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This thread has gone pretty quiet. Anyone still using this system? I§m been testing it on a demo and working well so far!!


do you change anything or using normal setup?



Hi guys,

Does anyone use it to scalp? It looks nice on 1M


Thank you so much for sharing this with us and providing plenty of awesome information. Making money profitably is a common aim of all the people and for this, they work hard, they use several techniques, they make various plans and they learn how to make money safely and profitable. Therefore, your post will help them to all.


Manual trading systems refer to trading strategies that require you to monitor chart patterns, wait for setups and manually execute trades.

Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith  


Great system. I have a five digit broker along with the fact this broker adds an extra letter to the pair. For some reason the EA doesn't work with my account. Is there another version of this EA that can be coded so that it works with finfx MT4 platform? Also, do you place the trade FIRST and then attach the EA? Or do you have to set the S/L and T/P manually and then attach the EA to the chart and the EA will manage things from there? Or was I right to begin with and it's not going to work with my particular broker??

Dear All,

As this is my first post on this forum you may think that i am a newbie which i am for sure in comparing with some forex gurus like Igorad, but after spending couple of years in losing money, researching, losing money, researching and finally earning money i don't feel like one .

I wish to express my gratitude to all great coders (which i am not) by sharing with all of you one simple but above all profitable trading system which is using some very well known indicators.

There were couple of guidelines for me while i was searching for best combination that will not require constant monitoring like many other manual trading systems but that is not fully automated like an most of EA`s. (I still believe that trading experience is irreplaceable and non of the EA's can have that.)

1. Indicators does not repaint the past

2. To have email alert function

3. MTF option for filtering

4. To be suitable for 15min time frame (personally believe the best for intraday trading)

This system is mainly configured for EUR/USD 15min and Its made from following indicators:

IN10NTION news reader

NonLagMA v7.1_emailalert (length 40 , Pct filter 0.5)

SSL_fast_sBar_alert_mtf (lb 10 , time frame 240) *will act as filter for NonLagma

and in a addition StepStopExpert_v1.1 EAfor exits.

In order to understand better the system i am attaching the screenshoot together with the following guidelines:

How to use it:

Go Short :

When NonLagMA send the signal for changing the direction to down trend (red color) and SSL is red (on 4h time frame will act as filter)

Go Long :

The opposite from short (everything should be green)

Trading rules

1. Follow the signals received only in between 6h00 GMT - 21h00GMT

2. Option "AlertAfterBarClose" in SSL fast sBar should be "true"!

3. Never trade against SSL fast sBar indicator color!

4. For exits use following choice's:

-StepStopExpert EA

-manually set TP60 and SL30

-IN10NTION news reader TdFibo lines

-NonLagMA color change

To wrap up, as any other system it has its pluses and minuses and it does not represent holy grail but if system is used properly and all rules are followed can have winning rate of 80-90% with very low draw down in pips.

I am looking forward for your suggestions for improvement, or anyone brave who can create EA based on this strategy by combining this indicators.

Happy trading to all!



Hi There

Many thanks for being able to download your system.

I just have a couple of questions regarding the Instructions I received.

I am not using the newseader as its chews up too much data, but do have desktop clocks.

Regarding the close trades.

Is it best to wait for the nonlag - audio alarm for the trade change (as it the color may change for a couple of bars then reassert itself back in the original trade direction)?

Are you using any other settings on the 2 indicators?

And finally do you still find it fairly accurate in the present market?

I am in South Africa and find that anytime from 10am GMT - 16pm GMT seem to be more reliable

Please let me know your suggestions, and I really appreciate the opportunity you have afforded us.

Many thanks


PS. Could you please cc. my mail address with your suggestions as well? (

as I do not always get the opportunity to get onto the forum as I am living out in the bush in SA.

Thanks again


Well you most likely wont get a real ECN account for the few bucks a retail trader is able to invest anyway and there are some brokers which have an at least ok reputation so...

Personaly i filter out all non European brokers also all from cyprus,malta or russia and so on ,i look for not only under which regulation they operate but also where they have there main office, that does not mean that all of the rest are bucketshops , but you have to start somewhere. Then i check how long they are in the buisness and if they just offer MT4 and and trading on Spot markets , or if they are less then 4 years old, they are out for me .

I also prefer those which are in car range , so i can beat the hell out of them if they scam me

There are different Tradesims like that for example

New Trading Simulator, Gain Experience Faster @ Forex Factory

well said, blutkehlchen, assuming you are a german guy like me, which (ECN) brokers do you recommend?

Thanks, jdva


Michael - mt4 question

Hi Guys

I am using MT4 Alpari UK broker.

A few months ago they changed their GMT time from +2 to +3

Will this have any influence on the accuracy of the candle colors (bars) from a lag point of view or will they still be a true reflection of up/down color changes/bar changes I am using?

Many thanks



Which is the latest to download plees?

Hello there,, I just come as1st time and see there's lots of liists to load so can any one kindly give me the latest set of this system to download? And any EA provided with this strategy? Thanks!!


Modifying EA #46

can anyone modify above EA for working on NON ECN/STP brokers, too?

Many thanjs in advance!