Improvements propositions for the next MT5 version

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Jean Francois Le Bas
Jean Francois Le Bas  


MT5 is one of the best if not THE best trading tool on the planet. But through the years, i've collected some possible improvements that could be made to the already amazing platform

If you have propositions, please post them here.

1) possibility to save several setfiles within the code, and name them, rather than the old fashioned setfiles, and select them from the indicator window. Also settings should be saved within the EX4, and accessible easily that way. And possibility to save sets specific to timeframes

2) possibility to set the last date of a chart to any date possible instead of the most recent one (to test indis in a selected period in the past without computing all the bars)

3) possibility to set the previously used settings of an indi/EA without saving settings in a file each time (a simple "previous set" button) : otherwise trial and error of fitting EAs/indis is a pain in the butt

4) possibility to minimize MT5 when the indicator window is open (very annoying)

5) possibility to interact with the chart, when the indicator or expert window is opened (also annoying).

6) have a messageBox that don't halt Metatrader processes. Otherwise it defeats the purpose and make it unusable.

7) possibility to set a spread of 0 (only a spread of 1 is possible right now) (to test only the edge, not for real trading situation obviously)

8) possibility to zoom out more than possible now. If you trade very "slowly" on a TF you don't get the full spectrum right now, the zoom is not deep enough.

thanks, Jeff

Florin Ionesko
Florin Ionesko  
I see value in points 1,2,3,6, and 8.
So i add +1 for those. 

I would add:

Possibility to see calendar time or normal time. 
With empty bars where trading doesn't happen. 
On 1d timeframe, we would see empty bars in weekends and holidays. 

More info about the range, when measuring with the crosshair tool: volume of the range, number of time periods (calendar time). 
Ideally it would be great if we could have access to edit that info programmatically. 

Multiple click points for scripts, not just one click point when we drop the script on chart. 
For example, it would be easy to draw a sequence of 4 lines if the script could "wait" for 5 clicked points on chart. 
This feature would bring lots of flexibility for scripts. 

Jean Francois Le Bas
Jean Francois Le Bas  
also for 1), the possibility to retrieve the setfile name in the EA. it could be useful if we're creating backtests within an indicator and want to present the data nicely with the setfile name.
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