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i notice that the macd on mt4 differ from the one on metatrader. the 1H bar have almost the same values (ohlc, +/- 1 pip) but for example on mt4 the macd bars are rising and in the same time on vttrader (cmsfx) are descending.

i check the values on macd and are the same (12,26,9).

could anybody explain this?


they use macd ema-ema-ema (traditional), mt4 - ema-ema-sma - just to be different, so osma ("macd histo") may be a bit differ

(what "better" - they can argue to the death... : ))))))


Another MTF MACD for you

I made this a while back but abandoned it for another project. If you enjoy running custom time frames, you'll need to run periodconverter to create a .hst file for that time frame in the /history directory.

Drop periodconverter onto a chart, select the time frame and go to File -> Open Offline.

Find the time frame you just made and open it. You must leave the original chart open if you want the custom chart to update in realtime. Then, apply MACD Mixie as many times as you want to the original chart and trade

On the chart in this screenshot, I had 4 instances of periodconverter and 5 instances of MACD Mixie and mt4.exe was only using 14k memory.

Hope someone can use it.

It supports M5, M15, M30, H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, H12, D1, W1 and M1 but can be easily changed. Just open the code and I'll bet you'll figure it out




Hello all,

Despite many searches, and reading all of the various threads, I have not been able to find a BBMACD that looks like the one I will describe below. On the ones I have downloaded and installed into MT4, none of them show a zero line nor a colored line upon which the "BB's" ride. Could anyone please point me in the right direction to find one that has the following parameters: (I cannot seem to be able to post an attachment showing what I want, so I have to describe the functions.) 1. Upper and lower bands in BLUE. 2. Rising BB's in GREEN. Falling BB's in RED. 3. A ZERO line going horizontal. 4. The "range" from +2 to -2 on the right side of the chart. 5. A yellow line upon which the BB's are imposed. (My guess is, that this yellow line is the trend line of the BB's.) 6. Changeable background color.

I know this indicator exists, because I have seen it on several charts/threads discussing BBMACD, but as I said above, there were no downloads for this particular "model". If I could attach the picture, it would reinforce my description.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me, and also thanks to all who contribute.


find any multi macd with macd buffer on top (first ind. data) - will do 4the hell of it - simply macd with variable settings (any pair, any MAs, any signal line)

Refer to post #277862

Here's the histogram version:

hi fxbs

thanks for your help, but I would need this indicator....

can you please put the option to choose currency in this indicator like you did with the osma indicator.

thanks for your effort

I can't modified Macd_Color v. 1.02 so I modified the 3colorMACD instead.


long time, Banzai, glad you back!



try this one

rsioma.jpg 130 kb

Looking for MACD indicator?!

I am looking for a MACD indicator that does the following:

When the MACD line crosses the signal line and crosses above 0 the price bar becomes green, the opposite for shorts,when the MACD crosses below the signal line and is below 0 the bar turnes red.

I had this setup in Trade Navigator and it was very useful to me.

Any help where I can find this indicator for MT4 would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


NEW Powerful Indicator Help Please!

Can these be made into new Super indicator??

Want to allow for alert when color changes on lowest time frame

You can select the inputs in input section of indicator to

tweak settings and set time frame or have it autoset.

Want a four row bar like the forex freedom bar or other

indicators like that, showing 4 time frames the status

of this indicator.

This indicator will be amazing if someone can help

create and we can test it here!

1. PSAR parabolic sar

2. MACD CCI indicator

3. RSI 13

4. Stochastic 5 3 3

5. ADX (depending on your version of adx you

know what I mean) green over red and above 20 default

for long, red over green and above 20 for short.

6. 50 ema, price above or below

7. HA

Can do? Or too much for an indicator, ie buffers. I am not

a programmer, a trader only. If it needs to be an ea

than lets do that and I will add two more to the mix!

On the other hand if we could make this indicator with one or two

less of the above, let me know and I will recommend the ones

we keep and move forward.




Need help on All TF MACD indicators

hi guys, I need your help !

i have two MACD indicators, one is MACD_OsMA_ColorLH.mq4, and the other is All TF MACD, i attach them on this thread !

I like the color of the MACD_OsMA_ColorLH.mq4, so, could somebody help to make the All TF MACD have the same color ?

much appreciate !

best wishes !