No more Locke's in MT5? [о_0]


Good day to all.

Maybe I'm asking too much, I'm sorry, but I just don't see the effort to reread 42 pages of comments in the topic: MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal

The question is about the 2nd screenshot in the topic: Example of different trading positions in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Developers, testers and all those who are already familiar with MT5, can you explain, will it be impossible to open/hold any locking positions from now on?

If your answer is "Yes", could someone please explain to me "Why?" such functionality has not been implemented?

Thank you and I am looking forward to your comments.


All in all, all done to please Dealing Centres, who are fed up with losing pips...

But what about long-term strategies? When there are several EAs working on one currency pair - not pipsers, but long term ones.

Or, for example, when there is one EA that opens two orders in one direction: one with Take Profit and the second one without Take Profit which will be opened further. It is inconvenient to open not two positions, but double lot size to close half of it afterwards, the computer is not switched on all the time...

Now we cannot use several strategies on one currency pair. Like this! There!


As far as I understand from the crumbs of the description, the accounting system will resemble something...

you could, for example, look at the Dukascopy web terminal as being simpler and without installation.

I hope not all DTs will switch to MT5 .

Of those on MT4...... most think, but in time. :)


Who works on MT3 now writes on MQL3 ? When we moved to MT4 both platforms existed at the same time (brokerage companies, brokers didn't want to lose clients who were used to the old platform). But time has put everything in its place. The same will happen with MT5 (MQL5). Now there is a revolutionary situation, according to Lenin, when "... The lower level didn't want to live the old way, and the upper level couldn't govern the old way". Paraphrasing, we can say that programmers no longer want to write in a very limited MQL4, and traders do not want to work on an outdated MT4, because MT5 will surely be no worse.

As for the ban on locking in MT5, even now there are many brokers that only allow a single (aggregate) position on an instrument, and they are dominated by platforms other than MT4, stuffed with niceties and frills. With the arrival of MT5, they will have to be squeezed.

From the old to the new we go through phases:

... heresy, how is that possible?

... there's something about it ...

... how could it be otherwise?

Valmars >> :

From the old to the new go through the phases:

... heresy, how is that possible?

... there's something about it...

... how could it be otherwise?

I don't want to argue ... but !

The switch from mt3 was rather "overshadowed" not by the new mcl4 language, because for programmers it's not a problem at all,

but due to the loss of the API...

As for loca, it's not a roundabout way of development, but going around in circles,

and the same debates are debates between mechanics and automat drivers, Windows and Nix users and so on...


For example, tell me why CPaner needs MT4, eh? ;)))

I don't know, I'm just figuring it out, but it's like that gopher!!!

And I'm pretty sure it's not just for running EAs...

Can anyone suggest a way around the locs restriction, like working in two accounts or something.
beginner >> :
Can anyone suggest a way around the locs restriction, like working on two accounts or something.

If it is possible to run several EAs on one pair, then the problem will be solved by a separate EA or script, which will take into account all open orders and requests for opening new ones, in order to close the open order and open a new one, taking into account the changes.

It's not just about lots, whatever. The approach where there is only one position for a symbol kills strategies that open positions in the same direction, but with different values of the haul and stop. For example, for one instrument I have 5 EAs working, each using their own system and with their own wizard, in MT5 this approach can be thrown in the trash as I understand it or perverted with terrible force