Oil the Silent Temptress

23 March 2019, 16:38
Ramachandran Palanisamy
Just like in the Greek mythology, where Siren lures sailors to destruction with the sweetness of her song, Oil and her sweet promise of adrenaline rush sends many traders to their demise.

I, for one have been a victim of Oil’s seductive qualities- it’s fast movement; the promise for huge profits; adrenaline rush with your heart palpitating and keeping you in your toes; the urge to somehow tame her and make her do your bidding (and here, I’m referring to profit); the gambler’s fallacy of making back your losses.

Over the years, I’ve blown my account, trading this untamable seductress. You might say, years of trading experience and maturity would give you self-control and the ability to make good judgement. But alas, she (Oil) somehow lures you into her trap.

The secret is, never ever read, hear or even look at the Oil chart, for if you do, you will fall into her grip.
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