Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service

I. General

  1. Virtual Hosting Service offers for rent MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 virtual terminals located on Virtual Hosting Cloud network servers. 
  2. The Virtual Hosting service is available to registered users of aged 18 and older.
  3. Use of Virtual Hosting service means that a User has accepted and agreed to these Rules of using the service.
  4. User is a registered user of website who rents the Virtual terminal in the Virtual Hosting service.
  5. Virtual terminal is a special version of MetaTrader client terminal for working on Virtual Hosting Cloud network servers.
  6. Virtual Hosting Cloud is a network of special servers located on hosting sites of independent providers and managed via Virtual Hosting service. The network allows Users to rent Virtual terminals.
  7. Rent is hiring a Virtual terminal on the selected server of the Virtual Hosting Cloud network for a certain period of time.
  8. Rental period is a period of time, for which a Virtual terminal is hired.
  9. Hoster is an independent company that has entered into an agreement with MetaQuotes Ltd to participate in Virtual Hosting Cloud network operation and provided its hosting servers for that.
  10. MetaQuotes Ltd is a technology provider for arranging the Virtual Hosting service that supports website and all its services.
  11. Virtual Hosting service administration is not the owner of the physical servers participating in Virtual Hosting Cloud network. Therefore, it makes no guarantees of the Virtual terminals' smooth operation.

II. Hosters

  1. Only the company that has signed an agreement to participate in the Virtual Hosting Cloud can be a Hoster.
  2. Hoster installs the special versions of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals on its servers. The terminals operate 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
  3. Hoster can conduct technical maintenance of the servers during weekends (Saturday and Sunday according to EET time zone) for a total of up to 4 hours a day and, if necessary, during weekdays for a total of up to 15 minutes a day.
  4. Hoster establishes service plans and volume discounts on renting the Virtual terminals on its site.

III. Users

  1. A User can rent a Virtual terminal only via the desktop version of MetaTrader client terminal installed on a PC.
  2. One rented terminal can work only with one User's trading account.
  3. Only MetaTrader 4 Virtual terminals are available for MetaTrader 4 accounts, while only MetaTrader 5 Virtual terminals are available for MetaTrader 5 accounts.
  4. A single trading account can be used on several Virtual terminals. There are no limitations on this parameter.
  5. User has no physical access to the rented terminal: all User's Expert Advisors, indicators, charts and a Signal subscription are automatically moved to the rented terminal during the synchronization.
  6. During the synchronization, the client terminal's active environment migrates to the rented Virtual terminal. The client terminal's active environment includes:
    • active symbol charts Expert Advisors are launched on. Up to 32 charts are allowed to be migrated for a fee-based hosting, while for a free hosting the maximum number of migrated charts is 16,
    • built-in and custom indicators launched on the charts an Expert Advisor is launched on,
    • custom Expert Advisors launched on charts (up to 32 ones on a fee-based hosting and up to 16 ones on a free one),
    • the terminal settings set in FTP, Email, Signals, Notifications tabs as well as WebRequest permissions from Expert Advisors settings.
    If more than 32 charts with launched Expert Advisors are active on a fee-based hosting account (more than 16 charts for a free hosting one), the charts exceeding the limit are not migrated during synchronization and the appropriate message appears in the Journal.
  7. Synchronization between User's client terminal and a rented Virtual one is performed by User's request. No automatic update of the Virtual terminal's active environment is performed.
  8. In order to control the rented Virtual terminal operation, a User can receive Expert Advisors' and terminal's logs as well as load monitoring data via MetaTrader client terminal.
  9. No DLLs are allowed on a Virtual terminal. There is no physical capacity to use DLLs there.
  10. User guarantees that the operation of indicators and Expert Advisors on a Virtual terminal will not inflict damage to any third party. If the damage is inflicted, the terminal Rent is terminated immediately.

IV. Virtual Terminal Rental Conditions

  1. Rent is available to all registered MQL5 community members.
  2. The minimum Rental period is 1 month.
  3. Before renting, a User should read and accept these Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service.
  4. User can at any time cancel the Rent and stop the rented terminal with no refund.
  5. User can temporarily stop and re-launch the Virtual terminal via the client one. The Rental period is not extended in that case. All the terminal activity is displayed in Expert Advisor and terminal logs.
  6. If a program launched on a Virtual terminal tries to call a function from any DLL, this EX4/EX5 program is immediately stopped due to a critical error. Any DLL calls are forbidden.
  7. Execution of any unrelated trades on the account managed in a Virtual terminal can lead to unpredictable trading results.
  8. User can set automatic renewal of the Rental period if there are sufficient funds on the User's MQL5.commnunity account.

V. Migration

  1. Migration is the process of moving the client terminal's settings to the Virtual terminal connected to Virtual Hosting Cloud network.
  2. The following elements are moved during migration:
    • trade account connection data;
    • available Market Watch symbols and the depth of market;
    • active charts with launched Expert Advisors (and indicators if any), but not more than 32 charts for a fee-based hosting and not more than 16 charts for a free one;
    • active chart settings;
    • settings of Expert Advisors and indicators launched on charts;
    • executable files of the programs launched on charts, as well as EX4/EX5 libraries used by these programs;
    • account data from Community tab necessary to copy trades according to a Signal in case there is an active subscription to a Signal;
    • FTP, Email, Signals and Notifications tab settings;
    • the value of the maximum number of bars on the chart set in "Max bars" parameter of Charts tab but not more than 500 000 bars;
    • permission to use WebRequest and the list of allowed URLs.
  3. Migration is performed at each synchronization.
  4. Products purchased at the Market do not require additional activation for working in the Virtual terminal. The number of a purchased Product's available activations is not decreased.
  5. Automated trading is always allowed in the Virtual terminal even if it has been forbidden by the terminal settings or in the launched Expert Advisor's parameters.
  6. Scripts are not moved during migration even if they have been launched in an endless loop on the chart at the time of synchronization.
  7. Charts with non-standard timeframes and symbols are not moved. Charts having no launched Expert Advisors are not moved as well.
  8. User can change the set of open charts, launched programs, terminal settings and available Market Watch symbols by performing a new synchronization. To do this, the client terminal should be preliminarily configured, all necessary programs should be launched on the charts and the environment should be synchronized afterwards.
  9. All available history concerning the open charts is automatically uploaded during the first synchronization. Uploading history from a trade server can take some time, and all programs launched on the charts should process the updated data correctly during the process.

VI. Payment Terms

  1. All payments shall be made in the internal payment system, hereinafter called the Payment System. The Payment system account is created automatically for every MQL5 community user upon registration on
  2. To rent a Virtual terminal of a selected Hoster, the account should have sufficient funds to cover the rental fee.
  3. Money can be deposited to the internal Payment System via PayPal and bank cards. Earned money can only be withdrawn via PayPal, WebMoney and bank cards.
  4. Rental fee is automatically reserved on the User's account for the entire Rental period in advance upon ordering the Virtual terminal.
  5. If indicators and Expert Advisors launched on a Virtual terminal interfere with the normal operation of Hoster's hardware or other Virtual terminals, the Rent is terminated without a refund and prior notice from Virtual Hosting service.
  6. Paid Rent canceled by a User is not refunded.
  7. Traders can pay rental fees right from their trade accounts if such opportunity is provided by their brokers and agreement conditions.

VII. Possible Risks and Disclaimer

  1. When renting a Virtual terminal, you unconditionally understand and accept all risks associated with the automated operation of your Expert Advisors and indicators on your trade account in a Virtual terminal:
    • Possible malfunctions of a Hoster's hardware may lead to unexpected circumstances for your trading system.
    • Errors in MQL4/MQL5 programs launched on a Virtual terminal may send incorrect trading orders or not send them on time.
    • Simultaneous connection and trading from various places on a trade account launched in a Virtual terminal can lead to unpredictable results.
    • Communication failures may lead to non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of trade requests sent from a Virtual terminal.
  2. The Virtual Hosting service Administration does not take any responsibility for any suffered losses or short-received profit when using or being unable to use the service.
  3. MetaQuotes Ltd is a technology provider and does not provide any financial advise. Users of the service process and transmit all their transactions through their brokers with whom they hold trading accounts. You have agreed that MetaQuotes Ltd is not responsible for any investment decision made by you and indemnified MetaQuotes Ltd from any direct or indirect liability out of the use of this service

VIII. Termination of Service without Prior Notice in Case of Serious Violations of Terms of Use

MetaQuotes Ltd reserves the right to permanently terminate the service without prior notice, resulting in immediate and permanent account block in case your actions seriously violate the Rules, according to MetaQuotes Ltd.

Below are the examples of such serious violations:

  1. Any actions that threaten the operation of the service for other Users.
  2. Interception, imitation or redirection of the communication protocols used as a part of website services regardless of the method of performing the above actions.
  3. Using Virtual Hosting service with the help of a third-party modified interface not provided by MetaQuotes Ltd on website nor by MetaQuotes in its software.
  4. Development or use of means for fraud, modifiers, hacking tools, as well as any other third-party software to modify the Virtual Hosting service operation.
  5. The use of any third party software that intercepts, collects or otherwise gathers information included in Virtual Hosting service or transmitted through it.
  6. Using third-party accounts.
  7. Carrying out attacks on any of MetaQuotes Ltd and MetaQuotes servers, participation in such attacks or engaging in them, as well as other attempts to hinder the servers operation.
  8. Using a Virtual terminal to access, copy, transfer, transcode or retransmit Signals in violation of any law or third-party rights.
  9. Reproduction, copying, selling, exchange and reselling of a third-party Signal's contents, unless you have been specifically permitted to do so in a separate agreement with MetaQuotes Ltd.
  10. Creating obstacles to the operation of a Hoster's hardware or other Virtual terminals as a result of abnormal loads from User indicators and Expert Advisors launched on a Virtual terminal.

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