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Yess... Finally Dolly Ver.13

Thanks CJA..,

We waiting your very kind Dolly updated and your hard work. Regarding the number "13".. if we refer to fibo times series, there is a potential for a continuation of a trend after it pullback when the time detected "8" periods.. so don't worry... more ideas in future you will get until Dolly version come close to "21".. Gud luck... (psst... please pm me when you ready to release Dolly Ver.13).. ehehe


service provided -- to tune your indicators [for your favorite time frame]

as the experienced traders

we should offer TUNING and optimisation SERVICe

to tune other people template and indicator -- input parameter -- so that it fit the Time frame (such as M5, 1H) and the TP , SL and the way of thinking of the user for ENTRY signal

it should be a COOL THREAD

Only provide the EX4 with the account number of those who request it in this thread hard coded in. That might be a lot of work for you but am sure there are some who would volunteer to help.

Hard-coding the account number, that is not a good way to do it especially if a demo accounts expires within three months. Maybe if one register with CJA for the indicator, and the code has some type of encryption embedded inside it.


Dolly Graphics v13

I currently have several people testing the new Dolly for bugs/faults/errors etc several issues have already been addressed and i am sure a few more issues will be found along the way, due to the large amount of code involved there is the potential for small errors to be overlooked.

I have also added Bands and Murrey Math to the Dolly setup as requested by several traders this should give Dolly the capability to cover most trading styles.

Release date still unknown as testing needs to be finished before posting on the forum to eliminate as many issues as possible.


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Vlad Vahnovanu  

I can't wait to use the new improved version of Dolly,cja!


Great work master cja..all of us appreciate your arts..i cant wait to test the new dolly..i hope that this new version will not consume bigger memory resources..


attached is ang_pr indicator on chart

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