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Hello Scotty I really agree with you great place for information and news. I checked it out and learned a bit.


The only thing that I know is that a good strategy is the key for a good profit. In order to build a strong strategy I think we have to follow some important issues:

  • You must develop your own strategy, don’t follow someone else’
  • Create rules and stick to it.
  • Make it as simple as you can; Forex trading is not complex and it needs to be controlled.
  • Use simple techniques, economic indicators and complicated prediction tools can make you difficult to face reality.
  • Most of economic indexes describe the market; they don’t predict it
  • Don’t rely on news release, trade before or after
  • Do not trade against the trend; but be sure you are riding the wave.
  • Combine everything with a good source of information.
  • Choose a good team and make sure you understand each other.
  • Be confident on yourself and your decisions. Everyone can have their own rules and systems to follow. For me this is a great way to build my pips.


I think you have to do is get a software, to practice for a couple of weeks and after that you can do everything TechMan01 said. Metatrader is a good one.

Luck with that!


Thanks for the page scotty. I got a lot of information there. I recommend that page. I like it

Thanks a lot


I will agree with amamil, there is where I got my first lessons but I think there should be more modules and the reading window should be bigger. Besides that the site is great!

Hey guys!!!I would like to know if any of you know any good expert advisor and where can I find it. I open a demo account with interactive brokers but I want to make a good choice to start trading for real.

I’ve recently opened a demo account with tradeview forex and they have a good platform.
Their news resources aren’t as accurate as some other firms but they have a great gadget.

Tradeview Forex, Dealing Handbook

They also have a good broker advisor service and fractional pip pricing