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FXCM MT4 platform does not have "signal" in option menu?

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xuy2014 2014.05.26 15:21 

I have FXCM MT4 live account and recently subscribed to a signal provider. However, no matter what I do, I cannot find the signal tab in the option menu. Does anyone have similar problems or have any idea why?

I read somewhere ppl say that FXCM does not provide copy trade service, it is true? Or it has something to do with my MT4 version 4.0 (Build 646)?

Any help is appreciated.

xuy2014 2014.05.27 02:23  

Yes, thank you. Apparently my account with FXCM does not have copy trade service.
39059 2014.05.27 23:29  
Hi i selected my broker for signal the system says invalid broker i am using hotforex
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