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Trend Force

Trend Force Indicator


It shows the price trend direction and its strength. The indicator detects the trend since the beginning of the week.


  • Detects price trend direction.
  • Finds the trend's strength.
  • Looks for trend retracement opportunities.
  • Finds overbought or oversold zones.
  • Complements other indicators or trading strategies' signals.

Suggested indicators

Trend Force is designed to work and complement its signals with following indicators:

General Indicators

Trend Indicators

Signals Tools

Other Very Useful Tools

langmore23 2019.05.31 07:23 

Saying this after using this indicator for a month. Carlos Forero is a great expert at making indicators. Trend Force is unbelievably good for anyone that knows how to set it up to their trading needs and it is an indicator you HAVE to try. Carlos, thank you for sharing this indicator and making my trading very successful.

Versão 1.4 2020.01.07
Updated Version
Versão 1.3 2019.06.02
Minor Improvements
Versão 1.2 2019.05.21
Added option to change algorithm to repaint version.
Versão 1.1 2019.05.14
Update algorithm to avoid repaint