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Triangular moving average (TMA) ... - page 74

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Jeremy Usher
Jeremy Usher  
Looking for SMA centered, SMMA centered EMA centered and LWMA centered 
Philippe Houy
Philippe Houy  


Triangular Ma Centered Bands Ribbon V2 (this indicator recaculates at each bar).

But it is very visual.


Mladen Rakic:

Sorry, I do not decompile nor do I use decompiled code. I am a completely wrong person to ask to do that and I think that I have posted enough posts explaining my point of view regarding decompiling. All I can add is that decompiling (along with renaming) is probably one of the sorriest attempts to disrespect other peoples work and knowledge

well...that's why I respect you Mladen!

Yoga Nugraha
Yoga Nugraha  

Hey mladen,

I found this TMA, and it got me here. It's yours absolutely.

I plan to make EA based on this indicator to test some strategy, but I've problem due to Etasoft can't separate every band value.

I know you do not recommend it as signaling (read it in previous post), but I wanna try and add more variable for EA execution.

So, can you make every band to separate indicator? with every parameter adjustable same as the one I attached here.

Or maybe anyone have a solution? Maybe simple formula for each band? I've read the formula inside indicator but it's use if function which I think Molanis can't process that.

I am absolutely new in coding thing and the best I can do is using EA Builder software.


TMA.mq4 9 kb
TMA.ex4 11 kb
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