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SymmetricDarvasBoxes: Standard Darvas Box indicator is not symmetrical. The very programme logic of its calculation is arranged so that generation of the upper and lower channel borders is performed without using antisymmetric algorithms. This fact is quite acceptable when analyzing stocks prices...
DailyPivotShift_Full: DailyPivot_Shift indicator differs from the common DailyPivot indicator, as the main levels can be calculated with day start shift. Therefore, it is possible to calculate the levels based on the local, not server time, for example, GMT-8. Also, this indicator does not...
Regression Analysis: This indicator compares four types of regression (linear, quadratic, logarithmic and exponential) and chooses the one that best fits the data analyzed. This analysis is done every time there is a new tick. In the left top corner of the chart four values are displayed. These...
XRSX: Relative Strength Index with dynamically changing oversold/overbought levels and the possibility to select smoothing algorithm. It is quite natural that some smoothing variants require some different interpretation of the indicator signals. Oversold/overbought levels are indicated in...
Stalin: Stalin is one of the so-called "signal" indicators, as it provides a trader with accurate market entry points marking them by red and blue arrows for selling and buying respectively. This indicator uses the most popular, simple and proven method - crossing of two Moving Averages. Though...
iSimpleClock: This indicator shows the simple clock in comment. 1 - Current time.2 - Time, elapsed from bar open.3 - Time to bar close.The indicator doen't work at W1 and MN1 timeframes. Author: Дмитрий
3LineBreak: 3LineBreak forex indicator is very easy-to-use. It paints the bars in blue for a bullish trend and in red for a bearish one. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
PSAR alert v2.0: Alerts you on every first parabolic SAR signal in a sequence. Author: Tonny Obare
Simple tick data collector: A simple tick data collector written in MQL4 for you to collect tick data on any symbol you choose. Author: Lin Xie
My Line Order version 2.1: A new and improved version of LineOrder Author: heelflip43
JFatlAcceleration: JFatlAcceleration measures the current trend acceleration. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
psar bug 6: An Expert Advisor designed to open and close respective orders at the first parabolic SAR signal. Author: Tonny Obare
X bug free version v3.0: Trades using MA crosses on all timeframes. Author: Tonny Obare
SHI Channel true (NB-channel): SHI_Channel_true automatically shows Barishpolts dynamic moving channels on a chart. The main idea is that the indicator finds the nearest fractal in history, looks for the second one and draws a line between them. On the opposite side the parallel line is drawn...
WATR: Simple trend indicator that clearly shows direction of a current trend. May be used in breakout trading systems. Signal colored dots are added to show changes of a trend direction in this version of the indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Trend_CF: Simple and demonstrative indicator of the current trend power and direction. This indicator is made as a filling between two lines. The color of a filling shows a trend direction and the width of a channel between the lines shows the trend power. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
JFatlSpeed: The indicator shows trend change rate with a minimum lag. JFatlSpeed is a smoothed Momentum from the fast trends indicator JFatl. It allows to detect new trends at very early stages. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
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Blonde Trader EA: This Ea open buy/sell positions based on Grid, no size lot optimised works well on M5 Author: chris
LOCSignal-MACDDoublePike: A simple signal indicator that detects MACD Main line extreme value. It filters first pike and displays all after the first. Author: mikhail
Status Mail and Alert On Order Close: This simple EA sends hourly status e-mail and informed of the last closed order with some additional information. Author: robcole
X2MA: The universal moving average with double smoothing and possibility to select each of this smoothings from the dozen of possible variants. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Spearman's Rank Correlation: Spearman's Rank Correlation is a non-parametrical method used for statistical analysis of the correlation. When using the rank correlation ratio, the tightness of the correlation between the parameters is conventionally evaluated. The ratio values equal to 0.3 or lower...
AT^CF: This indicator presents all four digital filters (FATL, SATL, RFTL and RSTL) that form the basis of the V. Kravchuk's AT&CF method in one separate window. The main objective of the AT&CF method is creation of the minimum number of technical tools possessing set properties. There must be...
Chaikin Oscillator: Chaikin Oscillator is named after its author Marc Chaikin and based on the Accumulation/Distribution indicator and a number of Joe Granville and Larry Williams works. This the the version of Chaikin Oscillator with a smoothing algorithm selection. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Chaikin Volatility Index With a Smoothing Algorithm Selection: Chaikin Volatility Index determines volatility on the basis of the range width between minimum and maximum. The presented variant of this popular indicator allows to select the smoothing algorithm out of ten possible variants. The...
Multistochastic: The indicator for multi-currency technical analysis based on the related financial assets resonances. The idea of the correlation between different financial assets is not new and it would be interesting to develop the algorithm based exactly on the analysis of such a regularities...
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Hamyar: A very clean system by Farshad Saremifar, Based On Pivots and ATR and Moving average. Author: Farshad Saremifar
My Line Order: A simple way of managing orders and other features through horizontal lines. Author: heelflip43
ColorMomentum_AMA: The color histogram based on the Momentum and Perry Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average indicators. Breakout of the indicator zero level is a main trade signal in this indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
i-Sadukey_v1: This indicator based on the digital filter shows trend direction. Author: Nikolay Kositsin