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Muhammad Syamil Bin Abdullah  
vishal kumar:


Please see above chat i have attached EA since Monday but no any pending order placed yet 

Check your expert advisor setting, i see you got result that the EA was trading during back test than it should trade during forward test.

See example the EA is trading on my side.

Nguyen Phuong Hoang  

Hi everyone, 

I've created an EA roughly based on what was said in the first comment with different settings, SL... 

The EA won't place any pending orders but will just place an order if the price go over or under last candle High/low.

If anyone wants any infos for the settings don't hesitate. I had decent results on BT.


Thank you very much!!

Dafe Neul  

They are not errors, only warnings about declared variables not being used for example. 

if the code contain erros, then it won't compile the mql.

Try to backtest with minimum of 90% modeling quality. 99% for best results. 
I need A partner trader
Thanks for sharing i am looking into daily set ups now
Parvez Iqbal  


what is the mq4 version are you using it. can you share it. thanks


Baris Kesgin  

Hello There;

does somebody use this system now? thanks.

if somebody is useing, can you tell me the results?


Mehdi Ghorbani Saeidian  
macwys #:

primajaya thanks, you make EA in 5 minutes.

365 days | GBP/USD | TP: 20 | SL: 5

Good or not good? Small response please, I'm new in EA's world.

Hi friend, I checked it too but my result wasn't same. my Limits are:

1. Only one order could be placed everyday.

2. my takeprofit is more than stoploss (double of it if i want to be exact) (200 points for STL and 400 for TP)

if you can please share your EA's limits