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andy_l, Oniscalper,

There are several session time indicators available in this forum. Attached please find one of them.


Market time indicator

Thanks for sharing the indicator Chrisstoff :-)


yes! This indi is perfect. Many thanks!


manual trading

as a modification to darkonix's method, it is similar to some other peoples method, but am still tweaking it out here and there, but so far this is what I have.

trade in the direction of the ssl only:

-when the nonlagma 40 changes color on one completed bar I enter 2 orders.

-at this time the primary trend should be resuming so my first exit will be determined by one completed bar of the nonlagma 5 changing color (should be a quick trade).

-the second exit is determined by the nonlagma 40 changing color.

This will capture most of the move.


Darkonix System

Has anyone already tried this system for 3 months and shows a positive results? Please keep us informed. Thanks!


great system !


wondering if anyone is still using this system? its awesome how accurate the nonlagMA can be in dishing out at least 30 pips (more oftern double of that!) is when filtered with the SSL

one question though as i have not used the email option before , do i just need to set up my MT4 to be email enabled to my target email account and the nonlogMA with email alert (in post 1) that i am using wil auto trigger a mail?

thanks in advance for any help!



I'm using this trading system to detect the entry in the morning, and fallowing the rules of darkonix, this is so good system to entry, just a bit slow on the out.

So i decide to use Synergy 2.0 to detect the out and it is just ewsome.

So Darkonix system do entry, Synergy 2.0 to out.

Normally 10 or 20 pips per day (i'm not greedy) but we can easly do more than 40 or 50 daily.



First of all i would like to say thank you very much to Darkonix for sharing this system.

And i would like to thank altoronto for making the EA (simple, nice & very effective).

As a newbie in forex, I've been trying the system on demo for 2 weeks and start using real account from the 14th of September.

The results are very good, i went on 1 or 2 trade in a day using only 0.1 lot and only in EUR/USD (because my capital is very limited).

I open the MT4 from 6am GMT until 9am GMT , and then i went home.

I reopen the MT4 again from 11am GMT until around 2pm GMT .

But if you have time from 9am GMT to 11 am GMT, you should watch the MT4 because there's a big probability to make an OP there (unfortunately i'm driving home, so i can't drive & trade at the same time).

The results are:

14th Sept: 0.1 lot made -70 pips (+0.29 from swap cause i let it for almost 1 day)

15th Sept: 0.1 lot made 20.8 pips

16th Sept: 0.1 lot made 25.7 pips

19th Sept: 0.1 lot made 25.2 pips

20th Sept: no trade

21st Sept: 0.1 lot made 17.2 pips

22nd Sept: 0.1 lot made 30.0 pips

23rd Sept: no trade

26th Sept: 0.1 lot made 30.0 pips

27th Sept: 0.1 lot made 36.4 pips

28th Sept: 0.1 lot made 15.2 pips (could get 30 but the StepStopExpert set the SL to 15.2 price position and it hit the SL)

29th Sept: no trade

30th Sept: 0.1 lot made 35.9 pips

In total i made +181.89 pips in 13 days, an average of 13.99 pips a day.

This is my 'risk averse' mode because my capital is quite limited & i'm still newbie (only 2+ years of forex and never withdraw because often met the margin call), but now i really found the system that works with me & i hope i can do better in the future.

Actually i could get 40-50 or even 100 pips in that period if i could take the risk, but right now i'm content on safe mode first.

In my 'risk averse' mode, I only aim for around 15-25 pips in a trade, but i'll increase it to 25-35 if the movement of the price is quite high.

I hope i can increase my capital so that i can get out from my 'risk averse' mode and can target 30-50 pips even 100 pips in the long run.

I'm using manual & EA to OP, when i do the OP manually, i usually turn off the EA.

I set my TP on 30 pips, and turn the TP off if my 1M & 5M chart is still supporting that the price is still going.

SL is set at 60 and changes according to the StepStopExpert.

Sorry if my English isn't good.

I hope this thread can be continued & the system can work well for everyone.



I had this coded a while ago, it's a small variation of the rangelagma, basically with more options built into it. S basically I would just like to release this to the general population for everyone to play with and share what they come up with.

At the moment I'm doing a forward test with this ea on a Mr. Nims Renko chart. Because of the lack of time on a renko, the nonlagma seems to have a better time making nice trends on the e/u, allowing the ea to most of the trend. It would be nice to find a way to do back testing with renko to test this ea.

As for back tests with this ea on normal charts, it seems to perform better on a 5 min chart rather than a 15min...

Have fun!




I like the way you trade this sistem.

I guess if you tried it in 5 min TF too, (e.g. setting SSL bars at 60 min and trading in this direction and adjusting TP to 20 & 40 for the first 3 lots)). What do you think about?


OK. Here is a very sound strategy. DON'T try to change it. DON'T add anything to it. DON'T take anything away from it.

Forget EAs. They are for lazy people who can't be bothered to learn how to trade.

Forget backtesting.

Just forward test on demo, or even on paper. 30 trades with a decent strike rate would mean a strategy is worth putting real money behind it.

Here's how I trade it - VERY successfully.

Indicators etc exactly as Darkonix says. EURUSD only.

I start to look for entries at 7:00am UK time - when Frankfurt opens.

Trade 4 lots (or minis or micros).

NO STOP LOSS. This is controversial, but trust me, the professionals rarely place a stop in the market. But you need to be able to check your screen every 15 minutes.

Close 2 lots at +30 pips.

Close 1 lot at +60 pips.

Close final lot when nonlag changes colour.

Exit completely when nonlag changes colour if trade is a loser.

You will find the above money/trade management will provide you with consistent winners and your losers will generally be very small.

Don't think. Just trade.