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Share Screenshots of Charts via – It Is Really Convenient!

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.07.13 15:54 

Authorization on via third-party services, the new profile of the Community participants, the new «Attract Visitors» feature and the updated chat system – lots of improvements have already been implemented to make our services more sociable. With the release of the new version of MetaTrader 5 trading platform, one more improvement has been added.

The terminal now allows to quickly post a screenshot of a chart on Just right-click and select «Save As Picture» and your screenshot will be immediately posted on

Share Screenshots of Charts via

You will get an address of the screenshot, which you can share with your friends, insert to your website as a code or post in one of the popular social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VKontakte, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Evernote, LiveJournal – share it anywhere you like just in one click! Note that you even do not need to have account to use this service.

Share Screenshots of Charts via

Also, your profile now has «Charts» section where all your screenshots are stored. Thus, you can always find them easily.

Most importantly, all this happens quickly and directly at Take your screenshots and share them with your friends in an instant.

All barriers are gone now!

Teruo ikeya
Teruo ikeya 2012.07.17 04:07  

How can I delete uploded schreenshot? I mistakenly uploaded a schreenshot of my chart. I would not like to share it with anyone.

And I think the default setting of saving schreenshot funcion should be "not POST image online".


onewithzachy 2012.07.29 09:54  

And I actually don't care about some chart screenshot - well maybe Rosh's "Did you see such picture ... ", what the use of chart screenshot anyway ?. 

I much prefer to see someone else detailed statement with nothing-but-up-and-up graphic curve - preferably live or demo and not backtest.

A beautiful looking chart screenshot does not always come with a beautiful detailed statement. 


Documentation on MQL5: Chart Operations / ChartScreenShot
Chart Operations / ChartScreenShot - Documentation on MQL5
onekey 2012.12.09 04:33  
agree with teruoikeya...i have the same case.....should the default setting "not post image online" ....
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