversification and maximum protection for each position. You can use 10 currency pairs for trading and I always try to help with additional bonuses for EA. DIVO Does not use a Grid, We Do Not Use Martingale Ever! Martingale or Grid will kill your account sooner or later. This is inevitable and very dangerous. You can always check the system with real quotes for your MT5 broker, if necessary, you can add a suffix that your broker uses. It is important that all transactions will coincide with the results of MT5.
Thank you for choosing us!
I am always ready to help personally and remotely if necessary.
Albert0009 2022.07.16 22:16 

I have bought a lot of EA's over the past couple of months. This is the only one I am still happy about. It makes good trades, it is safe to use (low drawdown), and it is profitable. I want to thank this seller for the great service. He has set it up for me when I was starting out with forex trading and had no knowledge about it. He was very patient with me. 5 stars

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.07.17 10:15
I am always sincerely proud when my users make a profit and they succeed, it always motivates me very much! DivoEA will develop further , we never stop there ! This means even more currency pairs in the future, more diversification of risks. I congratulate you on your success and thank you so much for choosing us!
Atle Tronstad
Atle Tronstad 2022.07.15 09:12 

O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.07.16 08:39
I am always Glad to Help my Users with any Experience on MQL5 ! I am always available in Telegram and in MQL. I have been a developer and programmer for more than 15 years and I am not sorry to share my experience! It 's just my duty and my job ! Thank you for choosing us !
fretwell 2022.07.06 01:33 

slow safe and profitable...

update: fails to be steady on osprey broker. I'm american and stuck using only a few brokers. I turned it off a month ago when it was losing more than it was profiting. any of you americans having any luck?

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.07.16 08:30
Thank you for your feedback! Most brokers in the US charge too much commission and have poor execution quality. It is difficult to deal with such brokers, I understand you. It is extremely difficult for the USA to find a good broker. Security comes first for any strategy. You can always manage the risks for each currency pair separately. For example, GBPUSD=5 means that only 5% risk will be used for GBPUSD. Each transaction has a fixed SL level, this is protection for each transaction. This is the theoretical maximum drawdown level. It can only be in theory. For a real account, the drawdown is usually 2-3 times less than the risk level that we use. Therefore, it is theoretical. But nevertheless SL should always be present. We use pending orders, which significantly increases the chance of getting a positive slippage. We also accompany the position using TP, which significantly increases the probability of getting a positive slippage when fixing profits, taking into account a large spread. American brokers usually have a large and dynamic spread, the system automatically senses this and adapts. You can always check Divo with real quotes for MT5 and the deals will match completely, the differences may be only in small slippages (0.1 pips), because this is part of the broker and it is he who regulates it. I am always ready to help you with any questions ! Thank you for choosing us ! DivoEA does not use a Grid and does not use a Martingale. The system does NOT require a huge deposit to constantly withstand drawdown. Therefore, you can run the system for leverage 1:30 and it will work. You can also contact me personally for personal advice and a bonus. There are offshore brokers that accept and make withdrawals through the USDT cryptocurrency.
Clément 2022.06.13 13:18 

O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

Anton Kondratev
Resposta do desenvolvedor Anton Kondratev 2022.07.08 10:22
It is very rare on MQL to find a professional user and trader in the foreign exchange market. Your opinion is very valuable to me and us ! We never stop there and these words always motivate the developer! Also your advice helps us to make Divo even better! Thank you for choosing us!
twchangjl 2022.05.24 17:26 

O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

Tom Buder
Tom Buder 2022.05.24 08:48 

Better than most, but finaly does not work in real life. Even if you test the set files - period after publishing to now, none of the 3 markets is profitable...

Carlos Rodrigo Gonzalez Gavilan
Carlos Rodrigo Gonzalez Gavilan 2022.05.16 18:13 

Dear Anton, I am happy to buy your EA, you can add me to the private group and send me the configuration information. Thank you very much.

ellena1026 2022.05.13 05:40 

O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

bob zheng
bob zheng 2022.04.06 05:35 

O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

mql5的苦逼搬运工 2022.03.09 13:27 

感谢作者惊人的著作!优秀的Ea才会看到我, 这是一款强大的夜间头皮EA系统,挂起来很优雅回撤很小,优秀之处就是近期俄乌冲突仍然凭借着强大新闻过滤系统完美绕开,不包含1单欧美,近期我将不会跑任何与欧元有相关的币对,直到和平之后,基本 上买了MQL5主流所有ea了合作交流请联 QQ2965688647 Let's make losers' money No War

Responder ao comentário
Versão 17.7 2023.08.24
USER ID is no longer required for the system to work
The system settings have not changed since December 2022
According to the rules of MQL Market, we can no longer use USER ID
The system works without using the USER ID parameter
Hacking protection update via msimg32/oleacc/versions
Versão 17.1 2023.04.18
+ new news filter (fix+emulation URL)
+ new guardian update
+ new Smart TP
+ virtaul BE escort for all pairs
- nhp support
+ new graphic profit stat
+ fix ATR / shift bugs for all pairs
+ new fast optimize mode
+ fix support 1OHLC mode
+ new forward 2022.12.12 settings
Versão 8.177 2023.03.07
added first launch
Versão 8.17 2023.03.07
+ added protection against hacking MSIMG.dll VERSION.dll etc
+ fixed ATR filter calculation bug for all pairs
+ fixed graphical interface for brokers with suffixes
+ added a user ID for each product activation
+ global changes to all settings to get away from the crowd
+ fixed the mode of partial closing of a position taking into account the broker's commission
+ for protection to work, you need to add a new URL to the MT5 settings https://defence.expert
+ Activation server now works faster due to direct access to the database
+ the user activation server has end-to-end encryption and SSL
Versão 7.77 2022.12.05
Added maximum drawdown filter for Prop Firms
Added protection for symmetric trades on all pairs
Fixed a bug in the calculation of the 1OHLC simulation
Added ATR market volatility filters for 10 currency pairs
The Settings remain the Same for the convenience of Users
Versão 7.57 2022.12.01
Added optional protection that eliminates duplication of orders with the same currencies
Added an ATR-based market volatility filter
Additional settings for couples have been developed ( GBPUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD,GBPCHF, GBPCAD etc )
Added silence mode during Christmas
Added an optional silence mode for days of the week
The settings remain the same
Versão 7.17 2022.10.30
This is a Very Big Update !
! Standard settings for GBPUSD M15
! We do not use patches in the history
Added a time synchronization protection module for all Symbols
Added two new currency pairs for trading EURCHF AUDCHF
Now we can use 12 currency pairs at once for trading
Added a module for automatically detecting the Suffix of your broker
Added the ability to quickly check the system in 1OHLC mode
Added a random number module for shifting Limit Orders
Added a random number module for shifting TP Orders
Added accelerator during testing mode, it is activated automatically
You can also manually specify these shifts separately for Orders and TPS
Now you can make your own optimization for all pairs
At once, these will be your unique settings using manual shifts, which are now available
All settings have been optimized and tested with brokers such as ICMarkets,Tickmill,Pepperstone,Hankotrade,Alpari,Vantage,FPMarkets
Added the ability to use brokers with GMT=0
Default, the weekend transaction filter is active, it can be disabled by clicking the button
Default, a list of all Symbols with historical profit on them is displayed
Versão 5.77 2022.06.13
the system has been accelerated, due to the order of processing currency pairs
added high spread processing for each currency pair
the statistics mode is displayed on the right
fast optimization mode is now active by default
CPU load is reduced , relevant for weak VPS
Versão 5.75 2022.06.10
Added GBPCHF, the main currency pair
Added AUDCAD, the main currency pair
5 MAIN currency pairs are now available by default (GBPUSD,EURUSD,EURGBP,USDCHF,GBPCHF)
Now the system is able to use 10 currency pairs at the same time with "ONE CHART MODE=True"

Added statistics window
Now you can monitor the performance of each pair
Accelerators have been added to improve the performance and speed of calculations
Added NHP cheats for "ONE CHART MODE"+SmartTimeFilter for nhp

The system still retains the ability to optimize its own settings
Optimization took place taking into account the broker VantageFx
Now, by default, transactions on Friday evening are closed (for security)

Added a margin of safety to all settings. Security is more important than profit
For each currency pair, a minimum of $100 is recommended for a leverage of 1:500
Versão 5.73 2022.06.07
Added a unique risk activation function for each currency pair
Versão 5.72 2022.06.07
Added support for the old version and old settings for multiple charts
Versão 5.71 2022.06.07
+ ONE Chart Mode
+ New Settings
+ Risk Setting for Each pair in "One Chart" Mode
+ New profit tracking mode
+ New Split Profit
+ New main pair USDCHF

Versão 5.55 2022.04.19
The system is adapted for most brokers VantageFx,Hankotrade,ICMarkets,Tickmill,Pepperstone, FXTM,FPMarkets etc.
Optimization has become even easier and more accessible.
The system has become simpler and more reliable
The system has a margin of safety in the settings and adapts to your broker every hour
NHP settings have become even more precise
To get all special NHP settings, write me personally
Fixed a pause bug when trading stopped after disabling the pause
Added virtualization and trailing for it
More diversified and simple settings
Added new settings for EURGBP, USDCAD, AUDCAD, EURCAD M15
Versão 5.17 2022.04.04
Added support for the new EURGBP currency pair
Versão 5.11 2022.04.03
Added a new mirror mechanism for mathematical models
Settings have become easier, testing and optimization faster
Now the parabolic model is used
The new settings have forward testing taking into account March instabilities
Now the Long and Short trades are equivalent (approximately mirrored in profitability)
The number of transactions has been increased by about 40% (GBPUSD M15)
Versão 4.47 2022.03.21
An additional filter has been added to control the time of deleting overnight pending orders. This is especially true for USDJPY.
Fixed visual typos in messages when the crash index has a different name from US500
Accelerated work during optimization with an active market crash filter
Added additional time to delete orders before the end of the trading session
For security reasons, GMT=3 has been added during daylight saving time in manual mode (relevant if access to the worltimeserver site is unavailable)
Right now, new settings are being developed using a parabolic mathematical model
For security reasons, I recommend disabling trading during the weekend until the geopolitical situation settles down (STOP WEEKEND DEALS=True)
Versão 4.27 2022.03.02
+ New Crash US500 (any index) Filter
+ New Profit Positioning MIN/MAX Deviation
+ The news buffer has been doubled
+ Increased the frequency of checking and sampling
+ Increased the frequency of timers
+ Added checking for historical bars M5/M15
+ The new settings work on M15 TF

Versão 3.88 2022.02.17
Fixed News URL to https://ec.forexprostools.com/
Fixed Visual Typos

Versão 3.77 2022.02.10
Add New interface for SWAP Filter
Add Rollover Filter
Add Smart Time Filter
Add Invert Filter
Add New NHP Settings
Add New Triple Swap Filter (block only one direction limit order)
Add Based Settings Triple Swap + Roll Filter
New settings are available in the description
Added new sets of optimization files for new Mathematical Models
The old settings are also compatible with 3.77
Versão 3.57 2022.02.06
Fixed a typo in the Info
Added an advanced swap and rollover filter for virtualization mode
Versão 3.47 2022.02.06
Just corrected the standard settings
Versão 3.17 2022.02.06
Added triple swap filter
Added a swap filter for every day
Rollover filter added
Added a flexible mechanism for managing swap and rollover filters
Added new professional optimization capabilities using additional three mathematical models
Fixed TP mode added to improve optimization
The standard settings for GBPUSD have improved by about 6%
Now you can independently use soft or very hard swap restrictions
Fixed a bug of deleting pending orders when changing the timeframe
Added improved NHP settings
Versão 2.77 2022.01.31
+ FIX URL GMT bug , when the site "worldtimeserver" changes the Shell for different countries/locations
+ New Protect Settings
- AUDUSD Settings bad idea, maybe another time
+ fix little graphic bugs
+ add new CheckSymbol for news Filter
+ add "ROLLOVER FRIDAY TIME (MIN)" Protection
+ add "USE FIRST TP" First Fixed TP actual for EURUSD/USDJPY settings
Versão 2.47 2022.01.28
+ New GMT calculation via URL Add to Advisors URL int MT5 https://worldtimeserver.com/
+ New FixedTP Mode (actual for EURUSD)
+ Fixed Pause Mode
+ Add new buttons style
+ Add new exponentially Split Lots Mode
+ Add new PRO Settings
Versão 1.77 2022.01.24
+ Added virtualization, now you can hide TP and SL
+ Fixed profit division, now has a geometric progression inside
+ Fixed delays in pressing buttons
+ Added professional modes for types of mathematical calculations
+ Added support for Bad brokers, with StopLevel>0