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Dear darkonix,

Thanks for sharing! BTW, which broker do you use? Or what's the GMT offset? I think 4H candles differ greatly from broker to broker.

I'll check and see how it looks anyway. Thanks!



Thank you all on you comments! I am glad that you like the system.

blutkehlchen - the reason why i prefer Nonlag MA as it is one of the best MA indicators i've seen so far. By my humble experience Its the fastest and most reliable MA indicator and its coded by Igorad

By using my settings Nonlagma will not be that fast but it will be very reliable

You can always play with the "Lenght" and "Pct filter" option by lowering down the settings and it will became really really fast but may give you some falls signals.

Again my settings for Nonlagma are:

"Lenght" 30 or 40

"Pct filter" 0.5

There are newer versions of this indi on Elite section but v7.1 with email alert is more than enough for this system

One more thing, NonLagMa does not repaint the past after already confirmed signal (second bar after color change)

yas- I am on GMT +2 and i am trading on 4 different platforms with 4 different brokers : AVAfx, FXCM, FXopen and Fxpro and i've seen some discrepancy between the brokers but that's whay you should have different platforms infront of you and comparing them in the real time

Dont try to compare brokers by backtesting them! Compare them by forwardtesting them, as according to my experience they are uploading some inconsistent history data in your MT4 platform (even one and the same broker after reinstallation gave me totally different history data -some of the time periods were missing or incomplete)

That's why the indicators can look very different on different brokers platform!

So far in my forward testing all 4 brokers gave me 99.5% the same bars and indicators performed the same

mithras - Excellent results! I hope that you didnt entered some trades over the night which is very risky and it can lead to some looses in the future.

Trade only in between 6h00 GMT - 21h00GMT

Happy trading to all!


Thank you, darkonix!

I realized the foolishness in my question. Because the indi's timeframe should be set to 240, I thought that we use 4H candles, but this system is actually for 15M chart.

BTW, what those horizontal lines (fibo static) used for?



Thanks again darkonix


I made a mistake in my previous post addressing to mithras , my apology for that!

I had in mind marcramon results on post #10

yas - no issue at all, as you can see mistakes can happen to all of us

Fibo lines are one of the offered options for exit points. They can be very reliable by representing strong support/resistance lines. You can use them by your preference.



Thank you, darkonix! I was thinking that, too! I'll see how the trades go!


Thanks for your detail explanation ! I will forward test it now

HI mithras,

i understand your question and i will try to explain. Bear with me

SSL does not repaint the past once the signal is confirmed, but it will repaint the previous 5 bars if you are watching the 1 min chart with 5 min time frame SSL settings when the signal is confirmed.

For example:

on 1 min chart:

SSL 5min -repaint 5 bars

SSL 15min -repaint 15 bars

SSL 30min -repaint 30 bars

on 5 min chart:

SSL 15min -repaint 3 bars

SSL 30min -repaint 6 bars


SSL in my opinion is lagging indicator and i am using it only as filtering tool on 4 h time setting on 15 min chart (as it explained in the system) and not as the main signal generator. Nonlag MA is for that purpose.

If the option "AlertAfterBarClose" in SSL settings is not "true" you may receive couple of signals until market decide in which direction will go and these signals may be fake ones as market may remain on the existing trend. That's why this option must be ON

In my system,on 15 min chart SSL on 4h timeframe will repaint last 16 bars ! But that doesn't need to worry you! You will avoid trading at this period as you would not have any valid signals!.That's why this system is GOOD

READ THE RULES carefully and watch the chart (screenshoot) again and you will see that on 22nd of Nov there was an change in SSL color. Nonlagma started going down at around 9AM (time on chart) while SSL was green at that moment. SSL changed/repainted over the day 16 bars but if you were following the rules you were safe as you were out trading at that moment! By following the rules you will NEVER be in or enter the trade while the SSL color change appear!

You can back test this with my settings (template provided on 3rd post) by serching the SSL color change, count 16 bars and see that acording the rules you wouldn't have any postion open at that moment!

Open demo account and do the forward test of this system for a week by the rules and it will put a smile on your face ,trust me!

BTW my preferences for the exit points in the begging were nonlagMA color change and lately i am using StepStopexpert EA. Both are profitable but i feel more safe with EA for exits . Don't be greedy

Happy trading !

Great system, darkonix.

Couple of questions-

If the nonlag MA is already a particular color and the SSL turns that color, is that an entrance signal?

Say the MA is green and the SSL turns from red to green- do we enter long?

This happened yesterday.

Is there a method of reentrance once we are stopped out?

I assumed the StopStep EA would set the stop to BE after 20 pips profit. It doesn't. It takes around 35 or so.

Is this correct?

Thank you.