Daily Breakout EA


Hello Trading Fellows.

First, look on my strategy:

- Everyday on 0:00 GMT I make two pending orders:

1. Buy @ yesterday high

2. Sell @ yesterday low

TP and SL for example: TP:20pips SL:15pips


On GBP/USD, TP: 20pips, SL: 15pips in 32 days I have:

8 loss = -120 pips

25 win = +500 pips

On another TP/SL, we can have better ratio.


Programmers, please make EA for this simple strategy, to test other TP/SL parameters. EA should two imputs: TP and SL.

Ok, small response please.

// my english is poor, I know


u may use this EA on daily TF

hope it helps..


barhilo.mq4  4 kb

Thanks primajaya, I check this EA.

Fellows, look Daily Breakout strategy on Gold:

Interesting, I guess.


primajaya thanks, you make EA in 5 minutes.

365 days | GBP/USD | TP: 20 | SL: 5

Good or not good? Small response please, I'm new in EA's world.


New parameters, better results.

3 last months | GBP/USD | 1 lot | 1000 USD | TP: 50 | SL: 5


Have you actually traded this live? I have issues when I put S/L of even 20-30PIPs where the broker takes me out.

primajaya thanks, you make EA in 5 minutes.

somebody asked me to make an EA a few months ago,

and i think it is similar with your strategy if you use Daily TF



Hi there. I would like to increase performance of this EA.

Long time ago there was OZFXDAILY system. I think someone remember this manual strategy.

So then there was built EA called OZFX DAILY i dont exactly remeber the name of this EA.

So i clearly remember the MM there.

They were cutting profits step by step.

For example here we have fixed TP and SL is good but sometimes you loose much pips. For example if you rewiev current GOLD screenshot. There are quite big amount of pips gone away if we take only 20 pips TP.

So i would like that programmist will take a look on this.

For example we can make Level of TP for example 5 times. SO here is like we do:

LEts trade 1 standart lot. We will have 5 steps of TP. So 1 lot divide of 4 will be 0.2

1. TP - 20 pips and ea takes first lot 0.2 and immediately puts BE +1.

2. 40 - pips lot 0.2 closed in profit.

3. 60 - pips lot 0.2 closed in profit.

4 and 5 left lots it will be 0.4 goes by trailing.

So here we will increase the performance so first day ea took 20 pips and goes to BE +1

then it can be ea will take 20 pips and pair flies in our direction so we can take already more pips.

I hope this is clear.


I don't play this EA live, only Strategy Tester. But results looks good, and EA may be profitable. TP and SL is key to this EA.

On GOLD this system looks crazy, I know, but on GBP/USD looks good. Cable is best pair for Daily Breakout system.

DB EA and GBP/USD is incredibly simple, and profitable. And this is make this system interesting. Zero indicators, zero anything. Keep it simple.

I tuning parameters and may go to Live/0.01 lot. One month real test.


You would better wait until programmist will check my idea for your ea and then test it again and make suggestion.


But where is programmist...