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one last thing....and this comes from TG...

VSA is all about "Effort vs. Result" and here is an example;

Volume is Activity...and what effect did that volume have on the price spread....

remember...Professional Money makes up 10 % of traders.but Professional Money makes up 90% of all volume...

in ex A we have 2 bars..the first is wide spread on average volume(activity)the 2nd bar is on much higher volume but a much smaller spread telling us SM must be selling..which is a sign of weakness...

in ex B we have the same 2 bars .the first is the same as in ex A..but on the second we have considerably lower volume (activity)...telling us the market makers are marking up the price to trap retail traders..which is also a sign of weakness...effort vs. result!!!!

sorry for the shoty art work! best regards, john

drawing.jpg 24 kb

John, I just want to thank you!! Ur doing great job, man!

Lots of work before us, but it'll be worth it!



hey les paul..good to see ya ...thanks man...i know were moving super slow and all of you know most of this stuff...but we said we were gonna start from the very begining and cover it all step by thats what im doing....ive invited another friend of mine who is a full time trader....he's also done some professional level trading and has some mad price action skills..he's new to vsa but he's a major contributor on the james 16 thread and ive worked very closely on other trading systems....i know he'll be a great addition if he decides to join us....

well im sorry but i had planned on starting with the vsa signals tonight but ran short on time look tomarrow for my first gonna start with SOW(signs of weakness first, then ill go through SOS(signs of strength)...our first SOW is "end of a rising market"...if you havent down loaded the 2nd half of gavin's book you should...its free and list all the possible vsa signals...ill be drawing from that directly....for tonight im gonna post a link to a video from gavin, of gavin trading live yesterday afternoon..its an awesom video if you havent see it!! see ya tomarrow best regards, john

copy and paste the link and watch the video...gavin talks about a couple of new little techniques....j


missing codec


Does anyone have the codec G2M4 required to view this video please?

Many thanks,


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Dialy Range

Great thread John I've been looking for help with VSA for weeks now This club is very helpful!

I was trying to work out the daily range formula mentioned in your earlier post.

average daily spread x .08 / 2

I was hoping someone could verify that the multiplier is .08. If i am doing this correctly that produces a range of only a few pips. (On 100 pip avg its an 8 pip total spread 96-104) Is that correct? using .8 would produce a larger spread.



thank you...heres a paste of where i drew that info from.....

Size of moves ...

This is a good question. Every day Gu has a range from high to low , some days it is 250 pip some 100. The attached indicator is a range indie for mt4 ... slap it on your charts and set the setting to 21. This will give you the average range for Gu for the last 21 days,

Now how do we use that ?

well ...right now gu average 21 days range is 171 pip. That means form high to low of day is around 170 pip (remember this is an average) . In order to take the average factor into account I take 21 days range x 0.8 = 137 in gu's case. This will be my intial target from what I think is days high / lows , 137 pip.

Then by using vsa / candle patterns we can find potential tops and bottoms of markets.

Here is the GU chart set up for today.

Do not worry to much about when your days open / close is. Even if each traders uses something different a 24 hour window ( as long as you catch London and us in that window) should move about the same.

I have a nifty thing designed for me that is something I click on the charts gives me stop and target , but you may have to do it manually. We can see for this that GU has gone over the 80% of daily range and is likely going to complete 180 pip of daily range into 1.4675 before London

# RANGE_TRADER_9.03 Labais53.mq4

this last line is an MT4 indie that will do the math for you....go to this link and its post #83...the author is Malcolmb14..this guy is an amazing VSA trader!!! if you have time read any/all of his post on that thread..well worth the read..also read pres78 and hidden gap's...these guys really know there VSA!!!! hope that straightens things out!!!! best regards, john

also google tradeguider video's on youtube and definately watch gavin holmes in action ..a video is worth a thousand words...



hey guys i really apologize for dragging my feet on this thread but i went back to work full time (plus) and its a 3 hr commute just to get there so i have very little time each day....BUT im am spending at least a little time each day ,without fail, and have alot of info to post over this 3 day lets get started...

now im drawing my info from the TG master class video, from gavins books and talking to darren holmes directly on the most of the info is direct from the source...i have added a few new little things of my own but i will point out when i do so you can decide if you like them or not!

there are 16 total signals...i hate the word signal so from here on out i use the word "tell" a poker player, im using vsa to find the smart money "tells" (ie.. no demand, upthrust ect.)

8 of the tells are SOW (signs of weakness) and 8 are SOW (signs of strength)..below is the break down...i will be going through each of these very thoroughly one by one ...but its not just the tell itself...ive added what i call the "mitigating factors" that surround each of these tells that have serious effects on each..if ive overlooked something along the way , please chime in and help ive said im not a vsa expert, but im trying to be, one were gonna do this as a regards john

SOW (Signs of Weakness)

1) End of a rising market 5) No demand in a downtrend

2) No demand at a market top 6) Wide spread down bar through

3) No result from effort support

4) The Upthrust 7) Buying climax

8) Top reversal

SOS (Signs of Strength)

1) Bottom Reversal 5) Bag Holding

2) Stopping Volume 6) Selling climax

3) The Test 7) The Shakeout

4) Absorption Volume 8) No Supply/ Testing in a Rising Market



im going to begin with the SOW 's first...starting with #1) End of a rising Market....but before i go an an exhaustive explanation of End of a Rising Msarket theres a few things id like to cover which i feel are important to know...

firts of all on the TG TR software i noticed right away that it will tentatively labels a candle BUT it ALWAYS waits for the close of the next candle to confirm what the candle truely what this means is just because we get a candle thats closed and meets all the criteria of one of our VSA "tells"(again I choose to call them "tells" cause SM is telling us what there intentions are and i dread the word signals) it isnt confirmed until we get the close of the next candle..(more on this as we go)

next ive listed 9 factors to consider when evaulating each of the potential VSA "tells" they are..please add anything you think will help...

i always look at and ask myself...


1) Volume

2) Spread

3) Close

4) Ground (are we into new fresh ground or our we into a previous High

Volume Candle)

5) Gap...did we gap up or down on this bar

6) Background...what is our short , mid, and long term background

7) News....(is the news good or bad)

8) Next Bar (does the next bars close confirm our "tell" bar)

9) Parent index doing( this is more for stock trading, but very important)

i feel these are all very important factors that need to be considered when evaluating a vsa regards, john


just a thought

just a i havent had time to test this but in theory should work...i think...anyway lets say were watching the E/U and we see an end of the rising market (which is a SOW)..if we go to the us dollar chart we should see or soon see a SOS on that chart...RIGHT?.. that would give us further confirmation on our E/U chart ...we will definately be looking at this as we regards, john

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