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We Have Prepared Some Surprises for Participants!

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.05.15 12:36 

Two months ago we launched the "Achievements" on That was the start of the new rating calculation system. It is now possible to evaluate the contribution of each member to its development: articles, programs in Code Base, Service Desk requests - all that activity increases a user's rating.

We originally planned to encourage those community members who contribute to its development. Therefore, we implemented the new rating system that clearly shows the contribution of each participant. Besides, we are going to award the participants who actively use the new "Attract Visitors" feature in the nearest future. But that is not all, as we have decided to deal with other members.  

We Have Prepared Some Surprises for Participants!

So, after some brief thoughts, we have decided to encourage the participants, who provided the greatest benefit to, as it is impossible to imagine the community without them. They are true devotees of the automated trading and torch bearers on our common road to greater knowledge. Such a virtue should not be left without a reward.

Currently, we are working on various criteria that will be used in evaluating the activity of the award nominees - the most prominent community members. We are having heated debate and sword crossings but all will be clear soon. Stay tuned – we will publish the discussion results right in this thread.

Alexander Piechotta
Alexander Piechotta 2012.05.15 20:29  

We will do our best.  :)

onewithzachy 2012.05.15 22:38  


That will be awesome.

MetaQuotes 2012.05.15 12:36

.... That was the start of the new rating calculation system. ...

Can you explain your rating system ?, I wrote some replies on MQL4 and have some 300 ratings, Here at MQL5, I don't write even a tenth of it, but one day was surprised that I have some 500 ratings. I said LOL what did I do ???. Later I found the other forumer have higher rating than me, as it turns out, he wrote insignificant number of replies, but he was using Cloud Network plenty. So he spent money on it, surely he wanted a credit, but how's that supposed to help other forumers ???.

From my replying experience in MQL4, having higher rating does not mean the guy is the smartest. I know some forumers in MQL4 that has higher rating than me but as it turns out - for example - they have no idea how to write CI correctly or how to call CI from EA. I mean really, we look at the codes and totally freaking surprised. 

I just read about some online certification, for example just Google "C++ online certificate" and you have plenty sample, and wondering if MetaQutes can provide such online certificate. At least we can see that some forumers has a decent knowledge about MQL5. ,and hopefully about MT5 itself (that's 2 different things).

We all know that MetaQuotes people  (Renat, Rosh, Stringo - just to name a few) are more active in Russian section on both MQL website. I know that MT is free sofware but if I have problem with MT - with all respect to other forumers who also help me solving my problem - I prefer MetaQuotes people or some certified one helping me out.

I'll write more about this topic later.

 We are having heated debate and sword crossings but all will be clear soon

Swords crossings ??? Is the Russian Empire is back ?, I thought you guys invented AK47, oh well that's too coward, sword crossing then, better than AK47 or words crossing or tic tac toe.  Couldn't imagine Renat and Rosh and Stringo having heated debate on words crossing or tic tac toe.

Have Fun :)  

Russian Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At the beginning of the 19th century,2 it extended from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Black Sea on the south, from the Baltic Sea on the west to the Pacific Ocean, and into North America on the east. With 125.6 million subjects registered by the 1897 census, it had the third largest population in the world at the time, after Qing China...
MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.05.18 11:03  

We have finally specified the criteria for evaluation of members activity.

Who provided the greatest benefit to the community? Who is a real expert respected by all participants? Who is worthy of the prize and, most importantly, why? We finally can answer these questions and name the winners. Here are the results.

The activity of each participant was evaluated by the two objective criteria that were found to be the most important ones. Other ratings that can be seen in the "Achievements" profile tab were not considered for two reasons. Either they are originally intended for sales and the members get payment for their work ("Jobs", "Market"), or they do not represent very significant contribution comparing to the criteria we have chosen.

Speaking short, we focused our attention on the following key nominations:

  1. The number of published articles (more than 10).
  2. The number of programs published in Code Base (more than 10).

The first nomination winners are the participants who absolutely deserve this status for their multiple published articles. They are investeo from Poland (11 articles) and victorg from Uzbekistan (10 articles). investeo published his first article in May 2010. It was devoted to automatic web publications of trading forecasts. Over the past two years investeo wrote ten more interesting articles. That is the best result. victorg was first noted for the couple of articles on the technical analysis («What Do We Analyze» and «How Do We Analyze») in October 2010. Currently, victorg has 10 published articles.

The next nomination identifies the participants having the greatest number of programs published in Code Base. The winners are GODZILLA (340 programs), Integer (61 programs) and abolk (21 programs).

The first program made by GODZILLA was published in Code Base in July 2011. And that was Perry Kaufman's adaptive moving average. Eventually, he has managed to create 340 programs within 10 months (34 program codes per month!). Our second winner Integer started his activity in February 2010 by publishing the script that provides a synchronous scrolling for all charts opened in the client terminal. The third winner abolk published True Strength Index indicator by William Blau a year ago.

So, our winners are investeo, victorg, GODZILLA, Integer and abolk. And what about the prize? We can answer this question either: Apple iPhone 4S smartphone! Touchscreen-based smartphones representing the fifth generation of the iPhone and provided with dual-core chip, iSight camera, HD-Video recording, stunning Retina display, as well as plenty of other features – now these devices rightfully belong to the most prominent members of our community.

You have deserved this reward!

We kindly ask all mentioned participants to reply to the personal messages that have just been sent to them.


onewithzachy 2012.05.18 17:43  

Sword crossing ... eh ?

GODZILLA wrote code base 5 times more than Integer. GODZILLA - or should I say, first winner - should have bigger prize than second winner, which also should have bigger prize than third winner.

Some how, in MetaQuotes's swords crossing, the good guy lost and the bad guy won. If any MetaQuote's care to explain that 'odds equal prize', that must be the bad guy one.

With all respect to GODZILLA, that will be chef surprise.

Whatever it is, congrats to the winner. 

Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2012.05.19 02:17  
Congratulation for all of the winner...

Pawel Wojnarowski
Pawel Wojnarowski 2012.05.20 14:46  

So, our winners are investeo, victorg, GODZILLA, Integer and abolk. 

Congratulations, guys! You all undoubtedly deserve it for the outstanding contribution to the entire MQL5 community.

Stephen Njuki
Stephen Njuki 2012.05.20 18:01  
These ratings are just a waste of time. You rather hire these 'outstanding' contributors and have them address or at least provide links to queries raised by users.

onewithzachy 2012.05.29 05:55  

I helped answer several questions at mql4 forum, sometime the asker/OP just left after they got the answer, leaving us with no update nor a thank you - I don't mind with that at all.

And also I'm not envy to the winners nor wonder whether the winners really got their prizes, however, at least the winners should thanking MetaQuotes openly and publicly here or at Russian section

O.K. let me just start it myself "MetaQuotes, thank you for giving a prize to member who active in this forum. I never see any forum giving away prizes to it's active members".

Is it hard to type "Thanks" ???

I.m terribly disappointed with winners attitude.


Наград много не бывает - участников ждет сюрприз!
Это настоящие подвижники автоматического трейдинга и маяки на пути к овладению полезной информацией, а добро, на наш взгляд, не должно оставаться безнаказанным.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.07.16 10:46  
The most active members have been awarded iPhones. Let them tell a bit about themselves -
onewithzachy 2012.07.16 16:25  
The most active members have been awarded iPhones. Let them tell a bit about themselves -

Let see,

1. My previous comments was ... mmm ... 2 months ago (see above)

2. When is it the winners received their iPhone ?, Mmm ... i have no idea when. I thought they received the prizes when this announcement was published. So naturally, my reaction was somethin like this, "Yo guys, how about thanking MetaQuotes ?!?". 

Whatever it is, I still don't like the idea that they all received the same prize. The whole idea of this is to reward the most active member. Well, the most active should have better prize than the most active but a little bit least active member.


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