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Trend Me Leave Me: The EA trades using the signals of iADX (Average Directional Movement Index, ADX) and iSAR (Parabolic SAR) indicators. The profit/loss of the last closed position is taken into account. Positions are moved to breakeven. Author: Vladimir Karputov
AO_Divergence: The indicator searches for divergences and displays them on the chart of the custom AO indicator. Author: Scriptor
SAR RSI MTS: A trading system based on two indicators: iSAR (Parabolic SAR) and iRSI (Relative Strength Index, RSI). Lot calculation based on the risk value as a percentage of free margin. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Ambush: The Expert Advisor uses Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders to trade news and large price movements. Author: Vladimir Karputov
RndTrade: Opening positions randomly after a certain time interval. Author: Vladimir Karputov
TrailingTakeProfit: This non-trading Expert Advisor is designed for the simple trailing of take profit orders of open positions. Author: Scriptor
TimeEA: A Simple Expert Advisor The EA opens a position of the specified type at the time specified in the EA parameters. The position is closed at the time specified in the appropriate parameter. Author: Scriptor
NTK 07: Implementation of multiple trailing types. Pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders. Limitation of the maximum total lot and the total number of positions. Several types of position volume calculation. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Percentage_Crossover_Channel_EA: An Expert Advisor, which trades in a channel based on the Percentage_Crossover_Channel indicator. Author: Scriptor
Diff_TF_MA_EA: An Expert Advisor based on the Diff_TF_MA indicator. Author: Scriptor
ZeroLag: Zero Lag is a modified EMA. Author: Scriptor
WI: The WI oscillator indicator. Author: Scriptor
VMA: VMA is a volatility based dynamic MA. Author: Scriptor
Square Weighted MA: Square Weighted Moving Average. Author: Scriptor
RWI: RWI (Random Walk Index) Author: Scriptor
Median Moving Average: Median MA is a moving average, which is calculated using the median price for a given period. Author: Scriptor
Moving Average Candles: A moving average drawn as candlesticks on a chart. Author: Scriptor
Kurtosis: Kurtosis is an indicator of market sentiment. Author: Scriptor
Kicking Pattern: The indicator searches for a sequence of candlesticks on a chart and marks bullish and bearish sequences. Author: Scriptor
Difference: The Difference indicator shows the difference between the current prices and prices as of N periods ago. Author: Scriptor
Polynomial Regression: A polynomial regression channel. Author: Scriptor
Wilson Relative Price Channel: Wilson Relative Price Channel. Author: Scriptor
AMACD: Classic MACD based on Adaptive Moving Average. Author: Scriptor
Asymmetric Trend Pressure: The Asymmetric Trend Pressure indicator shows the trend direction and strength line. It can additionally show the bullish and bearish components of the trend. Author: Scriptor
Advance Trend Pressure: The Advance Trend Pressure oscillator shows the trend direction and strength line. It can additionally show the bullish and bearish components of the trend. Author: Scriptor
MA with Band: The indicator displays a Moving Average with bullish and bearish areas. Author: Scriptor
Custom Moving Average Input Color: A modification of the "Custom Moving Average" indicator: now the line color can be passed in input parameters. Author: Vladimir Karputov
AccurateTimer: Increased accuracy of the standard timer. Author: fxsaber
RSI on the Price Chart: Standard RSI on the price chart. Author: Scriptor
VAMA based Alligator: An Alligator based on the VAMA indicator. Author: Scriptor